Reviews for Age of Charon
TsknRaider chapter 53 . 11/25
This story has a lot of heart. The emotional drama was A
Guest chapter 53 . 11/22
love it
Guest chapter 53 . 11/22
Welcome back good friend and hope you find yourself better in coming days.
Dragonheartx17 chapter 52 . 11/24
honestly wasn't expecting to see this update today and haven't re-read this in a while and I can't wait to now having said all that welcome back
JustAFan123 chapter 53 . 11/22
Epic chapter, the feels hit for reals! Sorry to hear about what happened, also, you don't have to feel obligated to write more if you're going through something. We're perfectly capable of waiting for this awesome story.
Smaeg the Immortal chapter 53 . 11/23
Great chapter
IamOminous chapter 53 . 11/22
Ah! Have you seen Eternals! Now we know Thanos was probably waging war not just on over population, but the Celestials themselves! So not only do you have to worry about Thanos, but the inevitable eldritch space god thats actually kind of the yoke of earths egg?

I mean based on the description Earth is basically a space god egg? That can only hatch when a sufficient number of self aware life is sacrificed? (in the hatching?)

That being said I actually felt bad for the Celestial baby, I mean it didn't ask to wipe out all life on earth just to be born. Honestly it's a very weird moral dilemma, and its also not really abortion, since they had to wait for it to be born to kill it. It was just gaint eldritch space infanticide.

like taking a baby out of a nursery, and chucking it out a window. Except this baby just happens to accidentally wipe out all life if left alone. but not intentionally...

Eternals is a weird movie...
edboy4926 chapter 53 . 11/22
Good chapter.
Tony McNucklz chapter 53 . 11/22
Welcome back, hope your personal stuff gets better.
Really looking forward to seeing this story continue, I'm all but salivating to see what happens with Ultron.
oguh chapter 53 . 11/22
can somebody remind me what is FRIDAY's fear?
Mark the Mark chapter 53 . 11/22
love it! 3 welcome back!
vilgax chapter 53 . 11/22
Great to have you back
And take care
iremjohn00 chapter 53 . 11/22
I hope to see more of this keep up the good work!
Arashi Uzukaze chapter 53 . 11/22
Keep on trucking dude! This was a great story!
Hinata Megumi chapter 53 . 11/22
I actually had hope, after all it is the last thing that is lost, right? ... I love your story but I do not want or wish that you continue at the cost of your own well-being, try to take care of yourself and eat healthy (?
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