Reviews for After All We've Done : A North and South Modern Variation
mariantoinette1 chapter 2 . 1/24
How insightful of Mrs Thornton to realize the reason for Margaret's departure. Will the accident prevent John from going after her?
SaLSa76 chapter 2 . 1/24
What are you doing to us? Are you trying to kill me? Please update soon! LOL
3marant0 chapter 2 . 1/24
I’m so excited! This is wonderful! Cant wait to read more :)
Guest chapter 1 . 1/24
Maybe don’t make them separated for 16 years in this variation
Florausten chapter 1 . 1/23
After reading this chapter, I went to the other story and read it all Last night. I loved it. I do think that it was heartbreaking though.
In the novel, after she inherited the money from Mr. Bell, Margaret proclaimed her independence and the right of making her own decisions. I think something of the sort should happened in the story. I also think that John should physically go look for her, and maybe that being one of the reasons why he fights with his mom?
Guest chapter 1 . 1/22
This is a really interesting start. I feel like I would be interested it this only if Margaret came back before the baby was born and she and John worked it from there. Otherwise this feels too much like Back to You of they stay separated for years on end. A lovely story but I feel like there’s need to be more differences otherwise it’s just more of the same, if that makes sense. I do enjoy your stories and you’re a wonderful writer so please don’t take offense. For me personally, I just like stories to have more diverse storylines. Thank you for posting!
mariantoinette1 chapter 1 . 1/23
How typical for John to hide his miserable feelings and just go on to bury himself in work. As though he does not want to accept defeat and risk losing his face. In any case, an intriguing start.
Mcmjp chapter 1 . 1/22
Get start!
faith-hope-and-glory chapter 1 . 1/22
New story from you! What a treat! I liked the former version enough, but love to read a new twist. Poor confused Margaret! Oh, no. She had left. Long distance makes things difficult. And their relationship is on very early stage except for the result (baby). I don’t have a slightest idea how you steer the story. I am intrigued how you do it all the more.
Perceptive Hannah. She knows something is wrong.
Enarak chapter 1 . 1/22
I love this N&S universe :) I'm so pleased there's a new story coming! But please, please make get together sooner this time! It broke my heart that John missed Jack's childhood in Back to You.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/22
wow, wow, a good start!
cathe12ine chapter 1 . 1/22
Margaret what have you done...poor John...
This is good!
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