Reviews for Semper Idem
Remus98 chapter 10 . 9/6/2021
I actually read this chapter at work two days ago, but didn’t find the time to sit down and review until now, so forgive me if there are any crucial details that have fled my mind since. I’m sure you’ll remind me in the DMs ;)

So, Cordelia. Wait, Adrian. Uh. I’m going to have such a hard knowing what to call her in reviews later on, but for the sake of simplicity, and because both of them appeared in this chapter, I think the best course of action is to refer to them as their given names. So, Cordelia for the dead girl, Adrian for the living girl masquerading as her sister.

With that unnecessarily long into out of the way, let’s get into the chapter. First and foremost, I liked it. The concept, whilst admittedly done a lot since the SYOT renaissance came into effect, might indeed be the most chaotic version we’ve witnessed so far. I thought the reason behind it made since, and had a built up that foreshadowed the switcharoo in a realistic way. The sections were utilized very well, making us believe that it was truly Cordelia that was going into the games whilst also giving us the sense that something between the sisters was seriously wrong the longer we read on.

Their dynamic in general was fun to explore. I believe that they did truly love each other at one point, but growing up in such different directions severed the connection they once had. A result of that is that they can’t understand the other’s point of view, even refusing to do so at times. But then, I think the effort put into trying to understand was lost the older they got, as Cordelia began seeing Adrian as stifling and Adrian started viewing Cordelia as an egomaniac.

It all whittles down to their upbringing. Without Chastin, things might actually have worked out for them, but the expectations he set pushed them apart, and this was what happened. I hope he’s happy. Can’t wait to see his reaction to when he realizes that it’s actually Adrian in that arena cutting people up, if that is something we’ll eventually see.

All in all, Adrian is an interesting and complex character. I enjoy her concept, she’s a very well crafted character, but I think I need to see her away from Four to get a full feel for what she’s like. I’ll put her in neural for now.

Also, Danube! Seeing a glimpse of them here made me so intrigued for their intro!

If I was go give some sort of critique, it would be that I did think the format dragged a little. I see where you’re coming from, and having the same scenes retold from Adrian’s perspective is a bomb idea, but I sometimes had a hard time justifying the scenes’ relevance when only one or two words were changed. Again, I think you did a fabulous job with the switch, I just think that perhaps it could’ve been even more powerful if we got more new things out of them.

My opinion stands on its own, though, and isn’t something you need to take to heart if you disagree. I’m excited to continue on with this story, nonetheless. So until next time!

Favorites: Lavish
Like: Sampson, Claris
Neutral: Melvina, Adrian
Hell no: Countess
tracelynn chapter 10 . 8/28/2021

the pure utter chaos the parrallels the everything i i just cannot put into words how this gooped and spooked me i was so shockdd...maybe i shouldve seen it coming but i fully didnt until adrian killed delia and then i was gasping the whole time LMAOO

i literally dont know what to say like this gave me so many thoughts and feelings like was just so interesting to see the opposite view of every situation at the beginning from adrians perspective for the second half, like please...i was worried it would get too repetitive to read but there were enough new insights that i still enjoyed reading each section even if the actions and dialogue were the same as before

i just fucking absolutely love the switch between the two of them its so sexy and its going to be so interesting especially with how danube knows both of fun to see my kid show up a chapter early they already seem in character how i imagined them and i just love that they might be the first to find out if anyone finds out at all. if danube was rlly friends at all with both of them maybe theyll realize its not the true delia and rlly adrian who knows...idk it could be so fun and i also love how danny was alnost encouraging adrian and telling her she had overlooked but equal talents to delia i was like yes danny! make that girl murder her twin! FCGVHBJNK

i just love that the twin dynmic here was also not super close, like thats such a cliche which makes sense because most twins irl, at least all the ones ive met are that "peas in a pod" type of relationship but its fun to see another take on it. and its also purely stemming from their father being a disgusting speck of scum with misogyny lathered all over and while it would be cool to see them make up and take on chastin together i love this outcome too because it shows how truly cracked and broken shit like this can make a person

yeah i mean like i just rlly enjoyed this your writing felt erratic and emotional which fit the pure chaos of what was happening a lot of the time and the pure instability of both delia and adrian throughout much of their lives. i enjoyed it much. also their mom sucks for doting on adrian and then not giving a fuck ab her death either like goddamn gvbhnjm i hope she and chastin eventually get their comeuppance

thats all i got to say i loved it lindseigh keep up the phenom work
Remus98 chapter 9 . 8/25/2021
Hello. I am here. So is my child.

Lucius ‘Luz’ Laravel - where do I begin with you? I guess a good start would be to acknowledge the fact that I did indeed name all of his lovers after House Slytherin students (with dumb little twists mind you). His main hoe just happens to be Draco, and though I don’t understand what in my subconscious prompted me to make such a decision, I stand by my... quirks? Idk. It’s a bit fucked up, and so am I, so it checks out. At least they’re not related in this universe :skull:

Moving on, we have the second fucked up concept I created and that’s Ceylon. What a little fucker. I don’t know why I subjected Luz to him (actually I do, but that’s besides the point), but it made for some interesting character development that I thought you utilized well. Plus, that kiss they shared on the bench when Ceylon stopped him from leaving, despite it being the beginning of a manipulative circle, was the sweetest thing. It’s been living in my head rent free for at least an hour and I can’t let it stay there until it starts paying up because it’s taking up way too much space.

Anyway, moving on. His parents are good but also not good. They hype him up but then pushes him right down when he doesn’t live up to their expectations. I thought you made some fun and interesting choices with them as well.

Overall, your tweaks all made sense and made for an enjoyale reading experience.

Then we have the smut. I don’t know why I didn’t expect it to be there, because he arguably has a pretty big sex addiction and after Tess I shouldn't be surprised by anything I read ever again, but I’m certainly not complaining. I like that he had his epiphany during a blowjob, that feels very much in character. Love that for him.

I’m slightly worried about where his headspace is at, I don’t know whether not having anything to cling onto will push him forth or drag him down, but I know you have some bomb storylines planned for him so I can’t wait to see how those turn out. You did a lot with him this chapter, but there’s also a lot left to explore. Exciting! Exciting indeed.

Until next time! Bye Three, hello Four.
Ripple237 chapter 8 . 7/22/2021
oh dear. well Im not sure exactly how this is gonna go because those TWs...yikes, but I got Claris in that one "Which SI character are you?" quiz so I feel obligated to meet miss girl and see what's going on.

SHEEESH this first section was really well written and very sad, super effective in what it was trying to accomplish. As someone who has lost a significant amount of family members to cancer and who likely will also get it one day (haha genetics) this hit very close to home. I already love Claris, I already be relating to her internal monologue.

This whole chapter is gonna be like this isn't it...hrmph. Anyways this was really sad and what her dad said to her was fucking awful. I'm not sure how many things I am gonna have to say going forward because my only reaction is "this is really sad."

I liked the formatting you did for this POV too, the jumps in time. I've seen this style a lot in writing and it's always really effective, especially here. And how the training begins, hrmph yeah this is sounding very familiar to me personally! Thanks daddy issues!

Not the flashback to her mother helping her with her homework and then flashing forward to her dad being a piece of shit when she's trying to work! And that sense of drowning in work...yeah. Been there. Claris is having the college experience !

While it is very effective, I do be hating these consistent parallels ! They are really painful and nasty and ugly and I don't like them at all! However it's really effecting in being sad, so good job.

Yeah this was fucking gross of you to write. Gave me hella Carrie vibes honestly. And once again, hit way too close to home for me personally! Claris hun I bet we could swap stories.

Didn't read this one

My eyes kinda glazed over for the rest of this chapter but uhhh I do think this was one of the best things you've ever written. It was very effective and extremely depressing and I'm sorry I don't have any more cohesive thoughts to share but this stuff is way too close to home, it's practically waltzing through my bedroom door.

I'm not sure where I'm gonna rank Claris yet because she is very similar to me and I just feel awful for her and she deserved so much better than to be subbed. Really nasty and gross and ugly. Somehow I hope she wins but things might be even worse for her if that happened. I don't know. Anyways I am glad I am caught up now!
Ripple237 chapter 7 . 7/22/2021
Ok sheeesh I know it took me a hot second to get around to reading this chapter but Im very excited !

Ohhh slurp slurp it is religion time! Already loving the "The Father's Opus" that is simply a very neat and sexy title. I like this framing device too, it is very neat! Hmmm destined for greatness and born considered to be the messiah to make their religion look more valid in the eyes of D2. It's honestly insane how close the similarities are between early Phaedra backstory and Sampson's, Opti and I were really on the same wavelength with no idea the other was working with such a similar concept, in D2 no less!

Mhmm I love the dialogue choices you made for Sampson, they are so perfect for the type of character he is and they feel incredibly real. This interaction with the other kids also reflected that, and it was a good way to drop some more knowledge about how the Faith works!

Ah yes, the doubts are setting in. They always do. We love religious doubts and indoctrination! A FIRE WALK? Ok this is really fun concept actually and I fucking love it, and how it serves as a metaphor for faith and all that fun stuff. Sampson do be questioning once again, and it do BE THAT RELIGIOUS GUILTTT. This poor mans did not deserve this at all.

SHEEESH yeah this was another fantastic example to include. The "othering" of people who are outside the faith, something very real that I've seen happen and does happen to a lot of people in different cultures and religions. I love thought put into this character's religion, it's very much reflective of religion that we have irl.

D2 wilding for this ceremony. Honestly I'm shocked they still have enough "rebels" in this day and age of Panem in order to actually carry out this ceremony as often as they do. Regardless, I love the internal monologue that you write for Sampson, it's very organic and relatable, and I felt like you got across the "moral career" trope in a way that wasn't tropey at all. It felt very real and in-character.

AH HERE WE GO BESTIESSS. You really are covering all the bases with this chapter and I think that is so neat. Im gonna be projecting really hard in this section. Yeah the repression and guilt going dummy hard right here, I loved all the questioning the illogicality and hypocrisy of the faith, it do be very apt to real life stuff aha.

He really is doing his best. Mhm the progression of questioning and guilt up to the point of avoiding worship do be very real, something I definitely experienced myself. I will never forget the weekly sunday fights...sigh. Anyways I am feeling for this mans in this moment

I have now finished reading, and I really enjoyed this POV! Every section seemed essential and it all flowed really nicely actually, and I loved all the sexy commentary about real-world religious issues. Sampson is a good dude and he's definitely my fav so far (other than Lavish my son of course)
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 8 . 7/22/2021
-“I can't even imagine what he's going though.” Bro T_T she’s not even thinking about herself first I’m already upset
- “Claris wishes she would have appreciated them more, wishes she didn't complain when her parents had work because at least she got to spend some time with then.” more valid parents?
- “Idalia's life has been reduced to diagonal green lines on a screen yet Claris is just supposed to pretend she's the same person who gave birth to her, nursed her, held her when she cried.” Wow what the fuck I’m sad
- wait I forgot to say but not her dads name being pascal and them being from district three
- “Idalia doesn't say anything and Claris realizes it's time for her to accept a truth she never thought she'd have to even consider.” wake up call mamacita
- "I miss her too, so glad we both have that in common." bruh im laughing at all of these
- “Claris finishes all of it despite the fact it isn't very good.” LMAOO FUCK MY MOMS FRIENDS SOAGEHTTI ITS SHIT
- “There's not much regret on his lips when he says the next thing, "At times I find myself wishing we'd buried you instead." WHAT THEFUCK? WHAT THE FUCK?
- knew I couldn’t trust a bitch named pascal, smh
- “Her tutor, a man named Edison points at a table of empty boxes, "Where does iodine go?" Please not Edison and pascal in the same room I’m losing it
- “Before she sleeps, Claris' final thoughts are typically as follows, I wish my mother were here and I wish my father would disappear.” So true bestie
- “That's a common theme, everything is easier when she's with her mom.” ;; sad sigh
- "You scratch against your paper so loud, it woke me up.” BITCH ARE YOU THE FUCKING PRINCESS FROM PRINCESS AND THE PEA? WHY R U SO SENSITIVE?
- “It's irritating, the way Pascal brings Idalia into every argument, but that's because he knows that it works. Claris hates that she's exposed her weaknesses to him like this.” Claris don’t worry I will kill him :heart:
- “her name was Athlon” NOT THIS
- what the fuck is wrong with her dad, sincerely. like how did such a sadistic personality come totally out of left field
- claris don’t justify his actions for him he’s fucked up
- “Eventually, she hears her mother, "There you are," and she opens the door with a smile on her face.” I fucking adore idalia. Milf
- “she's even began tutoring kids around the Institute if they're struggling, because she knows herself how awful it feels when you're struggling around there” GIRL YOH ARE SO FUCKING GOOD TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD
- “There's less coats in there now since mom's dead.” they didn’t even keep it?
- not the solitary confinement in the closet
- “He says it's been a day when he finally frees her. He says it's been a day and "You're lucky I didn't leave you in there longer." I fucking hate him. Also I’m surprised she didn’t need to take a shit. But I hate him.
- ouch. that razor scene literally made me short of breath
- that was intense
- “She wishes she could say she's glad she survived, but really, Claris is just angry.” ;;
- “but for the first time, Claris has reached clarity in her mind, and she knows she has to recover if she wants to get away from him.” ;; im just sad it took such drastic measures to realize this
- “But she's getting stronger, she swears that she's getting stronger.” claris! i FUCKIBG love u!
- “She isn't sure what's going to happen, but she knows that even if she falls first, her mother would want her to fly.” honestly that’s a fucking beautiful line
tl;dr claris is probably the kindest, healthiest career in this cast. tell me why is she so pure? so good? so kind-hearted? she doesn’t deserve this. who submitted her? im gonna beat the fuck out of them. she’s had her character development. she has a fuckign future. how can u send her to the games. this is beyond fucked. i actually hate it here

epic style. superb chapter
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 7 . 7/22/2021
-“siblings Kiana, Inacio, Marcel, and Teodor” these r gorgeous names
- “talking with his father has always been one of his favorite pastimes in the house” glad you have a good relationship with your father (tentative)
- “his left eye is brown like his and Elisia's but the right is an electrifying shade of blue, which must mean the Father himself's giving them a sign that if there's anybody who can sure his Faith prospers, it's Sampson Santoro.” a— BECAUSE HE HAS HETEROCHROMIA?
- “even the Patriarchs agree, there's something special about him.” this is giving me Phaedra from odwh
- a religion centered around the games do be insane but makes sense this late into Panem
- "My son's going to save Panem from darkness and bring eternal salvation to us all." what’s the darkness that panem needs saving from tho
- “a future of eternal darkness whether he likes it or not.” fuck them five year olds
- “Sampson's been told he's destined to bring salvation, after all, and what eight year old isn't going to internalize that?” not a toddler with a savior complex
- Michael is cute I hope they stay friends
- “Because it's always "Sampson, what are you doing to eliminate the dark?" or "Sampson, are you excited to bring glory to our people?" and it's like people never ask him if it's what he even wants…” it’s always what are you doing never how are you doing :’((
- “it just doesn't make sense in the slightest…” so true bestie it makes zero sense where is the correlation
- faron why are you doubting. why are you uncertain. why are you so unsure. what do you know that I don’t
- “attempting to take another step yet flinching at the searing sound his foot makes when it touches the coals once more.” JUST RUN YOU STUPID BITCH
- elisia what the fuck. faron is the only Sampson parent that deserves rights
- “Because yes, it truly is a pleasure as much as Sampson complains about it, he really shouldn't.” Ah religious guilt my dear old friend
- “He's been perfect, as far as he's concerned, because it's been two years since she was upset at him when he barely made it across the coals, and he can't disappoint her again.” ;; HE DOESNT WANNA DISAPPOINT HER… why is he so softhearted wtf
- "Michael, like I always do." YEAAAHHH THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT
- ew why is his mom gatekeeping non-faith kids
- “I've contacted Pyros and they ensured me that you'll be separated from him from now on. I'm sorry I was a bit aggressive earlier, but that's just because I love you and know you're better than these thoughts." bruh ur toxic
- “All the Patriarchs teach love and kindness above all else yet now he's supposed to just abandon somebody for disagreeing with him?” sounds like Catholicism!
- “Who's he kidding. The Father's always right, even if he doesn't think so at first.” I live gaslighting myself too Sampson
- “Faron's strangely receptive, "I see where you're coming from…" it’s not strange, your father has always been poggers champion :(
- “And their victims certainly aren't thrilled either, their bodies trembling as they're forced to listen to propaganda during their last moments, only to eventually die at the hands of a literal child.” when u put it like that ewwww
- “Because being first would mean he's bloodthirsty, far too evil and vicious to be an Elect, but if he's last, that just means he's a coward.” the faith is so fuxking picky
- "Well there's no zealot like a convert." so true
- “And it's not a problem that Sampson's never looked at a girl and thought of spending the rest of his life with her because he's never looked at anybody like that. The important thing is he's never looked at a man like that.” damn how’s that repression going for you
- “the Faith's finest young Elect was… intensely perceiving the male figure and was open to perceiving it more intimately.” stop that made me laugh
- “Not a big deal, nope not at all… even if Sampson catches himself timing his future showers with Catamitus'.” U R Gay
- “This is one of the few times that the Faith's strict gender roles actually serve to be advantageous” LMAO THANK THE FATHER FOR GENDER ROLES
- “He wishes he could say he was shocked when the announced declared him victorious, but really, this was what's supposed to happen.” just as the father willed I suppose
tl;dr i quite liked sampson actually. i was surprised. there r a freakish amount of similarities between him and Phaedra odwh but he is a good character. im a whore for tributes that make commentary on certain issues and his deal is hypocrisy within religion and the religious guilt that stems from doubting the faith that one has grown up w. amen to that! [laugh track] i think he’ll be pretty high up on my ranking!

epic style
Remus98 chapter 8 . 7/12/2021
“District Three as a career districts should be fun” was one of my first thoughts when I found out about the concept of this story. How naive I was. District Three as a career district is FUCKING PAINFUL!

Claris Varsenova? More like Claris Break-My-Heart. There was sadness clinging to her entire being from the very first section onwards. The Beep:s had my heart racing, the closet gave me whiplash, the razor blades made my hairs stand on end. Excuse me miss, what do you mean INADEQUATE?! If someone is inadequate, it’s your bullies at school (hey Athlon, do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up). Not to mention your sorry sorry sorry SORRY excuse of a father.

Okay let’s talk about this Pascal dude. When Idalia died (such a pretty name btw) I thought that we’d have a father-daughter bonding sorta ordeal. In my fantasy, they would support each other, lean against the only family left to get through their shared grief. But Dyl said HELL NO. Those are the exact words he used. He said HELL NO YOU WILL FEEL ALL OF THE HURT. And I did. Locking Claris into a closet because she’s third in training? How dare. How very dare. I was so mad I was about to throw hands at the screen. Third is freaking amazing and if you don’t think so you can eat my fist. If Claris wins, I dearly hope that she locks Pascal into the closet of her house in Victor’s Village FOREVER.

She’s too good for that, though. She’s too good for everything and everyone, smiling despite all of the darkness brewing on the inside. When that girl asked how come she’s happy all the time… BITCH GOODBYE. The closet and inadequate might have upset me beyond words, but the fact that Claris keeps up this facade whilst being so emotionally damaged on the inside is what truly broke me. Claris is dealing with so much shit, and she’s dealing with it all on her own. It’s such a big burden to bear, and she bears it without any support from anyone. THAT’S FUCKING PAINFUL.

I blame Linds.

I blame Dyl.

I blame everyone involved in making such a precious bean and sending her to the slaughter.

Favorites: Lavish
Like: Sampson, Claris
Neutral: Melvina
Hell No: Countess

(ps. excited for my boy Luz next chapter, but also i'm too sad to be excited rn ;-:)
darthnell chapter 7 . 7/9/2021
Okay I just want to say, Sammy is. such a fun lad, his concept is so neat.. boy really out here thinking he's the next Jesus hjhffd. Although everyone around him heaping that on him is also. Rough.

I love the way you formatted this too, like the conversation between Sampson and his dad interspersed throughout the whole chapter and we learn more about the situation in between, it's. It's so neat ;-; I wasn't sure if his dad would be the problem, but I'm glad he's not ? Good dads are nice. Also the whole religion thing.. God it's so fking big brained like Damn.

Fhjfdhjdfh bye the way he has heterochromia and everyone's like "so you're the chosen one?" And it's clear that miss Elisia is gonna be the problem here oof.. And damn, this all being just Decided for him the second he popped out of the womb, oof. No agency.. ;-; "Whether he likes it or not." Yeah that's the kicker at the end there..

Ooh Sampson being the first of their religion chosen for the Games.. I love how the Games are incorporated into the Faith like that, it's such a need connection for all of this ;-; And Sammy killing in the name of the Father oof.. its interesting how the religion accepts that as what must be done. Probably a bad thing for everyone involved but it's Fun fdjhjd. Sammy being all, "I'm not like Other murderers" though rip jhfhd.

Lol I can see why he's got a bit of a big head here.. People tell you you're the literal messiah since before you learn how to talk, and that might go to your head a bit. Man though like.. The way Sammy thinks he's the main character.. It's kind of funny but also kind of sad since.. We know he's not. He's one of eight, rip. Aw Michael.. I like their relationship, even if there's a bit of discrepancy between Sammy and Michael's lines of thinking.. good conflict ;-; Lol poor Michael for having to deal with Sammy's unintentional arrogance.. True friend energy.

Aw Sammy's got some worries about the Games and stuff.. and some irritation at not being given a choice, that's Understandable. Also I like that he's able to admit some of his doubts to his father (though his father also having doubts is maybe a bit worrying for him)

Ahh hot coals ouch.. Okay Elisia stop being a problem, jesus lady. Sammy thinking he's just not enough there a h ;-; His mother's impatience bleeding into his self-doubt.. and at the end how she's like "ugh you could've done better" like? Come on girl. This poor kid is just. So entrenched in all of this, and of course he internalizes it.. There's nothing else for him to do ;-; The way he like.. self-corrects his own thoughts and doubts, like please let yourself think friend ;-;

Ohh "But is that what /I/ want to do?" Sammyyyy ;-; Again with him correcting himself for daring to have a thought or opinion.. Babe you're not selfish ;-; Organized religion just. Really do be like that sometimes.

Ooh shoot Michal left the faith.. Okay I really like how Sammy still wants to be friends with him and maintain their relationship and didn't immediately shun him, that's Good and I like that ;-; Fuck Elisia for making him think differently, honestly like. Hello, people with differing beliefs can coexist if you're not an ass about it. Ohh no Elisia having them be separated at training bitch come onnnn your kid needs a friend goddammit.

Okay we are simply stanning Sammy's dad here, good dad 10/10, willing to listen to his son's doubts and problems and not judge him for having them ? We love that.

Fuck, Atonement day.. Man, I might've said it last chapter already, but this is such a brutal fucking tradition like damn.. (Him getting blessed by his religion to participate like holy shit bro). And everybody being so thrilled about this kind of thing, man it's so messed up fdhjd. And Sammy with his doubts ahh ;-; Killing for Two or the Faith.. and "It doesn't matter to Pyros how Sampson feels as long as he can kill." That's a big oof right there, man. Also the part of him having to fire his arrow in the middle of the pack, "Because being first would mean he's bloodthirsty, far too evil and vicious to be an Elect, but if he's last, that just means he's a coward." Damn.. (Also the whole idea of them being called "Elects" while throughout the whole intro, Sammy has had absolutely no say in the matter, that's big brained shit my dude ;-; )

Sammy's father having doubts too ooh.. Also damn the part about his mom being a convert and infinitely more gung-ho about the Faith.. Yeah, that tracks. Oh shoot Sampson admitting that he's straight-up considered leaving the Faith, damn..

Omg he's gay.. and of course that's not allowed a h noooo baby.. Godd that's the worst. Even more shit for him to internalize, oof.. "he'd be made homeless over a man who clearly has commitment issues" jhhjhjd this drag I'm crying, rip Cat. (But also Cat being one of the happiest people Sammy's ever seen aw ;-; ) The way that part ends too ;-;

Oh god Elisia go tf away dfhjd. LOL them using the gender roles to get her to leave, that's so funny hjfhjfd. "Just know I only want what's best for you." Okay that's a lie miss ma'am.

Rip Sammy's relationship with her.. I'm not surprised to see that it's deteriorating faster as reaping day draws nearer, oof.. Also Sammy skipping worship and stuff, yeah I'll bet she's not happy about that. OKay the part too about Sammy having put in the work for all of his training and his mother just waving that off and assuming that since he's "born ready" he doesn't need to worry about that, and discounting all the effort he's put into this.. Like no wonder he doesn't wanna go to worship with you, bitch.

The Faith losing sight of its foundations :eyes: Not an uncommon trend in religions, oof. I'm glad Faron's willing to tell Sammy his doubts and opinions freely like this (well, freely as they can without Elisia hovering over their shoulders).

Lol Sampson at the tournament like "time to be the chosen one now" and goes sicko mode hjfdhjfd. Suck it Ryder, he's got a religious crisis that only the Hunger Games can fix jhfdhjfd. LOL Sammy not even being surprised that he won, love that for him. Ooh Sammy and Mel :0 Ohh shoot they've got info from the other districts yooo.. LOL bye them already singling Tess out as the threat.. Yeah fair.

Okay yeah still stanning Sammy and his dad's relationship, it's good ;-; And him acknowledging that he'll always be confused but wanting to fight on his own terms.. I'm super interested to see how he's gonna mesh with the others, like even if he ends up dying (or getting fucking like. Crucified jhdhjdhjdfdjh bye) I feel like he's in for a fun time jhhfd. Like I feel like he's in for some good self-discovery moments with this ;-; Also again, I love how well you fit the Faith in to your worldbuilding here, it's so neat.. Also like I feel like his chances for actually winning story-wise are maybe a bit lowered by his sureness here.. Like he'd have to go through a lot of development to make it out against the other contenders here like story-wise.. Though honestly him winning would make for an interesting story when he gets back home.. I don't think he'd end up being the victor that his mother or the Faith would be expecting, especially since their views are so narrow and cut-and-dry here, like it's just.. Not that simple. And with the doubts that he and his father are having... Also I think the Atonement Day thing and his conflict there might be a little bit of foreshadowing for him in the Games, because he's gonna be forced to kill again if he wants to follow through with winning. And who exactly he's killing for (be it Two, the Faith, or himself), he's gonna have to make that decision. Idk, I'm excited for more of him ! He's a fun lad jhjhfd. Really nice job with his intro here, it was a whole lot of fun to read, and again the way you formatted it with the conversation w his dad.. That was really clever, it worked nicely imo ;-;
dyloccupy chapter 8 . 7/8/2021
*takes a deep breathe*

so…you know how i feel about this intro. i still can’t get over how fucking perfect it is…i full on cried at like one in the morning. i couldn’t have asked for a better person to write my bby.

we briefly discussed the format, but damn linds! truly a genius for that. the beeping of the heart monitor to start off!? fucking hell man i should’ve known what was about to go down. going from young claris (full of love and hope and supported by her mother) to older claris (where abuse and pain took hold) was so effective.

gosh and the way you tied the first scene to the final scene? the call? i sobbed. PLUS the way pascal (fucking bastard) began to ingrain feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing into claris’ brain was so well done (and vile). when he told bby claris that he wished she was six feet under instead of his wife…i gasped.

the shift to a life full of pressure and abuse beginning with claris being forced to study her ass off for the institute was so well done! and tying back to idalia teaching claris about multiplication…FUCK!

the way pascal uses claris’ mother as a weapon against her…to keep her in the toxic mindset of not measuring up and struggling to achieve perfection…again, you nailed it. i just…linds WOW!

not the athlon mention…i loved how these sweet scenes with idalia really highlighted how insanely different claris’ life became after her death. the stark contrast between comfort and abuse was executed PERFECTLY! it really helped the emotional impact hit deeper.

fuck and the way claris justifies her fathers abuse when she questions why he punishes her so severely…bby no ;-; SHE DOES DESERVE TO BE BRAVE AND TO HAVE IT ALL! the bottle scene broke me.

ok i lied…the transition from hide and sleep (so cute) to the closet TRULY BROKE ME. the way claris started to believe volunteering was her only escape from her father…i cry. and then the dreaded closet…gosh linds this hit so fucking deep. using the dark and isolation as a way to break claris’ mental fortitude was so sick. and the way she considered hanging herself…LINDS IM JUST SO? my poor bby why did i do this to you. as we see, this not only broke claris but it also broke me…so thank you!

and then claris gives into the darkness. getting the blades, punching herself and hating her own visage, finally letting pascal’s warped words about her mother in, CARVING INADEQUATE INTO HER ARM? LINDS AKEOEKXKWKELDK. the tears started to flow freely at this point. claris believing she deserved all of this…fuck.

but she uses this as momentum to propel herself forward, to win freedom and help those in need! GOSH AND THE PICNIC SCENE BYE.

the girl asking how claris how she could be happy all the time…fucking hell that was another unexpected dagger in the heart. i just have to say, all these details really elevated this whole intro. it was beyond what i could imagine, so that you.

her mother saying she’s not ready to meet claris yet was heartbreaking yet so beautiful. BUT THEN CLARIS THROWS THE BLADES AWAY. she doesn’t need them (or so she thinks). she’s stronger (is she?). she’s overcome her fathers cruelty (has she really?). BYE THE GOOD ENDING LINE MAKE ME CHOKE.

HER MOTHER WOULD WANT HER TO FLY. FUCK. LINDS. yeah i sobbed and smiled and gasped during this whole intro and it was well worth it. again, this was perfection. beyond my wildest expectations. ty sm for this linds, it means the world. can’t wait to see what you have planned for my bby ;-;
Remus98 chapter 7 . 6/28/2021
Hello, hi. I’m here to discuss.

Let’s talk about Sampson. From little whispers in the Discord channel, I had quite a few ideas already formed about him in my head going into this. I knew he would be religious, that faith played an important role in his everyday life. What I didn’t know, however, was that he was a Panemian Messiah! That’s so crazy? As someone who studies theology at university, and as anyone who knows anything about the Abrahamic religions should realize, a savior/liberator is not something to take lightly. It’s such a powerful symbol, and it was interested seeing it be explored in this setting.

What I liked most about it, though, was not the fact that Sampson is the chosen one. Don’t get me wrong, I love the mysticism that surrounds his title, and how he’s being used as a vessel to expand the Faith (manipulating the Games into a form of missionary work is fascinating in and of itself), but my favorite part of it all was his hesitance. Sampson’s and his father’s both. They started off so certain, at least publicly. They had everything set up, his whole life was written in the stars, and then on the eve before him going away the two of them have this deep talk about their worries. It was so nice having it interspersed through his life events, like a thread reminding us that Sampson is human beneath it all.

I applaud you for what you managed to accomplish with this format, Linds. It felt very special and unique. And props also go to Opti, of course, for coming up with such a bomb aspect.

The commentary on religion, in general, was a lot of fun. I recognized a lot of the themes from my own studies, such as converts sometimes being even more zealous than people who are born into the faith, either because they chose to be there and so has an extra-strong conviction, or as overcompensation to show that they belong (both of which was very well symbolized through Sampson’s mother). The topic of sexual discrimination, as well, though not as relevant in today’s society, was a nice touch. Suddenly I’m thinking that perhaps Sampson and Luz will be better friends than I anticipated originally...

Oh, and Luz was mentioned here, along with all of the other POV characters of this story. I adored that little nod to the other kids, that was so fun to see. It makes me SO EXCITED to eventually see them interact.

A super solid character, and a super solid chapter.

Favorites: Lavish
Like: Sampson
Neutral: Melvina
Conflicted: Tess
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 4 . 6/5/2021
- oh dear god this POV is long as balls. okay.
- “And even though Lily's still in her sleep, Tess knows that she sent shivers down her perfect flower's spine with just the slightest of a kiss.” i can’t lie this gave me incel vibes
- MOMMY? Bruh you’re barely 18
- "I like your barrette," Tess flirts with Hana one fateful day, "It really brings out the color of your eyes." yeah that’s how lesbians flirt unfortunately LMAOO they go “i like your style” and expect the other person to pick up the hint
- “I'm unlovable.” i won’t lie i do not care at all for this self-pitying monologue
- “Tess discovers too that she likes it when she snaps Hana's neck and comes as the life leaves her body.” I- WHAT DO I SAY TO THIS
- “She's become Hana's savior even if she doesn't know it.” bruh not the savior complex
- “But she does love Voitke Niyazova, or at least she loves the idea of her.” another one bites the dust
- are each of these sections exploits of different girls i wonder
- "We're going to have so much fucking fun tonight," She screams as they're leaving their third bar of the evening, grabbing Tess' ass, "I heard you got a strap-on!" Ma’am You Are Fifteen Years Old
- “(And she does the ass grabbing, not the other way around, damnit.)” ladies ladies please ass grabbing can go both ways
- “Her addiction was bound to get to her eventually, and all Tess did was accelerate the process.” honestly tru
- “Ignores the crying boy called Lavish Tarro who she'd maybe be able to save in another life.” no it’s okay you really don’t have to (nervous laughter)
- okay who’s tess’s father for real i’ll fucking kill him he messed up his kid so bad
- “The lovers that came before Daria Makrain, too innocent and too insolent.” YOU PICKY AS FUCK TESS
- “Things are moving too fast for Tess' liking, but in a way it's charming of Daria, the way she's come undone so quickly, and just for her.” this is a good sign right…?/?/ Ha Ha
- “If Daria was her perfect match, she wouldn't be weighed down by all this baggage that's too heavy for Tess to lift.” i hate to say it but tess sounds like a cishet straight white man with all these unrealistic expectations for women
- “(Daria always said she didn't think she was good enough for the world, Tess is just helping.)” tess you’ve always said you’re literally unlovable so why aren’t you giving urself the same treatment. This seems like exceptionally flawed reasoning
- mai is sexy
- “The kid she beat had a black eye and three chipped teeth by the end of Mai's takedown, and Tess is oddly intrigued by her.” STEP ON ME MAI
- “Mai takes pleasure in the pain Tess causes her, she even encourages it.” ummmm okayyy
- “Tess is fifteen when she sees Viridian Albane steal a glance at her in one of Elysium's changing rooms.” (flips back pages) wait so. So you’re telling me tess was 14 when all those previous events happened.? Uh
- highkey i can’t fuck with this they’re all kids deadass so i am going to skim uhh… most of this …
- this really is just a journey of a bunch of different sexual exploits ok
- "I love you mom," She would say every night before bed, "Thank you for taking care of me." she has mommy and daddy issues rip
- we are not even gonna talk about penny
- “And then comes the sounds of more bones cracking” he KILLS the maids?!
- “Tess wishes Cel could see how beautiful her face looks when she's moaning her name.” she wouldn’t be able to see it regardless even if she weren’t blind
- i really wish i didn’t read cecilia’s. dude
- and tess’s mom didn’t take her with? Bruh
- good for mai glad she’s still alive
- never mind i can’t fuck with mai anymore either. dear god
- and her father killed regina haha okkk
- mai is a masochist we been knew
- she. she took body parts from all of them?
- how did she get voitke’s ass bruh
- how did she get a vegine….
- hold the fucking phone lily is made up of their body parts ?
tl;dr i don’t even know what to say? tess is wild but it’s not even in a way that makes sense. She’s uh really out there. why is she like that. well actually i don’t want to know it’s okay honestly

brooky wooky out
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 6 . 6/5/2021
- “Melvina didn't question how odd it was for her parents to suddenly want another kid an entire decade after their first was born” oh that is kinda strange why such a large age gap
- “(And maybe her brother would have been a friend too if things hadn't gone so south.)” ope who is Brother
- “Melvina never sees her father again after that suspiciously cool summer morning” it takes a while to get milk i suppose
-"It's not proper Vesuvia conduct to cause serious injury during a practice duel," She cuts him off and mocks him, since she knows that's exactly what he's going to say.” YOU SASSY BITCH AHAHA IM AMUSED
- “but I can assure you that this attitude of yours is in fact not it." the dean: yeah melvina your behavior is not it chief.
- “But the hunger in her stomach is too much to bear.” okay real shit though i really like how melvina’s background explores low-income families even in career districts because spoiler alert poverty exists everywhere! And it doesn’t push this bootlicker narrative either, it’s like yeah melvina worked hard and she’s the best female trainee in the academy but she’s still not any less poor and any less bitter and it’s a real issue that she has to deal with everyday. it’s a good juxtaposition to the image career districts put up about how they embody luxury and excess but in reality it still looks like shit if u squint hard enough
- “For fuck's sake, if Alvaro had never been conceived then Kratos would have never left and Melvina would be able to say that her family is stable enough they don't need to be embarrassments who need food from the government if they want to live.” so what we not finna do is blame alvaro for being born T_T bruh
- “Although she knows it's unwise of her to snap back at a man carrying a fully loaded weapon, Mel does so anyways” honestly i have to say i love her feistiness
- “He calls back,"Thank you sir," and Mel's unsure if she wants to slap him or just continue on and forget this day never happened.” i feel like this line is really significant. melvina probably wants to slap her little brother for thanking the man for what, giving them what they should’ve had to begin with? it’s a matter of pride and melvina’s going to stubbornly flaunt the image of entitlement even though she’s never had the privilege of that. meanwhile alvaro is grateful for being the bare minimum even though their family deserves more than that. neither of them are in the wrong of course, it’s just really fascinating the disparities between their mindsets
- “She cackles, "What's a friendship even worth if you can't beat each other up?" amen
- “Unlike some of the other kids in her age group, she's not an emotionally weak mess and that means she can understand their role” well that was very clementina of her
- “She's the top dog today but that could change in an instant so she needs to watch her toes if she wants to actually be chosen to volunteer.” i love your rational brain. constant desire to improve and be better, so sexy of u.
- a-atonement day…?
- “It can't phase her if she's expected to kill even more viciously in just three short years.” unfortunately true say
- “But through dying to propel the great Cadet's he's finally worth something, even if it's only in his final moments.” LETS GET THAT CHILD SOLDIER MINDSET GOINNN
- “Melvina Parrish can only name one time that she felt herself grow weak in the knees and that was the first time she laid her eyes on Klymene Montgomery.” kinda gay idk
- “It was a sweltering August evening and the lights were dim in the warehouse where dozens of teenagers had gathered for the evening and while Mel's forehead was undeniably sweaty from the conglomerate of people squishing up against one another yet none of that mattered when a neon beam illuminated the girl's tan skin, freckles splattered along the bridge of her nose like a firework over the town.” just something to look out for, this is a very run-on sentence
- "We can change that," Mel replies, trying to ignore the butterflies swimming in her stomach” YOU SMOOTH MF
- "Well I've always been more of a lover then a fighter," gay bitch alert
- “Two years of Melvina Parrish finally getting a taste of the world, finally finding somebody who she can fight for when she's spent so long fighting for herself.” this POV was so charming and tender im sobbing
- “If she had known that stepping away from Klymene to use the bathroom would lead to the worst moment of her life, maybe she would have been better off with a urinary tract infection.” STOP I GIGGLED
- “She's already crushed and she needs to do something, anything to get the negativity, the wrath out of her system” someone’s gonna die
- “She flinches, "I'm sorry, Mel. I really am…" ur excuse is so fucking weaksauce bro
- “Even after the two best years of her life, she's deficient, and she probably always had been. She was just too prideful to even see it, too much of a fool to even hypothesize that Klymene Montgomery could possibly love her.” MEL NO YOU’RE SO WORTH IT BRO U WORK SO HARD AND IT PAYS OFF KLYMENE JUST DIDN’T DESERVE YOU :((
- “You stole the best thing that ever happened to me." okay while it’s true astrid is a megabitch and did instigate klymene leaving melvinia, it’s not as if klymene had no choice in the matter…? Like sincerely klymene is MOST at fault in this situation. Melvinia choosing to fight astrid is incredibly het of her, acting as if klymene’s hand was forced or something smh.
- “Because Klymene will never give her this rush of endorphins, not even close. Sure, she can try all she wants, but the satisfaction of battle will always be more sweet.” oh my god ur crazy
tl;dr that was incredibly fun! Holy shit! There are things that i deeply love about melvina and deeply dislike and to have both of those things in one tribute makes for an EPIC combination i must say. Like i love that i hate her a little bit does that make sense. It’s so strange because i recognize that she’s always had an insanely short straw but she overcompensates so hard whenever she’s been wronged that i can’t even find it in myself to feel bad for her. I simply can’t pity her because she’s a boss ass bitch that bounces back and gets vengeance. And sometimes it’s unwarranted or insanely extra BUT I CAN’T HELP BUT SUPPORT HER REGARDLESS.

i’ll be putting the si kids in rankings like will because there are only 8 like i don’t need a tribute chart for eight of yall bitchasses

Epic chapter linds heart
brooky wooky
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 5 . 5/29/2021
lavish (and only lavish):
-“shit-eating grin on his face” BUT OF COURSEEE
- “he’s the lavish tarro for panem’s sake” literally shut the fuck up gay boy
- “it’s the most important day of his life, or something like that.” BITCH LMAOO
- “that better not be blood” well…
- “why is everybody in district one so fucking dramatic” look who’s talking w they rollerskates n turquoise blazer n painted nails ta locaaa
- “because why else would he go roller-skating during the reaping ceremony if it wasn’t to get everybody to stare at him.” yooo TRUE
- “sliding up the ramp meant for people with disabilities” i— PLEASE. THATS REALLY ON BRAND FOR HIM.
- I’m trying to imagine an eight year old going “well clearly, i thought they were dry” i can’t do it unless they’re British apparently
- lavish purposely fucking up his nails to spend more time with mommy was such a lovely tidbit will included in the form I was fully like “awh ;;” when we were talking about it T_T
- ewww modish came in Fuck Outta Here Modish
- “and then he says something about alcohol that lavish doesn’t really understand.” ;;
- blessed mother son interaction HICCUP I LOVE THEM SO MUCH …
- “the small virtual cat he fits in his pocket” WAHHHHH LETS FUCKING GOOOOO THATS SUCH A CUTE WAY OF DESCRIBING IT
- “lavish has never been all that close with the other kids in his grade.” yeah cos you’re a fucking loser ever thought of that
- “he’s busy studying to get into Elysium.” bro the way ur including details about his life are very very smooth i very much enjoy the segue from the events that happen in real time into the internal monologue and explanation. tis awfully cohesive im a slut
- “but the reality is also this, lavish hasn’t studied a day of his life for the entrance exam.” LMAOOO DADDYS MONEY N ALL DAT
- “he hears as he puts his head under the table once more so that he can play with garnish.” yeah he’s kinda good sometimes I guess
- that was a very telling interaction between him and his father and his father and his colleague fucking EPIC sauce. also i havent said yet but i like the way you’re ordering these sections too. it kinda goes backwards in time but in a progression that makes sense yk yk im into it
- lavish saying thank you to his mom for every little thing she does is making me FUCKIBG emo STOP DONT DO THAT IM ALREADY SAD ENOUGH KNOWING WHATS COMING YOU BITCH.
- “you’re brilliant in ways you don’t even know yet” she’s right she’s right it’s true lavvy boy
- “there’s abandonment in your future” [sips caprisun] Oh I Wonder Who’s Gonna Do That
- “his mother shakes her head profusely. “Of course not dear. ill be with you forever.” [presses X to doubt]
- “ill figure this out, okay,?” Ha Ha.
- i like how you brought this scene to life. i really really like it sincerely. will wrote this shit out in the backstory and it’s just so so good to see it translated and manifested through ur artistic vision. like you’re going deeper and really detailing out the vibes and the movements the actions and the dialogue it’s fucking grand ;;
- “but he shrugs it off by rationalizing that she’s just asleep still.” yeah her perfume and nail polish smell just Turns Off when she’s asleep that’s how that works
- “lavish has been told the cards create luck, but if his mother leaving is their definition of it, then he’ll just create luck himself.” ATTA BOYyYYY
- “but now garnish is here, small cream-colored paws and pearly blue eyes” THIS DESCRIPTION IS SO SOFT I WANT TO SEE THIS CAT WITH MY OWN TWO EYES MF
- “there’s no way modish can take him away now.” Well,
- “and for the first time in what seems like his entire life, lavish leaves the house with smudged nail polish.” man FUCK
- “he finds himself wishing she took him too.” please linds im so weak i can’t be reliving this shit again ;-;-;-;;-;-
- “his white tee shirt that he had specially pressed for the day has snot on one of the sleeves” eWWeee nastyyyy (i know his mom just left him let me have my fun)
- “and all the other kids seemed to think the exact same of him, finger pointed at the poor crying boy.” Hey Fuck You Guys only I get to bully lavish [throttles the other kids]
- “lavish remembers the chart, and how it said the star backwards meant “arrogance,” but he just laughs.” AWFULLY FITTING HUH? cool as shit
- “district one loves excessive flamboyance, and as it turns out, an adolescence gliding across the training floor on roller skates as he holds ancient shears meant to slaughter is just what they need” DAMN STRAIGHT MF
- “or… you could just have it be an only me thing” lavish makes points
- “he’s annoyed at his father, yea, but lavish is still eager to please him for some reason.” felt that
- “lavish quickly discovers at their initial meeting that the older boy, albeit dutiful, has the same copious ambition as him.” WAHHHH T_T
- “you realize you’re rather childish, right?” no shit fr?
- “even if he can be a hard ass at times, lavish quite enjoys his time with glissando” ;;
- “at least I’m actually doing what my father sent me to elysium to do” well shit
- “it’s like the star on his card’s risen to the sky and the hanged man is gone.” I LIKE THAT LINE
- “he always has a plan, and he laughs as he pops his bubblegum while his opponents cry in misery and defeat.” God That’s So Lavish
- “in the arena, it’s just him and Lady Luck having a dance, and he’s determined to put on a show.” stop YOURE SO COOL LAVISH
- the amount of times lavish switches from cool motherfucker to whiny pissbaby is whiplash inducing dear god
- “his nails sharper than their knives as he cuts the others down” PAINTED NAILS MIGHT I ADD!
- “he’s driven by determination, faith, and pure fucking spite for his father” YEAH TELL HIM WHAT THE FUCK IS UP
- “I’ve given you such a great life and now you feel so comfortable throwing it all away.” Cry about it bitch idk what to tell u
- “lavish is all in now, and he’s not going to fold this bet for the life of him.” LITERALLY!
- one last fortune card reading ;;
- “(lavish is too excited to remember that the justice card also means it could be time for him to face that very word. it could mean that he’s lied and cheated too much and it’s time he revels in karma’s wrath.)” Well fuck [nervous laughter]
- “and lavish knows it’s only a matter of time before he reaches the summit.” A NOD BACK TO GLISS’S QUOTE OKKK I FUCKING SEE YOU

GOD THAT WAS FUN AS SHIT! I SINCERELY LOVED IT U HIT THAT SHIT OUT OF THE PARK METHINKS T_T i really fuckin enjoyed all the scenes that you included! you hit pretty much every single facet of his being (which id be concerned if 6k words didn’t cover that all) it was very thorough and i felt like i was meeting him all over again :pleading: bro… brooooo… grand characterization and all of the Moments carried the weight they were sposed to and everything. man. i have to say my favorite section was the one where lavish was interacting w his dad and his colleague at the meeting, for some reason it just hit different! perhaps cos it was a scene completely of ur own creation, it was great and perfectly in line w the rest of the canon shit! you create the canon now shawty. im incredibly pumped for more lavish povs now that im sure u can characterize him super fucking well ;; thank you so much for writing linds! :heart:

brooky wooky
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 3 . 5/29/2021
- linds these names all slap
- "Look at him, he's so fucking vain! All he cares about is himself, that's why his name is fucking Vanity!" This Joke Is So Original And Clever
- whoa that’s a lotta parentheses
- “He loses the fact that he's not supposed to be having fun with all of this, and the fact that he's serving his duty, getting his revenge through all of this.” oh youre a little unhinged sir dial it down a notch or four
tl;dr gay boy gets back at his bullies! nice! I think you will have a good time with lavish. Well. Actually. Lavish seems like he’d call vanity gay slurs as a joke. Hm. we’ll see LMAOOO

- that name Just Makes Sense for d2
- “She sees her father screaming at her mother before throwing the dishes at her head and watching as she falls to the ground in tears, trying but failing to pick up all her missing pieces.” pretty line not so pretty content ;;
- “To put it simply, the Bane family's kitchen had a wide array of knives and Megara knew how to use most of them. Pollux didn't.” nice fuck his ass up
- “his eyes look just the same as Pollux's did.” what, like an abuser’s?
- “Instead, Seven just takes his own blade and stabs himself in the heart, blood jutting out the wound” HoLY FUCKKK THAT’S DRAMATIC AS SHIT
tl;dr i like her im a big fan of vigilantes and women killing abusive men but man that Seven kid really pulled a switcherooski he pulled a fast one on her he was like if im 100% going to die then shiiit im gonna do it on my own fuckin terms and tbh? I respect that

-”he kept that in mind when he was riding the back of a robotic dog muttation” YOU FUNKY MOTHERFUCKER
- taming mutts! ive given a couple of my d3 originated tributes this skill! It’s fucking neat!
- “So what if he's too fucking cocky for his own good. He sure as fuck deserves him, just look at the fellow with his six kills about to be eight.” jesus christ you’re cool as shit
- “(He just hopes that he's good enough, that's all. He hopes that his parents are proud of him and aren't complaining that he could've, should've killed nine or ten. But then again, nothing will ever be enough for them so Latimer doesn't know why he even bothers. He's just, too fucking goofy for his own good, or so they say.)” ILL FUCKING KILL HIS PARENTS HES LITERALLY PERFECT THE WAY HE IS. THEY’RE TRIPPING.
tl;dr cough So you were right and i fucking love him. I kin latimer highkey. God hes so cool

- “But all Calypso feels is anger, she's so fucking angry at the world she's been put into and she finds herself pushing and pulling for some way out of all the nonsense.” baby ;;
- “She never expected to fall in love with Genevive Belassario of District Two” BIIIITCH NOOOO
- “And once the Ten boy's cannon fires, she still can't find a reason.” what the FUCK IM EMO

FAVORITE MENTOR? I HAVE NO IDEA. actually let me put them in a neat little ranking methinks
8. vanity
7. sailor
6. chivalry
5. dynasty
4. megara
3. calypso
2. athlon
1. latimer

Yeah i didn’t actively dislike any of them at all! They’re all really cool in their own way but my preferences sway heavily on district three it seems LMAOOO. God they’re so neat! They all have their own moral dilemmas and demons completely unique to them Ah Ha Ha pain. T_T they get more POVS eventually right? Tell me they get more povs

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