Reviews for Game of Monsters
DrTravia chapter 114 . 8h
Yasaka and Sera going to be one-upping each other in the relationship which is going to push the intimacy forward pretty quickly.
Jonakiller chapter 102 . 12h
Is there a chance the kingdom fabled stories might turn into big stories later on?
Also, loved the chapter, it was honestly the most realistic romance i have ever read, even when considering non-fictional books.
Guest chapter 114 . 20h
Genial capitulo, me gusta la forma en la que has llevado el romance en esta historia, deberías tener más fe en ti mismo, me gustó mucho.
Sigue así3
Chainthatbinds chapter 114 . 23h
it cam across as well as I think it could have. but to be honest. even with the build up it sort of feels like it would have been better to push it back just a little. but it is good
Chainthatbinds chapter 112 . 12/7
great to hear you're not burning you self
Chainthatbinds chapter 112 . 12/7
great to hear you're not burning you self
Guest chapter 114 . 12/7
That was good you did a good job. It doesn't need to be sooper heated so long as you comtinyew to have them sho oneanother they love eachother.
9Trials chapter 114 . 12/7
Amazing long read. Hope to see more.
AronMan1202 chapter 113 . 12/7
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST FINALLY! I literally jumped up, walloped, and threw my phone (thankfully not too hard). Finally we get to the actual DxD part of DxD. And it only took 112 chapters of story, and over 60 something chapters of the author actually realising that romance exists in a series that's basically smut with plot lmao. I next wish for a 50 chapter arc based solely upon romance.
Itsbeentaken chapter 114 . 12/6
You did a great job on this! Also, smut when? 0w0
Chainthatbinds chapter 111 . 12/6
thank you for the chapters your fics are as good as always
HeWhoShouldn'tBeNamed chapter 114 . 12/6
Great chapter. very romantic
Silverfox72 chapter 114 . 12/6
Depend on address and how much im paid alongside several confirmation forms.
evilstatistic19 chapter 114 . 12/6
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
docfrodo2 chapter 114 . 12/6
you did great! don't worry about it. just keep serafall and yasaka as leading the romance and you should be set
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