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Otodus ssr chapter 24 . 4/29
A excellent fic but Harry is Harry is recovering to fast. His “hatred” of Veela is a horribly weak prejudice he should have something to back it up. Also please leave Harry cold
Otodus ssr chapter 1 . 4/29
Read the fic is awesome you are very talented please update frequently. Love it!
silver.blast96 chapter 12 . 4/22
Wow… I read further. Just find something else. It’s a real shitfic
Guest chapter 21 . 4/21
This chapter was infuriating. Greengrass and the whole Fleur situation is an insult to every person with even a little bit of self worth. Go seek therapy and stop infuriating people with your stupid and braindead bullshit just because you obviously have mental problems
Guest chapter 18 . 4/21
You have disgraced the spirit of your own story with this chapter. Simply dissapoiniting that you think that the headmaster or harry would tolerate how Fleur handles this, it goes both against the headmasters character portrayed in the previous chapters and Harrys tolerance of perceived injustices against himself. Simply stupid
silver.blast96 chapter 1 . 4/20
Wow… what complete and total garbage
Guest chapter 22 . 4/5
Wow what a hypocritical piece of shit Dumbledore, he spends chapter upon chapter condening harry for being "too violent" and then when he suddenly isn't now it's his Vault people died because he wasn't... geez you are really good a writing piece of shit characters that deserve to die in a fire
Guest chapter 21 . 4/5
She wants to know how to change it, easy, stop being a manipulative cunt, but we all know she can't cause she is a stuck up bitch
Guest chapter 19 . 4/5
Oh, so she won't apologize for being a blackmailing cunt, how unsurprising, she needs to die in a fire
Guest chapter 18 . 4/5
Oh look, another piece of shit love interest and a piece of shit manipulative Dumbledore, how original
kailashmaharana2500 chapter 23 . 3/31
Ok I just read all of your stories and I must say that you have some serious superiority complex for someone who is a mediocre writter. You made fun of all those people who have written some popular ffs and tropes in your ff Hadrian the legend because in your pesudo intellectual opinion it is wrong.

But in the bridge over troubled water fluer cheating on Harry and Harry going mad is apparently realistic , apparently in your pesudo intellectual opinion fluer cheating on Harry with bill is realistic, then let me be the first to tell you by that logic Harry going mad is unrealistic, if it was the case then half of the population of the whole world would go mad or insane, if cheating is as realistic as you make it out to be then you also should know that couple break up when their partners cheat on them and they don't just go fucking insane. If anything Harry fucking Potter who has potter and black fortune and the most famous wizard of his generation would destroy fluer and bill for their treachery and this is what realistic is! Because in real life if your partner is the most famous, powerful and you break his heart and cause him immense pain by cheating on him with someone else and get caught on their fucking wedding anniversary then that person would stop nothing at destroying them be it financially or their reputation and 2nd thing Harry fucking Potter is not some squib or pupper he can get any veela or girl if he wants by throwing his money for any night as it is evident in the world cup with those veela cheerleader so He can sleep around easily given his celebrity status this is what realistic is ! This is what most people do who are rich and famous and get cheated on by their partners but let's write shit in the name of reality where only one character is allowed to act like in realistic manner (which fluer is as according to you cheating is normal and realistic) but the 2nd character that is Harry is not allowed to act like in a realistic manner (as he can't just break up with fluer or destroy them or sleep around which is what happens in real life) so let's give him tragic fictional end and call the characters as realistic when people questions the ridiculousness of the ff. If you want to write realistically then make sure to write all the characters of the ff like that not just one character otherwise stick to just fiction with all your characters. So either stick to just fiction when it comes to characters or if you want to write all your characters in relaistic manner then make sure you apply that logic to all of your characters not just one character as per your convenience.

Now when it comes to this ff the shadow of death then let me tell you it doesn't matter how powerful you are a slave is always a slave ! Doesn't matter if he is slave to dumbledor or voldmert he is still a slave that is biggest mistake of this story which didn't allow Harry's character to grow when he if forced to do anything where he is not allowed to act freely then even if his character development happens which still has not happened it will count out as forced not natural, 2nd thing is the betorthral contract which is again ridiculous for a character like Harry (who is trained assassin and slave so let's bound or make him slave to a married contract as well) it again didn't allow his character or his relationship with fluer to grow naturally , 3rd point by making Harry dumbledor's slave you made Harry act like dumbledor where he has to act for the greater good instead of trying to save the students who got killed because dumbledor said to him not to reveal his full power which is kind of annoying as no one wants to see a character who is the protagonist of the story to follow dumbledor's path of greater good , it would have been better if Harry didn't interfere in the attack in the first place by that logic instead of going there and doing nothing to save others which makes no sense why even go there if you don't plan to save anyone but we see Harry who is powerful assassin suffered from nightmare after that incident where he must have killed many in his line of work from his childhood which doesn't make any sense as far as his character is concerned so his forced characters change is coming out as forced because if anyone who should be suffering from nightmare it should be dumbledor who is not a trained killer like Harry and someone who refuses to kill others by preaching about 2nd chance yet in his presence as headmaster so many students got killed neither he was able to save them nor he gave any permission to Harry to save them even at the cost of exposing his true power all for his greater good. So it should be Harry's master dumbledor who should be suffering from nightmare considering his character but what we read is different it is the trained killer and salve of dumbledor Harry Potter suffering from nightmare while in reality it is the decision of dumbledor for Harry not to reveal his true power so this is another mistake of this ff, now let's comes to another mistake where Luna is all knowing seer who knows everything and everyone's secret which is so annoying to read and Harry training the weaslys on how to duel as we have read in countless ffs which are part of the same popular tropes that you made fun of in your other ffs Hadrian the legend. Ironic isn't it you made fun of some popular tropes but you yourself is applying them in this ff. Last but not the least this ff is plain boring and uninteresting. The characters are uninteresting and any developments of Harry's character is coming out forced. Moral of the story is never make fun of other writters or their ffs thinking you are some Shakespeare while in reality you are not even half as good as those writters or their ffs who you made fun of in your ff Hadrian the legend. At least those writters knows how to make their ff interesting and entertaining despite applying the popular tropes while your ff is plain , boring and uninteresting despite you yourself applying some popular tropes in your ff.
iiNeo chapter 23 . 3/30
You keep screeching character development when someone has been ingrained things for so many years they don't fall apart immediately like your Harry does. They usually keep a good bit of their previous character not change into a entirely new person. You rave character development when you sacrifice his previous character that was built up for most his life almost immediately. You introduced a smart character who was so powerful he taunted mocked and defeated the strongest wizard of the century with nary a spent breath. Now? He's blubbering everywhere almost dieing and permanently injuring himself many times in situations of his own making by limiting himself. I wonder if common sense also alludes your Harry like his previous character. For god's sake Gellart Grindelwald was striped of everything thrown in prison for years on end and he manages to keep more character than your Harry who is at the height of his power, was trained for years on end by damn assassins and recently defeated the alleged most powerful sorcerer present... God Voldemort who was nothing more than a petty wrath possessing rats, snakes and fucking insects, leeching off wizards like a fucking parasite and becoming disgusting baby homunculus hybrid who couldn't even defend himself is able to keep him self together better than Harry. Either retcon his assassin training to make this make sense or whatever.
HughJasz chapter 23 . 3/30
Yeah I'm done. It was fun for a good while. I liked the idea of an ultra trained but darker Harry who had trouble with his emotions, but this whole thing went way too far in that direction I recon. Despite Harry's more "realistic" slow evolution towards "feeling", I've just gotten tired of watching him actively destroy any semblance of an interesting social setting by being a brick wall.

A large majority of the extended cast is dead and things are bleaker than ever; worse than the original series. I had assumed with Harry's advanced skills and training things would have been better but that is sadly not the case. It's just gone on for too long and its all so incredibly bleak. Thanks for the ride OP. I wish you well with this story but its just not for me anymore.
ThingsCanBeTwoThings chapter 23 . 3/30
I guess this is at least two steps. forqard and one back? Harry at least is admitting things to others.
Kit Willow chapter 22 . 3/30
RE: Reply to benzass95: First of all. Thank you for your feedback. However, there are some things that was stated in your review thatupon whichI do not agree with you. The first of which is the fact that you likened the readers of this story to 'customers'. That is both plain and conceptually wrong. This is free fanfiction. The author gets nothing writing the story. He wrote this for himself. It was his choice to write a story so the readers don't have to pay a dime to access it, nor are they obligated to acknowledge the author in any way or form. Even leaving a review or favorite is purely by choice. They essentially get the story free of charge. So it is a poor choice of word to say that they are 'customers.'

Secondly, you seem to think that we, the beta readers, think we're infallible or that we replied to the review by Lord of Bones due to some sort of wounded pride for being criticized. In contrary to that, the beta team actually know that we are not perfect. I'd be the first to admit that I make mistakes. We welcome criticism openly as long as it is delivered with an open mind and in a polite and well-mannered way. This is evidenced by the fact that we have not replied to any criticism prior to this recent one despite the number of critics the story seem to have garnered. Lord of Bones review was not only unhelpful but also downright insulting and we felt that they (Lord of Bones) needed to be reminded to remain respectful when faced with a story that they did not pay a dime to read. This was not due to any arrogance on our part. It was just one team of exasperated beta readers stressing out the importance of good manners and composure.

Thank you for your comments.

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