Reviews for For Better Or For Worse
jinchaa chapter 48 . 3/28/2015
*tries not to cry*

*cries a lot*
Fun Poison chapter 48 . 7/9/2014
this is so good
CeliaSingsSongs chapter 48 . 9/12/2012
This is awesome!
touchingsparrows chapter 48 . 8/15/2009
HEY! Please do update! I found your fanfic and read through the entire thing without stopping. I really want to find out what happened to them! I loved Sirius and Lupin PLEASE DON'T STOP! It's really good!
HeuyFreeman chapter 48 . 6/24/2008
I don't know if you've already recieved 25 vreviews but I thought that it's too much 'cliffhangerish' to let us wait so long so I went crazy and reviewed a story for a change:P

I thought the beginning of the story was a bit...rusty and not really complete if you get what I mean. The first few chapters could have been more detailled and such...

The rest of the story and in particular these last few chapter's are great and have you thought of ending it like this? Making the next things to come a second fanfiction because now you can't really change it up but if you give it a sequel then you can really make it a bigger story and you can put more of April in it which I don't really see and make her a real HP-character and thus changing her to something not mary sue-ish, not that it's mary sue right know but it comes on you like that with a female Flamel and such...
utahtoken chapter 48 . 8/30/2007
this is a great story i hope you will finish it.
cld2115 chapter 48 . 8/1/2007
Great story. I would like to read more.
mslupin21 chapter 48 . 12/29/2006
Wow. I just started reading this fic and it is so amazing...i hope i'm #25 so you update soon...i have so many questions like what's happening between her and Aaron? And why can' April marry Sirius? What were in those letters she kept getting? April isn't secretly in love with Snape is she?(As much as I think he's a good guy...he's not Sirius or Lupin for that matter). This is AWESOMe, but the cliffhanger is eating me alive. Please update soon!

And by the way it makes me so happy that in this fic Sirius is still alive :)
shotbyanepoch chapter 19 . 2/12/2006
Okay, since I've only reviewed one chapter so far, I've decided to review other chapters as an attempt to get you to update! This is the final review! Please update!
shotbyanepoch chapter 48 . 2/5/2006
Only one more review! Please update soon! I love this story so much!
Lil Lupin chapter 48 . 1/2/2006
You've got...23 or 24, can't you just upload the next chapter because you love us? :D Good work, keep it up!
The Shadowy Phantom chapter 48 . 12/3/2005
Bloody well done! I just hope Sirius gets out of this funk of his!
CoCaInE-CoWgIrL chapter 48 . 8/14/2005
Heey! i luv htis story, plz review soon!
Angelbach chapter 48 . 7/26/2005
Okay, a little late but still reviewing here. What in the name of that's weird is going on?

Loose touch just for a little and everything is falling to pieces. Time to get the dust pan and brush and pull them back because this is just going to destroy Harry , not just Sirius.
Mariela chapter 48 . 7/11/2005
i just found your story and i love it! please finish it up, i can't wait to find out what happens. you write very well and i'm addicted to the story. update soon!
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