Reviews for Magic To Do
Zara08 chapter 1 . 2/6
Oh this was awesome! Great story and I really like this new Wes and Thad. Hope you write more. Loving it
RainaWrites chapter 1 . 2/6
I love this so much! You know I'm a sucker for stories with littles, for anything Troi-Riker, and for your writing. The most perfect birthday present! :-D

Hahahaha Thad's outrage is so authentic for a 5 year old. The NERVE of Xanny! And the "ALMOST no questions" line was a bit too real for me lol. I love Wethley's patience so much, and the way he treats this hyper, nosy, but loveable little kid like he's a real adult. The imagery of the water, and the part with the shadows and the story-telling was rich and vivid and illustrates what I love about your writing so much. And the parallels between the gel packs/old life falling away and new life emerging being set against the birth of Kestra was so beautiful. Only you can make me this emotional over DAMN GEL PACKS.

Some of my especially favorite parts:

The mention of Riker wanting to rip the computers out had me rolling

The questions in different languages (so many questions haha)

"Tiny, outstretched hands"

Both of them peeking around the corner. I can picture it so perfectly. And the pips glinting in the light, hinting at Riker's identity

Thad's matching tool kit, I'm bawling

"Like water"

The way he indirectly calls Wesley his big brother

The way Thad lights up when he hears that Xanny is looking for him at the end. Hahaha I just love that she is still a part of this story, even though we don't see her

They want Wesley to come by later! He really is part of the family, and has a place to belong. Just like Thad.

Dad carrying Thad off at the end. I don't know why, that part just hit me in the feels. We love Captain Dad.

Okay I better stop before I basically list the whole damn thing hahaha. What a marvelous, beautiful, emotional little glimpse into the lives of these characters we love. I need more glimpses like this, don't you dare make me wait this long again! But also, thank-you for the perfect birthday present (but also also, I NEED MORE!)