Reviews for Fate-In Time: Chaldea Alternative Records
Aliata chapter 25 . 4/30
its sad but it makes sense this artoria has been wallowing in hatred and self loathing for seemingly around 5 years you don't hate someone who took everything from you out of spite and forgive them when they give a few words its understandable that lancer alter wouldn't spare Morgan.

at the same time I cant help but feel a bit bad for Morgan she finally got everything she wanted and it was destroyed because of her own hateful actions.

all of this is a result of Morgan's actions the only ones who really suffer from her death are shirou Mordred and lancer alter herself even she felt hollow from killing Morgan so I'm interested to see where this goes.

there are so many different ways this timeline could go so I'm interested to see what comes next especially with shirou assuming the role of king. i hope the next update for this story comes out quickly since this is getting really good.
rexlapis863 chapter 25 . 4/30
Truly the realm of the forsaken. Imagine what the repercussions of her actions will be on our boi.
ZonZus chapter 25 . 4/30
Morgan brought it upon herself, tragic as it is Morgan let her ambition push and turn her sister into a monster. I honestly can’t feel sorry for her, yet I can’t help being disappointed in Lalter. She had the cheat sheet and she still failed the test. Even Salter showed her path wasn’t completely hopeless.
Jebest4781 chapter 25 . 4/30
Fun to see how this went.
AlernateReality chapter 25 . 4/30
Wow... actually surprised she died in your fic. Hope it stays so!
ThisIsStorm101 chapter 25 . 4/30
Nah fuck Morgan
Shiki no Yamada chapter 25 . 4/30
Well, while it's a tragedy I won't ever feel sorry for Morgan in this fan-fic. It's her fault why this all happened to begin with.

She might have a redemption, but it doesn't change the past, her guilt means nothing for the sins she did.

I feel more sorry for Lancer Alter and Shirou.
Pathreader chapter 25 . 4/30
And so it begins…

I wonder if Lalter is satisfied now and will watch the events from the sidelines, or will she still held her ends of the bargain with the Saxon. How will this Mordred grow up, being a human child with loving parents, one of which die of unknown circumstances.

I suspect there is going to be a change in how Camelot fight against Saxon from now on, if on smaller degree compared to the main timeline due to Shirou’s memory loss. Longbow companies, three lines formation, assasinations, signal towers network etc.
Requiem D chapter 25 . 4/30
This timeline is ending in tragedy isn't it?
Axelm94 chapter 25 . 4/30
Very good
Nai Darkor chapter 25 . 4/30
ReviewerDWJ chapter 25 . 4/30
This is such a dark timeline.
Guest chapter 25 . 4/30
To vadrulesall.
If it's bullshit, don't read this fanfic.
vadrulesall chapter 25 . 4/30
this is bull shit
Ezylryb chapter 25 . 4/30
Great chapter
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