Reviews for A Rented Family - A Runaway Family series
tmrlane chapter 30 . 7/20
love it so far. please do a modern story.
ceciliahellis chapter 47 . 7/7
That was an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it! The 30 years epilogue made me so nostalgic… can’t wait for your next story!
Guest chapter 47 . 7/6
Wow! Trini! Wow! and Wow! You SHOT THAT!
I am beyond amazing about this story, I don't have a word to describe how much I loved this it , definitely your best, well completed, nothing was left out, everything is in its place, I love how it's stared and how finished 30 years after, I am happy but bittersweet, cause the story its done, thank you thank you so much .I am looking forward for your new.
PS. Please never hesitate to continue writing because you are amazing
SparklingDust4612 chapter 47 . 7/5
amazing, heart-touching with just the right amount of smut to top it off. This has been a wonderful journey and i am so happy to see the completion of rented family series before i had grey hair XD I mean seriously, how can you keep coming up with such cool plot twists for one damn story that i just become desperate for ending? lol

looking forward to reading more from you and thank you so much for sharing this piece of written bliss with us :D

Stay safe and creative!
vane84 chapter 47 . 7/4
thank you so much for these beautiful stories ! I know I didn't let you a review for each chapter and I'm sorry about that but I read every of them, promise ! As I told you once, I'm french and I don't use google translate or something like that, I hope my reviews are understadable !
See You soon, I'll be there for you're next fanfic !
Be safe !
expat24 chapter 47 . 7/4
Gosh, what a full interesting life they have all lead so far ... kids have flown the nest and all are doing well although its been tougher on Zeke and Uriah... Somehow am not surprised that their own kids got together as adults! Happy ending, thank you so much for this stort, i really enjoyed it.
goldensnitch1 chapter 47 . 7/4
What a great ending!
enj412 chapter 47 . 7/4
Thanks for a great ending to a wonderful series. I greatly enjoyed it.
Guest chapter 30 . 7/3
Amazing story , one of my favorites of yours , answer your question about a new story, I would love to be the next a modern one, just please never place Christina and Tobias together again that it's disgusting. I am so happy you will continue writing , good girl ! you must have to share your increase talent with all your fans. Can't wait to see what else you has under your sleeve.
vane84 chapter 46 . 6/29
I'm so happy to see them all together again ! They deserve it so much ! Tobias is so attentive about Tris and their children, so cute as always ! I guess the last chapter will be with Tris POV. So I'm happy to see your ending but I'm sad because it's almost finish ! Thank you for this fanfic !
expat24 chapter 46 . 6/29
What a feel good epilogue, all back home and to a degree of normality after their horrendous family ordeal that seems to have gone on and on at the time with no end on sight ! Tris is slowly recovering and new baby Eaton is doing well. Thanks to all their friends efforts of survival worked out in their favour, no wonder they are considered as family. Life will go on smoothly i hope now for the Eaton & Co. Good story and rhanks again for such wonderful writing.
ceciliahellis chapter 45 . 6/24
So happy for their little family. Beautiful story well done! Can’t wait for the epilogue.
enj412 chapter 45 . 6/22
I am so relieved Tris and the baby are okay. I loved how you incorporated lines from the books. Thanks for sharing this story with us. I look forward to the epilogues.
expat24 chapter 45 . 6/22
Both scumbags are now finally in '' body bags '' so it's all a matter of time until everybody's way of life gets back to some normalcy since the threats are removed. What a terrible ordeal they've all been through but Tris, baby boy, kids, Zeke & Co re on the mend and hopefully home soon.
I hope this dark chapter of their life will fade leaving happy memories to build on for years to come with their dearest friends.
Caleb's traitorous behaviour in the equation is not totally insignificant or without consequences but perhaps like Evelyn those two are best left behind and avoided.
That nurse's behaviour looking after Tris was way out of line... lol
Great story, well done and look forward to the epilogues. Thanks.
goldensnitch1 chapter 45 . 6/22
I’m so glad everyone is ok! What a great ending!
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