Reviews for Hope and Healing
I'm a miniman chapter 47 . 7/26
A fucking wonderfully made story. I loved every bit of it from the assumed knowledge to letting the imagination just work with what we’re given. Normally I like to see a pretty trained Harry kick ol Voldies ass into the dirt, but alas this version of it was… endearing. You ensured the entire story that no one forgot what he was, a poor abused child that needed hope and healing (had to do it). I’ve listened to the audio a couple times and it just fits man, from start to finish you just can feel the ending of the story. God knows I’ve stayed up way too late rereading this, but it was worth it and I’m sad and happy to see it conclude. Awesome work to everyone who helped develop this thing at the very least you’ve made a wonderful story from start to finish.
Geovanni Luciano chapter 10 . 7/26
Can it really be a mistrial if they missed trying someone and chucked them straight into Azkaban?
ThingsCanBeTwoThings chapter 47 . 7/17
I finally finished your story, weeks later than I intended. Thank you for writing it. It is beautiful.
Andrew4815 chapter 23 . 7/15
Well let's see how long it finally takes them to realise its a date. I assume Fluer wilp figure it out first, and it seems Hermione and Sirius at least already have lol
sean.morse1 chapter 47 . 7/8
Just inhaled this story. I loved it. Thank you for all your hard work.
CrazyMr chapter 8 . 7/7
I hope you didnt have Fluer raped in the past just to make her background sad to better relate to Harry.
odonnellzoo99 chapter 47 . 7/5
It was obvious from when Fleur first started talking about her avain form that she was going to have to ultimately accept it as part of herself, but the importance to the Endgame was well done.
Thank you putting in the effort to rework the story to have it come out to your satisfaction. Well done to everyone involved.
Nevarus chapter 5 . 7/1
so... a complaint, but it's not just about the first task in this fanfic... how the fk is the firebolt so slow in the first task specifically. it should be able to run circles around a dragon. all the brooms in the movies seem to be specifically slowed down, because the scenes wouldn't look good otherwise.

the only exception is close to how fast the firebolt really is. I'm talking about that scene at the end of PoA where Harry first uses his new broom. within a couple seconds, he becomes a dot in view (how does a dragon keep up with that, turning or otherwise).
Kitsunegari 64 chapter 47 . 6/24
I give massive amounts of praise and love for such an amazingly written story. Truly one of the best I have ever read on this site, it will forever be part of my favorites! Thank you for writing such a beautiful, story that kept so many enraptured with its words and imagery.
Andrew4815 chapter 5 . 6/24
Hmmm. I'm not sure I really like this take on the first task. Your characterization of him as a traumatized abuse victim is perfectly fair, but I don't think he'd be so much more prone to failure, especially since his flying skills are still established, and adrenaline got him through other scrapes like with the basilisk.
Slytherin7Piece chapter 4 . 6/16
I've read through to halfway into the fourth chapter and I don't think this story is for me.
To put it bluntly Harry is more of a weiny than he was in the books. He triggers on everything and has even less backbone then Canon. I like the plot and Harry/Fleur Is one my favorite pairings, but that pairing needs a strong male character otherwise it feels unbalanced.
Hermione comes off more annoying then normal, and of all the things you've changed you had Dumbledore as the one to cast the Patronus. That is disturbing on many levels firstly this makes Harry even more dependent of Dumbledore (like the man isn't controlling his life, and also responsible for the blatant abuse you keep bringing up) secondly it potrays Harry's weakness that he can't cast the one spell that actually made Harry special for in canon. and finally the whole arch of the "Great Escape" in book three was a bonding experience for Harry and Sirius as well as saving Buck beak and Harry finally realising his potential.
I'm not trying to flame your story I'm not a fan of the characters but the plot is solid.
Radmar chapter 47 . 6/15
This idea that all horcruxes can be destroyed all at once is great and all, but it undermines the point of having multiple horcruxes in the first place. It sounds like only rational way to use them would be to just make one and hide it as well as possible.

But I understand that the way Fleur did it is rather obscure, and Voldemort probably wouldn't be aware of such magic, since he hated Veela.

Characters were quite solid. I didn't enjoy Harry and Fleur much, since they are both insecure and in Harry's case mentally not quite there (a reoccuring theme which I dislike immensely), but somehow, I did enjoy the romance, which is pretty strange.

Veela powers are pretty interesting too, though I think I would like to read a story sometime in which Fleur actually enjoys the attention.

I didn't pay much attention to grammar this time, but I don't remember noticing anything out of the ordinary.

Magic was just about as wacky and irrational as it was in canon, and author even managed to preserve some of the wonder of magic, so huge kudos for that.

If I were to assign a numerical value of some sort to this story as rating, I would put it somewhere between 80-90%, depending on my mood. 85, then? Yeah, seems about right.

The song. I didn't even listen to it, but it reminded me of certain other song, and... I just read its lyrics... Yeah, I am crying. It has nothing to do with this story, but even then...

I wanted to say more, but I need to crawl into a hole somewhere and deal with all those emotions.
Ajjaxx chapter 44 . 6/12
Ajjaxx chapter 46 . 6/12
Frickle is red,

Patronus is blue,
Taliesin19 chapter 46 . 6/12
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