Reviews for Into The Abyss
Something Random 52 chapter 77 . 2/3
My respect for Gaara just absolutely skyrocketed
meatloverspizza chapter 79 . 2/3
Great story
BOBbyboy177336 chapter 19 . 2/2
I'm probably a little late but I really hope your husband is doing well
muzjun no kishi chapter 79 . 2/1
gorgeous, thank you for not letting this fic die, and while im not sure if its just my endless greed or just that i feal like this was a weak ending, the fact of the matter is, that you got it done and the whole time your quality didnt waver nor did the general tone.

you did well, thank you.
Something Random 52 chapter 51 . 1/30
I really don’t know why people dislike this chapter. Sure, it was sad. But it was an incredibly good part of the story in my opinion.
johnduffy7878 chapter 16 . 1/30
This is getting progressively worse
Bobbobbiton chapter 46 . 1/28
Awesome chapter! Thanks for writing.
Xoticzzlol chapter 79 . 1/27
Amazing. Sad it’s finished though
Darling in the Fox chapter 78 . 1/26
Oml I love it I love it. That was great. Wonderful writing and flow throughout the chapter. Thank you for another gem. I’ll read the epilogue on last break :)
Darling in the Fox chapter 77 . 1/26
I was not expecting that from Gaara. Damn, that was a very interesting chapter. I love how much this story resonates with me. Onto the next. Great work.
Square chapter 10 . 1/26
so far im enjoying the story you can tell the author is a skilled writer so far there is nothing to complain or critique its overall good
Darling in the Fox chapter 76 . 1/26
I love you, you psychotic bitch! That’s all I need to say, wonderful fuckin chapter. The next gets read on lunch time :)
Darling in the Fox chapter 75 . 1/26
Oml that was tense. I loved it. Hell of a fight I’m impressed immensely by your writing. I can’t even begin to explain how much I am enjoying this. I’ll be reading the next chapter on break.
Darling in the Fox chapter 74 . 1/26
The fights are great. Haku’s brutality was entirely fitting tbh. Naruto and Satsuki makes me so sad, but it’s so good. The tension is real for sure. I have never been nervous for the outcome of a story but this one I am. Let’s see what happens next.
Darling in the Fox chapter 73 . 1/26
Damn, another great chapter. That fight was wonderful. Amazing honestly. Gaara is a power house. The end made me sad and I’m not sure what to think of what Satsuki said. Onto the next I suppose. I’m so nervous to reach the end
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