Reviews for Withered Hope: The 24th Annual Hunger Games
DarkChocolateLord chapter 5 . 4/10/2021
Honestly, I'm almost glad that neither of my tributes got accepted, as I might use them as OCs in another story.
This cast looks great, and the volunteers from Five and Nine are definitely drawing my eye. The absolute devastation in Twelve was crazy, and it's interesting to see the long-lasting impacts of the blight as well.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/10/2021
My tributes got rejected.

Does that mean I will stop reading?


You are quite good at writing these stories, and even if my tributes are not there, I will still read this story here. Keep up the great work! This will be good!

-Human Wikipedia
lexi486 chapter 5 . 4/10/2021
you really captured well the feelings of hopelessness and trauma that lord is feeling! i feel so bad for him. it overall had a tone of misery and him mentioning miriam over and over again is sad :(
and the cast list! ooooo i really can't wait. the blog is so pretty!
again, thank you so much for accepting my tribute!
Sparky She-Demon chapter 5 . 4/10/2021
Yay! Two of mine made it in! Looking forward to seeing their district partners!
Nemris chapter 5 . 4/10/2021
I still have the last of BMO to review, because I want to make sure I get all of my ramblings and final words of the story into that review, which means it might take some time. But I just have to get to the most-awaited chapter of the year.
Really nice descriptions of the D12 blight from Lord. Peacekeepers allowing people to go gather food from the forest is really fitting. Lord himself definitely has something wrong with his head (could be just alcohol and hunger hallucinations), maybe we will see if he stills see anybody during the 24th game. Would be fitting if everyone else disappeared, but Miriam shows up very rarely.
And now, to the main event. I was way tenser than I expected when I ever so slowly started to move down the list. As soon as I saw my first tribute, I was so relieved. I would have been just fine with one, but you have decided to grace me with two tributes this time. Thank you, it means so much to me. Thank you, Tracelynn. And thank you for accepting Nell's girl as well. We offer these tributes for you to weave into your great designs. Can't wait, I have no doubt it will be great.
Very nice looking cast. I have read only the list in this chapter, but I will get to the blog soon and will probably do a blog review next chapter. I appreciate good names, and I really like what I see on this list. I also see the average age is pretty high, which is not bad in itself, I myself quite like older tributes. I wonder if we have any hunger volunteers, would explain some of that age spectrum. Would be a shame to have no outer volunteers in a year where it would make more sense than ever.
Let's get this story started and keep up the exceptional work.
averyrandomauthor chapter 4 . 4/8/2021
Ooh, I really loved the formatting here, it's unique and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it in this database format! And I enjoyed meting Olokun too. I'm excited for more!
Leafpool8788 chapter 4 . 4/8/2021
Ooh cool formatting! Quick question, will thw formatting for every chapter be different?
Firedawn'd chapter 4 . 4/6/2021
Hi Trace! Here with a bit of a review dump, I hope you enjoy!

I loved seeing the buildup of the Blight in Seeder's POV: it was just such a nice introduction to it all, particularly as a retrospective glance. That bit about feeling true pain in the blight, beyond the Games, really does say a lot. And then seeing the Capitol's POV from Claudius really was so brilliant; especially since the tensity of it only builds. And Takami's POV was just... painful, especially with the emptiness. And then Nine and genetic contamination... of course. And the origins of the name Blight? I adore it.

I very much enjoyed the intrigue in Chapter 2… especially from the way in which the narrative was framed. Have I ever read a Snow biography of his father before? Nope, and it’s so ridiculously well done here: again, a lovely insight into the Blight. Who knew Coryo was a good writer? And then him interweaving it back to his own presidency… fuck you, this is so brilliant and for what? I loved it.

Chapter 3’s phone conversation was really well-done! Especially with the insight into the discontent into the upper echelons, addressing the question of running a Games when this shit is happening. It’s such a stir for rebellion - Grisham is very right on that front. I can’t wait to see how this’ll affect the Games.

Panem has such an advanced database search system and for what? I very much enjoyed meeting Olokun in such an unconventional way. Everybody knows how hard I stan District Four, so is it a surprise that I loved this as much as I did? That interview formatting was so good, and the article was even more too. I feel like there’s bound to be tension in the Career pack, particularly between the Ones & Twos with the Fours, and I can’t wait for it to explode if it does.

Thank you so much for writing! Your formats are always so fun to get into. I’m hoping to get Az in soon, I hope you’ll enjoy her. (:

Dawn xx
AcheronThirteen chapter 4 . 4/5/2021
This was another unique format! I like how accessible information has been made after a supposedly successful Second Rebellion in this verse. The mentions of the sponsors such as Seeder's and Beetee's foundations were nice, and it's cool to get a glimpse of the legacy they left behind.
Onto Olokun. Unique name, I have to wonder the meaning behind it. Poor District 4 seems to get stuck with these types of Victors a lot from what I've seen... reminds me of a Victor from TVP or some similar story that I saw forever and a half ago. Interesting to see Olokun's strategy, something different from a typical Career Victor. It doesn't surprise me that some of the families of his former allies weren't happy with his tactics. Judging by his reaction to the topic, I'm going to agree with another reviewer and say that I think the "robbery" was more than a robbery.
Poor Olokun, I hope things start looking up for him soon. I wonder if he'll be the one Mentoring your 4 Female...
Great chapter, and I can't wait for the cast reveal!
Platrium chapter 4 . 4/4/2021
Review Sprintathon! Lemme do both chapters I stockpiled after procrastinating submitting B and Z. XD

The trialogue was really interesting! It turns out that their conversation is being spied on. :o Brocklinde might be dead in a later chapter for all we know, but so far, it’s just wavering patriotism that may lead to suspicious activities. They’re gonna try boycotting the parade? I wonder how. Parade subplot is fun though – speaking from personal experience here. XD

I like the format for this! We almost never see it because stories with this format get reviews that are… uhhh… targeted by some people who think are the most supreme that rules need to be followed all the time even if they don’t make sense. I don’t get the site creator’s problem with this format, unless that person has a vendetta on it for some reason? XD New theory: FFN creator bans play format in FFN stories because they failed a book report that had a play format. Ehem. Anyway, no I’m not against the format, and I’d usually say that I’m simply concerned that others might come after you, but given that this chapter is now sandwiched between a more recent one and the other earlier prologues, I think it’ll be safe hiding here. XD

Idowu! We finally get to meet him. I wonder if we’ll meet Lord in one of the prologues, but I’ll hope. XD So this format is also interesting! It’s a mix of a couple of formats, so those spiders won’t come here for sure, haha! I like how the interviewer used “snapped like a clamshell” as an expression of Idowu’s snappy nature. :o I’ve been so impressed with your writing since BMO, and this one doesn’t disappoint at all. It adds to your record as an amazing writer!

The names. Oh the names! XD Quarrier and Parfum are such good names! The closest I’ve gotten to was Quarla, which is a bit of a spin to Charla but lowkey Quartz too. Parfum is a name you’d expect from a D1 character, and for some reason idk why, I’ve never seen Parfum as a D1 name. It’s such a good name though! :o Now I wonder… Even I haven’t thought of that name before. Although, the best name of them all: CHISMOSA. I could not take the name seriously throughout the chapter. She’s literally a female gossiper. Quite too literal, but very very clever! XD I understood it the moment I saw the name, and I’m still not over it! It’s crazy but clever for a name of a gossipy interviewer! XD

So we get to know more about Idowu with these interviews and news articles. We know he’s blunt, from the way he speaks to both interviewers. I think he’d be like an antagonistic victor if we read him in a SYOT. He did it objectively well though. He orchestrated the alliance’s implosion, and that gave him the win. It was dirty, especially on the ends of the dead ex-allies’ families, but it’s not against the rules. Even he knew himself that he was playing dirty. Something about the thief is interesting though. It’s off topic and under the belt to him. It must have been so sensitive to talk about. :o Then again, it is connected to his mental health spiraling down.

rnp. XD Excited for more from this story! OwO

P.S. Lemme beta a chapter too one day. XD
DarkChocolateLord chapter 4 . 4/2/2021
I love this! Olokun's strategy sounds really interesting, and the format is the coolest of any Hunger Games prologue I've seen so far. I like how we can see how Olokun is feeling despite the part he has to play for the cameras (and his family sounds adorable).
I'm wondering if Olokun will be mentoring your District Four girl, and how that'll play into the plot.
lexi486 chapter 4 . 4/2/2021
hi how can i press expand to read more because i really need to.

i love this format and honestly i think the best part is that little blurb at the beginning where you set it all up because it sounds so nice and realistic and familiar and of course Panem would have a library database thing. Also, onto the actual content, I love how you've introduced the past Victor! You've really demonstrated how quickly the opinion of the Capitol fluctuates, and how brutally harsh and naive Capitolites can be. I feel bad for Olokun, because using underhanded techniques to win the Games shouldn't be treated any differently from anyone else because how else would you win? you're murdering people either way and the idea that there's an "honorable" way to win is so stupid but also really realistic like i could definitely see that happening in Career Districts.
"work hard and gossip harder!" that's such a silly Capitol thing to say and I love it. Also these names! Chismosa Sweetlace? Apollonia Honeysuckle? amazing.
i wonder how Olokun is going to affect these Games, especially with the attempts on his life and all. The subplot just keeps on getting better and better and i can't wait for the cast drop!
Nemris chapter 4 . 3/31/2021
So here is the Victor who won between this story and the last one. He will most likely be relevant for the subplot. Seems like had pretty interesting but rough games. The chapter did a pretty good job at summarizing the 23rd games.
Keep up the good work.
MoonlightSalsa chapter 4 . 3/31/2021
This is my favourite format so far, in fact I'm using a similar one for one of my own stories! I feel bad for Olokun, obviously that wasn't a home invasion. I hope he can get better eventually. Also I love the idea of there being a digitised library available to everyone in Panem.

Can't wait for the next chapter (and the cast reveal)!
Sparky She-Demon chapter 4 . 3/31/2021
Obviously, the Capitol wants to keep quiet on Victor PTSD, or at least the Career victors.

I loved this format. I hope to see it again!
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