Reviews for Withered Hope: The 24th Annual Hunger Games
Revenant12 chapter 4 . 3/31/2021
This is world building done right. The format is engaging each chapter more intriguing then the last. Olokun has had his bad rut of luck. You've shown how horrible resentment for Victor's can run deep. It's usually pushed to the side and often never talked about. But this was a great insight into his character and who was as an tribute and as a Victor. Keep up the work and can't wait for the reveal.
Reign of Winter chapter 4 . 3/31/2021
These different formats are so unique and very refreshing to read, I think it’s a great way of leading up to the main story. It really makes it feel like there’s a lot of established history and lore to get stuck into. I think you did a great job with this format, it was easy to navigate and understand, and everything seemed so well thought out! Olokun seems really interesting, and so does his Hunger Games. I always like the dark horse, strike from the shadows type of tribute, so I was immediately interested in him as the chapter progressed. I also loved how naturally you were able to capture the Capitol characters blatant self-absorption, it truly gives the insinuation that they treat these tributes like characters and forget that they are people - it sort of reflects the media coverage of celebrities irl. Olokun’s spiral into paranoia and his negative media coverage was also well depicted, it felt very real seeing the months go by and his condition worsening. It was nice to see in the final interview he seemed a little more at peace, perhaps that bloodlust he once had has now diminished.

Fantastic job, it’ll be really interesting to see more of Olokun later on in the story. I really hope my tribute is accepted, but there are so many submissions that I really can’t be confident on that. Regardless, I know you’ll do an incredible job, and I’m excited to see what you come up with!
darthnell chapter 4 . 3/31/2021
Bye I love Olokun with my whole heart.. this poor lad has been through so much ;-; (Also his Games sound super intriguing.. like legit, if you wrote 300k words about him, I would Read It). I'm super excited to see more of him as this story goes on ! (Ooh, I wonder how much he's got to do with your D4F /eyes/...)

Literally everything about this story is so exciting so far I'm ;-; I love your verse so much my dude ;-; (Also this format is super hecking neat !)
AcheronThirteen chapter 3 . 3/28/2021
This was a format I haven't seen often in fics, even less in SYOTs. I don't think I've seen it in an SYOT before but I liked it! I think "report" type chapters like this or Private Session reports, etc. are a lot of fun. It was great for world-building and it was interesting to get some more insight on some of the subplot characters.
Malona seems like quite a powerful woman with a lot of influence, given her history and closeness to the President. I'm not surprised that a lot of people in the Capitol (and obviously the districts) agree with her on postponing the Games. Calling the districts "savages" is quite a strong opinion, but it really shows what the Capitol officials think of them. She didn't mention the Career Districts being any more than "savages" either, which kind of puts the joke on them with all their loyalty and all.
Vecily is someone I think we're meeting for the first time here. Her thing about being a Gamemaker but wanting to postpone the Games echos some of what's going on today with Covid and all that. Vecily seems like a reasonable and intelligent woman... it wouldn't surprise me if she eventually usurps the Head Gamemaker and takes his place. Trying for a "cheaper" Games is interesting. Hopefully the tributes will still have enough spent on supplies to give them a fighting chance.
Marionette seems a little immature but I love how you did her character. I can picture her even more than the other two, whining about her uncle after coming from such privilege growing up. Her Chariot Ride protest idea is interesting but I wouldn't bet on it working; I feel like a lot of Capitolites will want the fun and normalcy of the event. Interesting to see how Marionette was a little too outspoken in this conversation. She might be in trouble if she keeps up with this "wavering patriotism".
All in all, another great chapter. The format was different, but I thought it worked well. Excited to see the next prologue!
AcheronThirteen chapter 2 . 3/28/2021
This was a great chapter! Someone in the reviews already said that this chapter does a better job characterizing Snow than BSS and I completely agree. I can imagine the surprise of all these presumably self-important Capitol officials when Albina walked into the room. I like how powerful and brooding you made Snow Sr. to be, with his act of standing up being enough to quiet a whole table of Ministers.
Snow's blind admiration for his father is quite evident. It's good characterization and makes sense - I'm sure Snow Sr. raised him to be so enamored by him. It doesn't surprise me at all that both Snow's wanted the Games to go forward. Snow "not fretting" over the 24th Games is some good foreshadowing... surely the tribute are in for a hell of a show if BMO is anything to go by.
The Everyman thing is creative and definitely seems like the kind of rhetoric they would embrace in a place like the Capitol. I've got to say Snow's paternal admiration in this chapter is borderline culty and I like it. There's no mention of other family though and I wouldn't put it above the Snow's to kill each other off.
This was a great chapter! The worldbuilding and look at both Snow's was pretty cool to see.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/24/2021
I have to say I am quite excited for this, whether my tributes make it or not. I only came to this section of FFN recently and I only heard of you recently to (you have no idea how confused I was when you used BMO as an acronym). I just finished Oceanside, an I began BMO, and wow! You writing style just was improved exponentially. Based on that, this is bound to be even greater than you other ones. I hope I get included, and I am looking forward to reading more of you work!

Best wishes,

-Human Wikipedia
Revenant12 chapter 3 . 3/23/2021
I was astounded by your story telling and how deep in detail you are getting with in your own world building. How the three women have a different but similar take on the Game giving the famine everyone is facing. Just can't wait to see the next chapter and where it takes us.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/23/2021
This was really cool; I love the format. I might submit a tribute. You've got me hooked.
I think the Arena will be in an area of Panem that the blight has destroyed.
MoonlightSalsa chapter 3 . 3/23/2021
This was an interesting format. And damn, even a Gamemaker and Snow's niece are against the Games. Luckily they didn't get in trouble over what they said, because well, they are right. Now I'm curious as to what the arena's going to be.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
Nemris chapter 3 . 3/23/2021
I get their concerns, but not like people can eat money. It's a calculated risk, does having the games overweight the risk of not having the games.
Guess we are almost halfway there to the cast reveal. Can't wait. I have been keeping a keen eye on the submissions list. What the hell is going on with D8M spot?!
Keep up the good work.
Sparky She-Demon chapter 3 . 3/23/2021
Fascinating format. I do like it!
lexi486 chapter 3 . 3/23/2021
This was a great chapter! I think this format is my favorite so far. Easy to read, clear, and so interesting! These ladies have great points, and I think it's interesting how even some of the most patriotic Capitolites don't think the Games are a good idea. It really shows how deeply the blight has affected the country. They also talked a lot about rebellion-i can't help but wonder if maybe that will actually happen lol. That would be cool to read. It's also really sad that they have to monitor these people's telephones like they can't even trust anyone. Anyways, I can't wait for the next prologue and cast drop!
darthnell chapter 3 . 3/23/2021
Yoooo my dude I absolutely love this format what in heck.. That's such a neat way to show the unrest going on, and like Vecily pushing for a cheap Games.. I'm Curious.. /eyes/ It definitely makes sense in this context too. Also rip Marionette hjgfjhf needing further surveillance is never a good sign..

(Also I really love seeing more about the Panem version of the CIA hjh like we all know they're There but its super neat to see it presented like this.. I very much dig it ;-;
Platrium chapter 2 . 3/19/2021
Finally wasn't lazy to get to this. XD

The format is obviously experimental but I like it for its uniqueness! I've never seen a prologue like this before. You know how a lot of people hated BOSAS before the release because they're painting Snow as a hero? Well, you surely painted Snow as a hero here, haha! XD I don't hate it though. There is usually not just 1 side in anything, so this is quite a fresh perspective from what we know of. The inauguration of a new president is something I don't think I've ever seen in SYOT stories, so that was cool. Also, in connection to the previous prologue, we now see the time when the start of the calamity was first announced, which also gives us readers a new perspective, since what we saw last time was the effects of the blight. This is the beginning seen from the people of power for the first time, so it's cool to have it here!

You're probably sick of my telling you this, but you deserve all that support for having at least 1 in every slot in only a week. BMO was so iconic that you earned readers who never submitted to you. BMO was so good. BMO had over 1000 reviews because it is amazing! You sold yourself well, so you deserve all this hype! :D I have yet to start on either of my submissions, but I'll get to it eventually. XD

For future reference: rnp for review not proofread. XD I don't think anybody really cares, but my ocd is bothered if I don't say it, and even if I do proofread, I could still have typos and it irks me. XD

So yes, rnp, excited for this story! OωO
Guest chapter 2 . 3/15/2021
This was so cool - I love the insight into the politicians, and it makes me wonder if the Games are going to be set in the destroyed fields of Nine and Eleven.
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