Reviews for Truth or Fiction
Katt Kiki chapter 90 . 4h
So close to the drama I can’t wait
Marcus Emrys chapter 90 . 5/25
Phil ... Be prepared to hug your sister a lot after she reads. It's not gonna be pretty
JaclynnM chapter 90 . 5/25
Freddy is coming! Better lock the door!
Sorry, I had to because of Freddy Krueger.
smc chapter 90 . 5/24
very emotional chap
twilightgirl587 chapter 90 . 5/24
Ooooo is this when Ryan and Ben get to see kristy and Abby in the underworld?! And why does autocorrect keep trying to change kristy to Krispy? Awwww this makes me so happy.
AmethystDragon14 chapter 90 . 5/24
No need to thank us Gin we're always here your doing *so well!* :D
Well least this chapter didn't make me *sob* just tear up Belle's comment about Abby being a still sadly true...the hardest thing is when there's no true goodbye...
*Sighs* Oh Henry sadly I have to ask are you sure you're not physic?
But oooooo Audrey reading right at the chapter where she meets he who's name I won't say? This will be interesting...
Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
OceanBlueSeaEyes chapter 90 . 5/24
Ohhh noooo,,,Audrey shouldn't be reading for a good bit after a certain point...ANYWAYS honestly I know the type of scooter youre probably talking about but I can't help but imagine those little scooters you get as a kid
medical ranger chapter 90 . 5/24
This chapter had me on a roller coaster ride of emotions but I loved every second of it.
BlackWidowAndCapRule chapter 89 . 4/28
I love the story! Every time there's an update, I get so excited (though I get too busy to read it immediately)! Update soon!
Marcus Emrys chapter 89 . 4/23
Yeah, I remember really wanting to hug Ryan because of that ... Next chapter, or possibly the one after ... Start of where everything goes downhill ... I say Zeus should smite Freddy with his lightning, make sure no one has to deal with a murder even if it is Freddy
Yugi the Godfather of Games chapter 89 . 4/22
I was looking forward to c how this chapter would turn out & wondered how many people were going to want Freddy dead now & when they learn what he does later on. I'm surprised no one called out Older Mal & Ben for not giving everyone a warning about what happened to Ryan's sister. Now I wonder who will get 1st shot to kill Freddy: Ryan, Phil Jr or his parents, Mal, Uma, Henry, CJ or Phil's countrymen or Ben
Katt Kiki chapter 89 . 4/21
Oh that was a bad one the next will be a little better but after that that will be bad
smc chapter 89 . 4/21
sad chapter
Fiction Realm chapter 89 . 4/21
The pirates, Mal, pretty much everyone will be sharpening blades during the scrolls and get ready to chop Freddy into chunks when they leave!

Goodness be damned! Have the AKs get ready to kill a fanatic fool!
danifan3000 chapter 89 . 4/21
When they get to the part where Icarus is mentioned when they take Ryan to the underworld talk to his sister, I wonder if anyone will bring up the fact that Icarus is the grandson of Athena.
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