Reviews for Truth or Fiction
Urmimala Hazra chapter 49 . 2h
love the chapter...I think in the next chapter everyone will be plotting to murder both Freddy boy and Hook sr. only 3 more chapters for the first book to complete, Amazing work, Gin. writing the reaction for this story is a really hard work, but you're doing a brilliant job at it! really love it!
Lunessa Mysteria chapter 49 . 3h
Oh, yay! You posted on my birthday yesterday! It's always great seeing a chapter, but it's nice when a chapter is posted on a special day!
smc-smfan1 chapter 49 . 9h
the chapter was good,
just wondering, are you going to do another break chapter after chap 50 since there's only 2 chaps left after it
Hufflepuff24 chapter 49 . 10h
Such a great chapter, it’s hard to summarize my thoughts. I’m looking forward to their reactions to a lot of upcoming parts, like Mal changing herself. I loved Meg’s little callback and Audie singing Chillin’ Like a Villain is so relatable. It’s also nice to see people relaxing and becoming friends, especially Carlos coming out of his shell
AmethystDragon14 chapter 49 . 11h
Ooo exciting content ahead, Ben on the Isle, Family Day and coronation coming up! :D
*shakes head smiling* time has flown... :D
Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
billyandkimfan1994 chapter 49 . 14h
What according to Leah are kids not allowed to sneak food from the kitchen.
danifan3000 chapter 49 . 15h
I wonder if Leah has tried to have Rapunzel's friends from the snuggly duckling, anyone with a criminal past like Eugene, Aladdin, or robin hood and his merry men. maybe Elsa since some people consider her a witch, or since Leah is more vain than Gaston, if she's tried to send Quasimodo to the isle because he's not society's definition of attractive?
Katt Kiki chapter 49 . 15h
Oh I can’t wait for the next one so much is going to happen Harry, the rotten food, Mal being stabbed, the no hospital, being there own doctors. Oh soooo sooooo much to be commented on soooo soooo much.
Tracie Adams chapter 49 . 16h
Hell yes it’s about to get good thanks for the update can’t wait for more
Marcus Emrys chapter 49 . 16h
Ah, yeah I didn't think of that, just since Sparrow and the Brethren Court are all sailing wherever it seemed like a valid question.
And I love how everyone is reacting to confident Carlos (sarcasm works great with you, DeVil, don't worry)
I totally forgot about the Isle visit part, oof, I get a feeling Harry is gonna be grilled about the rum by ... Well everyone.
And the amount of times Audie has sung songs from the original timeline, it makes me think of two things: how no one heard her and how no one has burst into song in the Choosing series either ('did I mention' doesn't really count)
Also I feel like a break is needed after the Family Day fiasco. Tempers are gonna flare like Hades' hair ... Better get some marshmallows
JaclynnM chapter 49 . 17h
This book just keeps getting better. Also yay! I’m so happy that is it going to be like WAL! That means hopefully Audrey will change.
ahmad.kay2 chapter 48 . 9/22
Just found this fic here and I am honestly looking forward to what's in store in the future chapters. One of the best fics I've read on here yet.
lilyflower101 chapter 48 . 9/21
Ben is smoking hot in a beanie.
twilightgirl587 chapter 48 . 9/19
Awwww poor Estelle. Someone get him a squirrel to chase! Hahahahaha hades didn’t know beasts actual name? Please tell me he’s joking before I die of laughter. Hit it on the head Jasmine, hit it on the head. Aladdin also makes a very good point. Hahaha don’t worry ben the gods won’t come after you for making mal happy... hopefully. Ooooo I can’t wait to see the reactions of leahs tyraide on family day. OOO and Natalie!
angele-demon chapter 48 . 9/19
Wondering if Audie came from the WAL timeline called by the Fate (the Moirai) to read scrolls about the Isle of the Lost, is she come from a time before or after Leah's death? Just wondering, after re-read the story and want to ask...
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