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shortanamx chapter 48 . 9/15
dang poor mal is shook of ben wearing a beanie and regular clothes, wouldn't blame her for it. it would see or hear uma and haddie teasing mal about it.
Marcus Emrys chapter 48 . 9/15
Ok, can Evie use the heart ripping out thing her mom can do in Once Upon a Time? If the scrolls don't change Audrey or get her to see the light before the ... Abominable act of Freddy ... Then that thing needs to be ripped out and the gods cleanse it STAT!

Also question for you to ponder: what first gen pirate crews are on the Isle? Is it just Hook's and they branched out from that or are there other pirate captains who got caught?
Urmimala Hazra chapter 48 . 9/15
oh, silly me, but thank god's, for one second I thought you're not gonna do all the stories, from the previous chapter. btw, Gin, amazing chapter. specially loved hades's reactions. those were funny. really love the chapter. can't wait for more
catetaboada2 chapter 47 . 9/13
when are you going to update? this is my favorite descendants story
LOST MUSES chapter 47 . 9/13
I am alive too! Sorry I could not review before but work got crazy, just left me time to eat and sleep.

I love all the chapters and all the little comments! I am still waiting for Chad's hynopsis to be adressed but that is me...

This came to me when I was watching a movie: this could be a linear timeline. Like, the actions of their younger selves will not affect the future Benji and Malinda are from. What has happened already happened, so even if the younger gang does something different, it will not affect their future. Just like Audie and Lucas' timeline won't be affected by this. This timeline was defined by Hades and Mal's relationship, and Audie's timeline was defined by Uma's reaction to Mal's accident. Those things happened already. There is no golden glow around the scrolls. PERIOD. I think that will help you to deal with people who want to turn this into another Watch and Learn series.

I want to put a kind of fun fact here. I read a book in Spanish called "Biting apples and kissing frogs" which is a fun psychological and historical analysis of the Disney Princess - how their movies reflected their time.

The author points out that Sleeping Beauty came to us in the 50's where marriage was a "necessary urgent thing" because WWII was just over, so Aurora was bethrobed - sorry for misspeling - as soon as she was born. But she was ahead of her time because a) she sings in the Spanish translation about a fire consuming her because of her prince a.k.a. passion and b) she asks him to meet him "at night" in a "cottage in the woods"... just pointing this out could send Leah into fainting.
Just saying...
DeVilDevil chapter 7 . 9/11
This might be WAY too late, but where's Gil!
twilightgirl587 chapter 47 . 9/9

Omg I just recently noticed the beast on the shorts and not crowns! Ugh I love swimming. But I haven’t been swimming in years. Haven’t been able to find a good public pool since we moved awww hades. Hahahaha oh uma. Poor naveen. Oooooo jay don’t make uma mad. Hahahaha licking the hand is such a sibling move.
twilightgirl587 chapter 47 . 9/9
Haha my theory is he followed beast to the docks for an inspection when he was little and got trapped on the barge and no one noticed and since there’s no cameras or WiFi on the isle... I still think you should split up the stories. Or Atleast have a couple chapters for them to catch up like in WAL. But hey your the writer. OMG o was watching something the other day where they left their security team in the dust and it reminded me of Ben. A princess for Christmas I think? My dads big on Christmas lol. Hadie is 11! What does he know about scaring off the date?! Hey is ‘mom friends’ take our role seriously. Joke or no joke. Ahh don’t worry dizzy you will be in the next group. Million dollar question Celia! Unfortunately people do care about what others think. So I’m assuming relaxing and take it easy are not words in bens vocabulary. Ok someone get reading mal a strawberry STAT! Reading a bit further , thank you malinda!
smc-smfan1 chapter 47 . 9/8
good chap
Hufflepuff24 chapter 47 . 9/8
Wow, first a reference to Something There in regards to Ben, then Marcaria referenced “I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)” and the Melody referenced Kiss the Girl…. Nice. Also, Akhio really is like Anna, isn’t he?
billyandkimfan1994 chapter 47 . 9/8
Nice chapter.
AmethystDragon14 chapter 47 . 9/8
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HFVJKGBHIKKLMBGGHJNBBJ,! Bal date! *Bal date!* *BAL DATE!* Oh one of my *favourite* scrolls is here! :D *EEEEEEEEEEEEKK *squeals!*
*Shakes head fondly* Better get used to him Hades.
Ah Melody the voice of *all* Bal shippers! lol! :D
As I have said before my dear friend you do what you can *handle* we love you too and the last thing we want if for you to burn out! :D
Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
AliceCullen3 chapter 47 . 9/8
JaclynnM chapter 47 . 9/8
Stop killing me! That was the best chapter yet, but I have a feeling coronation might beat it.
JudiAndTheFandoms chapter 47 . 9/8
And there it isone of my favorite lines in the series! “It’s like I want to hit him in the face with a textbook but the textbook is also my face.” XD gets me every time.
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