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Urmimala Hazra chapter 53 . 10/19
Just three words:-

I LOVE IT! It's amazing!
smc-smfan1 chapter 53 . 10/18
good & cute chap, is the next chapter also a resting/break one since you didn't hit the complete button yet for this story & then starting a new story with a new name for the (Choosing Love) reading the scrolls version of this series
BlackWidowAndCapRule chapter 53 . 10/18
the lullaby session is adorable! love it! update soon! :)
JaclynnM chapter 53 . 10/18
Ahh! This was so cute!
61394 chapter 53 . 10/18
Wow so they reacted better in the original story to Henry and Claudine being together
Monkeymama1516 chapter 53 . 10/18
Love it. If they only knew the excitement to come. Oops I mixed up the different timeline Natalie's. I guess that is what happens when you read a bunch of stories at one time. Lol.
danifan3000 chapter 53 . 10/18
I think the Frozen sequel implied a potential girlfriend for Elsa(first potential lesbian Disney princess)

Also, I've got to get this off my chest before what goes on in Evie's life post-coronation pops up in the scrolls. it is a good thing most of the Auradonians aren't like the ones from canon.

in the movies, no matter how much progress in goodness the VK's make the Auradonians will just turn on them at the drop of a hat.

in the first movie, the VK's were attacked by Chad and Leah, anyone with eyes could see that the VK's acted in self defense after Chad shoved Evie, but the people of Auradon acted like Chad was the victim.

in D2 the news kept playing the line "no one thought Ben and his girlfriend from the wrong side of the bridge would last" on a continuous loop.

in wicked world, they accused Mal of stealing Jane's mascot costume, and never considered that Mal's studded bracelet could have been planted, during the neon lights ball, when Ben went missing, they accused Mal of kidnapping him for an evil plot. and when Mal got cursed by her family jewel, Evie was the only one who noticed she was acting out of the ordinary, everyone else just thought it was Mal being her true self, and what's worse, when they later find out about the curse, Zevon said she helped him, and they thought Mal did it willingly like they forgot about the curse(with friends like these, who needs enemies)

in D3, when the reporter got word that Audrey caused the sleeping curse laced fog, he dismissed it as vicious lies and that they were going to find out which villain was responsible(blaming the VK's again since all the actual villains were on the isle)

and lastly, during Mal and Ben's wedding, the people of Auradon accused Hades of intentionally torching his own daughter's wedding, when all Hades was doing was helping dude catch lizard Maleficent, and hades caught a banner on fire due to dude biting him on the butt.

I mean really, a room full of people and not a single one of those morons saw exactly how things went down?
SnowWhite45 chapter 53 . 10/18
Ahhhhh I *love* Henry and Claudine! They might be one of my favourite couples. And I have a *lot* of favourites!

Of course Emir being Emir lol, you gotta love him though! Pegasus or a tree really cracked me up lol!

And the lullabies were so *cute!* Even Audrey was listening and not being a “shrieking bat” as Mal and Uma might say!

Aww I feel like I *need* to transport through the screen and give CJ a hug!
Guest chapter 53 . 10/18
Audrey's pregancy is pretty exciting, right? I'm sorry, I just had to.

Great chapter!
NightWolf34262 chapter 53 . 10/18
Famous Last Words
Guest chapter 53 . 10/18
Sorry I wasn’t reviewing for a while.
I love it so far. Keep up the great work
JudiAndTheFandoms chapter 53 . 10/18
The thought of so many songs being sung at the same time makes my head hurt but it’s also beautiful how they all got sung to sleep. Poor CJ though, she deserves all the cuddles too…

My response to that last line? Left. Get it? Because the question asked was “right?” A-and there’s arguably more drama in the next group of scrolls than in this one?
DeathCrawler chapter 53 . 10/18
nice chapter and look forward the next one and still wonder if they remember the fallen scroll part
LotusQuil chapter 53 . 10/17
It's utterly depressing and sickeningly SWEET that you chose Baby Mine considering the whole imprisoned on the Isle thing...

Really looking forward to Claudine's comments for CL. Also seeing Esmerelda and Pheobus approach her, definitely seeing them foster a bond over the Rose's if only because the whole Audrey/Freddy thing hasn't happened yet.

Gonna cry myself to sleep tonight xD
star5699 chapter 53 . 10/17
I'll be honest. I'm not ready for the next one with Natalie. You made a wonderful character that I just despise. I had to stop reading Choosing Love because she was mentioned. I was like, "Nope. I need Truth or Fiction to catch up with me. Don't want to read alone."
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