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61394 chapter 52 . 10/12
One book down two to go

Good chapter
SnowWhite45 chapter 52 . 10/12
Ahhh can’t believe we’ve finished Choosing Family *already*! It seems like yesterday we were only just *starting*! Time flies! Soooo excited for the next chapter! Choosing Love is probably my favourite out of the series (Still LOVE them ALL)
GreenHybrid chapter 52 . 10/12
Yes! Yes! YESSSSS! I LIVE OFF OF HENRY AND CLAUDINE FORBIDDEN LOVE TROPE AT THE MOMENT- …. * cough * umm anyways it this was a great chapter for the ending of choosing family! SO happy that Sammy is back with Harriet (otp of course) and I can’t wait for more of this lovely chaos fic :DDD
Monkeymama1516 chapter 52 . 10/12
Ahh. I cannot wait for the next readings to start. I am anxious to see what everyone thinks of Natalie being so condescending to Mal, the revelation that Zeus agreed with Mal having a handler, Leah going to the Isle, Leah AND Natalie dieing on the Isle, Freddy escaping the Isle, Audrey and Freddy interacting, and Chad having been hypnotized by Leah.
Descendants-fan08 chapter 52 . 10/12
Makes sense! Thanks for answering my question!
miranda88 chapter 52 . 10/12
Can we Exchange Leah and Harrys dads soul for Milah and Abby cause 1 it'd get the bags of bones out of the way 2 Harry and his sisters get they're mom back and Beast Belle and Ben get they're daughter / sister back Win-win-win
Hufflepuff24 chapter 52 . 10/11
I loved this chapter! I’ve said it before, but the more I read, the more Emir and Akiho reminds me of Fred and George and I love it. Akiho especially is honestly possibly one of my favorite characters, along with Hades. I love seeing his reactions
SixUnderOneXSix chapter 52 . 10/11
Good chapter. I’d say Mal and Ben’s kids would be stubborn as hell, in fact we’re probably talking Parent Trap levels of ingenious too. Though I think it’s be funny if Mal taught the kids to sword fight/knife throw/etc. at a young age and Ben has to be the bad cop parent when it comes to certain things, especially magic. Mal would enjoy the chaos too much if it didn’t grate on her nerves after a time.
lilyflower101 chapter 52 . 10/11
I wonder if Audie will tell them about what she almost did to Auradon.
AmethystDragon14 chapter 52 . 10/11
True true the hyena's *do* need to eat :D, but I will just say this chapter 15 of CL can't come soon enough!
Oooo this chapter was highly anticipated and action packed! And I read it with both excitement and no small amount of disbelief and pride that we are here *already!* :D It's amazing!
Ha some of these comment made me laugh! Particularly the one about 'concern over Hades mind!' But really? Hades walked in on Hadie's first kiss? Poor kid. :D
And Henry and Claudine are here! Yay! But...I have a feeling Henry's in for a talking to before the next scroll! Lol! :D
Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
danifan3000 chapter 52 . 10/11
I'd just like to start off by saying, if the people in the reading ever get to go to sleep at some point and Audrey seems to be starting to reform, I think it would be cute if she slept cuddling that stuffed bunny of hers. secondly I like seeing Dizzy put Leah in her place here, after Leah in the viewing timeline slapped Dizzy across the face during the first or the second viewing.
Marcus Emrys chapter 52 . 10/11
Yes I saw that and I loved it. Though I get the feeling if Silver made his way back to Auradon, Hook would be getting the Black Spot with a time limit on the back (spoiler for my fic)
Yay for the Smee family and Henry with Claudine. So much yes.
And yes, Poseidon did try to over throw Zeus with Hera and Athena ... Minus the invention of the chariot, only time they worked together.
Also, and I just realized this after some digging; when Athena emerged from Zeus' head, she was sent to Triton to train and live with where she befriended her friend and Tritons daughter (one of them) Pallas. Long story short but Athena accidentally killed her which lead to Poseidon banishing her from his realm and started their rivalry. So I think if that never happened and Athena never took a vow of maidenhood, Triton would have married Athena so Disney used her name as his wife in that Little Mermaid prequel. At least that's my thought process
Tracie Adams chapter 52 . 10/11
Oh shit it’s about to be getting good in Mal and Ben I love them in this chapter so in a break story next before they read the next story
Katt Kiki chapter 52 . 10/11
BUSTED! Oh this is going to be a fun break!
LotusQuil chapter 52 . 10/11
Audie, I love you for bringing up your world's fight against Maleficent. You didn't mention Hades stepped in to though xP Probably a good thing she glossed over that Hercules' kids got hurt. Honestly, to Uma, Gpa Po-Po is worth getting to know. Plus Hera helped overthrow Zeus, even Athena and Hephaestus...pretty sure the entire council has overthrown him at some point. What's really weird about how Poseidon didn't get thrown on the Isle too, is /his/ sons, like how Hades' minions were responsible for Hercules, were the reasons Ares almost died.

...I kinda want to find a song for Hades/Steph now (You already know I listen to too much Greatest Showman and A Million Dreams I could see if Hadie did the opening part). Hades /did/ have a song in the cartoon, though his VA CANNOT sing.

I am prepared for post Natalie writing! MWAHAHAHA :D
Also HECK YES, love Claudine so much!
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