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PastOneonta chapter 9 . 7/27
We knew there had to be some reason Max was lying to Neal! Knew it but couldn’t speculate and now still wondering? Who is this talking to Max? And it seems like he is out to get Peter.

Neal is still confused, he is, and Jesse Carlton is not going to help. I want to defend Neal that he has every reason to be confused and to keep his thoughts from the Burke’s. I can understand he isn’t ready to be completely open but I feel badly for them. There isn’t much more they can do to convince him to trust them. Other than wait, and be patient. They are truly good people who care about him a great deal. Neal knows that, and he knows they are waiting for his memories to come back just like he is.

Except he’s not just waiting, he’s planning to see Carlton and Moz is reluctantly helping. I hope they know what they are doing. Thanks for the chapter.
Shalimar70 chapter 9 . 7/4
Oh wow ... holy crap !
What a chapter. You get very confused yourself by this "eternal" lying. Max to Neal and Neal to the Burkes ! Where is that supposed to lead?

I'm so damn sorry for Neal. He was hoping for answers from Max and then something like that. It was clear that after this conversation he wasn't in the mood to talk to Peter about it. God, and he tried so hard to make Neal understand that everything Max said was a lie.
And now ... I feel sorry for Peter here. You can literally see how he almost gives up hope that Neal will ever trust and believe him again. But just almost ... Peter wouldn't be Peter if he gave up on something like that. He'll straighten it all up again, no matter how long it takes !
That Neal also has to be so damn stubborn ... yeah, sure - memory loss and so - but can't he listen to his heart instead of his mind?
And the mood at dinner later wasn't the best either, even though everyone tried to be as normal as possible.

Please what ? Neal, what's the point? Meeting Max a second time left Neal even more confused than he already is. And from this he made very stupid decisions ! And who the hell is this Jesse Carlton now?
To see Neal lying to the Burks over and over again is really not nice. And I think nothing good can come of that. The shot will surely go backwards soon :o(
And Mozzie ? Alas, he doesn't tell Peter what Neal is up to. It just can't turn out well for the boy.

WOW ... how do you manage to bring one twist after the other into the game without it appearing in the least out of place ? This ending was great. That leaves you totally and completely confused.
Who is this mysterious man who has Max in the pincers ? God, what is he up to? Is he after Peter or Neal, or both? Perhaps does Peter even know him?

So many questions to answer again. You really manage to leave me open-mouthed and hundreds of questions every time - grin! Keep it up. Because it's really fun to read this story with all its emotions, twists and turns and conflicts.
I'm looking forward to more :o) :o)
Hillary chapter 9 . 6/27
Finally caught up. Anxious to see what the mystery man is up to. Can’t wait for the next update
Icylightning chapter 9 . 6/22
How do you manage to keep throwing one twist after another? I need to know who was Max talking to in the prison? Poor Neal is just getting deeper into the trouble. I hope Peter will be able to stop Max and the mystery man. Thanks for update. Keep them coming :-)))
PastOneonta chapter 8 . 6/20
Max was unexpected! What is he playing? What is he trying to gain? Neal will be so confused! And Peter and El have to manage more confusion and doubt. I do think Neal trusted the Burkes but needed his own independent verification before he could accept what they were telling him about his life. Without Max confirming what Mozzie said what will Neal believe? How can he carry on? This feels like a turning point with a lot depending on Neal. Thanks for the chapter.
Shalimar70 chapter 8 . 6/13
Oh darn it! The conversation started so well and then Neal gets so ... angry ... pissed off ... suspicious?! God, why can't his head be in tune with his heart? He actually knows where he belongs - deep in his heart. Why does his head make it so difficult for him ?
Fortunately, the whole thing calmed down quickly, and I really hope that Neal gets the answers he was hoping for!

Grin! How many times does Peter carry Neal up the stairs? And again and again it is worth Neal's protest.
This little scene on the sofa with the three was written in a really cute way. I just love moments like this.

Ok, let's go to meet Max!
That was so nice how Clinton and Diana welcomed Neal. And how nervous he was with all the "strangers" around him. That one sentence from Peter, before they went to Max in the room, literally melted me away.

And I was so excited to see what would come of the conversation. But in a hundred years I hadn't been prepared for this.

WHAT the hell is Max thinking ? That damn bastard ! Why is he telling Neal such a bloody lie? What's in it for him? How could he guess that Neal doesn't know anything anymore ? I would have loved to scream out loud out of sheer anger and frustration!

God, I was so damn sorry for Neal right now. You could literally feel how he lost all trust in Peter. And if I had been Peter I couldn't have held back like that.
Oh man ... that I'm more than shocked by this outcome of the conversation is still the understatement of the century.

So many damned questions are buzzing through my head that now have to be answered as soon as possible! What's happening now ? What's next for Neal and the Burkes? And the most important question of all ... will Neal ever be able to trust Peter again and believe him that everything Max said was a lie ?
PLEASE you have to keep writing very quickly :)
Shalimar70 chapter 7 . 6/13
Gosh ... what a start.
This conversation was so amazing. You packed so many emotions into it that it wasn't easy to read. You conveyed Neal's bewilderment, desperation, and all of his fears so damn well that I had to swallow really hard a few times. How shocked Neal was when he heard that about his father and the reaction, the thought that he might ...?! Because he doesn't remember anything like that :o(
It's pretty hard to see Neal struggling with all of this.

And at first I really thought ... Mozzie what the hell are you doing? But then, I thought again ... that's probably the only real solution to this dilemma Neal is going through. Who would he believe more than his old and best friend Mozzie ?
But he didn't pick up the conversation particularly well.
Because of course, what is Neal doing ... what he can do best … run away ! You stupid little boy !

Damn sh ... I really thought it was agreed with Peter. Man, Mozzie!

Grin! I am pleased that Neal decides to come back "so quickly". Regardless of whether it is the ankle's fault or something else :O)

The reaction from Peter and El was really heartwarming when they had Neal back with them. Boh ... I just can't help it. I just totally love this little family. SMILE ! Well, at least Mozzie feels a bit guilty for telling Neal everything about his past so unprepared.

And it was so clear that Neal now wants to talk to Max. Why trust what his friend tells him?!

I really love how you put all of these thoughts, the conversations and all the other things into practice so brilliantly. It wasn't boring for a second - on the contrary - and I'm looking forward to the next chapter and I'm curious what it has in store for me :)
Shalimar70 chapter 6 . 6/13
:O( I knew so well that Neal didn't really mean Peter ... he was just so sleepy! And Peter's heart had made such a pleasure jump at this one word.

The whole situation in the house was somehow totally "normal" :O) Even if everything seemed strange and surreal to Neal. How Peter and El treated Neal as if it were the most normal thing in the world to have the boy with you who doesn't remember anything at all. Not to press him and to deal with him normally.
Even if Neal keeps getting such a strange familiar feeling that he cannot assign, he thinks the Burkes are really nice, even if they behave strangely in his eyes.

Oh god, I had a strange feeling when Neal called Mozzie after all. I don't know either, but the conversation really gave me a stomach ache.
And when Mozzie showed up the next morning, and El and Peter pretended not to know him, my jaw really dropped. (I always thought that somehow they hadn't reached him or something and he doesn't know anything, after all he hasn't been mentioned for "a long time")

In any case ... Mozzie knows it! OK then! And it's good that he's here for Neal now. But like that, Peter also determines immediately whether Neal isn't fooling around about the memory loss. Because Neal would never lie to Mozzie about that.

You wrote it all really, really well and connected all the strings together well. But what was this hammer supposed to do in the end ?
Why does Mozzie tell Neal the truth about his father? Is that so agreed?

God, I'm really confused here ... I think worse than Neal at the moment :O)
Read on quickly ...
Icylightning chapter 8 . 6/12
Max you idiot! Why did you do that!? Poor Neal, he must be feeling so betrayed and alone. Can't even imagine how Peter will handle the situation and what will happen when El knows about this. Going awesome dear. Keep writing :-)))
MarJan53 chapter 2 . 6/12
You made far fewer mistakes than English first language speakers
PastOneonta chapter 7 . 6/5
I feel badly for Moz. He was pressured by Neal to tell him everything and then Neal breaks his promise and runs. I feel badly for Neal! What a shock his own life was when he heard about it! It would be such a conflict between what he remembers and where he finds himself and what Mozzie has told him. It would be too much. The good news is that he came back. Peter will let him talk to Max and hopefully that will help bring back memories. Neal is a great character, you want to cheer for him and hug him and tell him to slow down all at once. Thanks for the chapter.
Shalimar70 chapter 5 . 5/29
Oh come on Neal !
First these nice thoughts about the pendant and then all of a sudden there is this u-turn. That everything is just a devious plan by Agent Burk to get information and to get James. Can you really believe that, Neal? After you felt a connection to the pendant despite everything ... even if it was so tiny! But in spite of everything he hangs the chain around his neck - Smile !

And there we have it again ... the Caffrey smile ... quickly put on to cover up what's really going on in his head.
:-( Of course he associates the word Dad with James and not Peter! But that Peter is there, he's just as unhappy about it as the other way around.

Oh how cute was that ? I mean the Burkes' conversation. How El was a little insecure at first, then shocked and finally full of joy that her baby is coming home. Only sweet.
Ok, now I understand why no one has heard / seen anything from Mozzie until now. Because he's hanging around who knows where again.
As El said to Peter "Come on honey, he's not that bad!" I had to laugh too. Mozzie is Mozzie !

And even more Fluff :o) The scene in the hospital was just totally brilliant and beautifully written. I love the way you hold Neal's mind tight. How he wonders what will happen if he doesn't go back to James. How his thoughts revolve around everything that Peter tells him, how he tries to "get out" of this situation. How he was shocked that Peter knew Mozzie. Everything about this piece is unique. Perfect is the hug Neal gives Peter and he realizes that it feels right. I love that part.

What makes my heart burst is that one last sentence that Neal says “We home dad?” Even more like Peters, because I think he meant James and not Peter with this statement !
Shalimar70 chapter 4 . 5/29
Oh Peter! Is it really such a good idea to lie to Neal about James ?

And Neal just doesn't know how to deal with the two of them. Especially if he thinks he doesn't deserve this love ! This is so sad :(
And all these thoughts that are floating around in his head - about his dad, why he is in the hospital, what these two want from him - makes it a lot sadder than the whole situation already is.
And Neal does what he can do best, he hides behind his mask, as he has always done. Block everything out and hope that this will make everything go back to the way he "needs" it.

God ... I'm really sorry for Peter and El here. To see Neal like this without a single memory of them both must be so damn hard. Of course, seeing how confused and vulnerable he looks doesn't make it any better. And yet they both hope that it will be ok again quickly and that “their” Neal will come back to them.
Well, only the statement from the doc is not very edifying :o(

The conversation that El and Peter later had was really good. It never occurred to me that that was why Peter lied about James. But ... actually totally logical :O) Well played!

Oh dear Neal! This scene in the hospital room was definitely something. First this abrupt awakening, with the "demand" to call Mozzie. Then again those thoughts about James and Max.
But the best of all was when he saw this pendant on the floor, turned it over and saw what was engraved ... BOOM !
That was an end. :O)

But no matter how shocked Neal is, will that make him remember something faster? I don't really think so :(

Really a very nice chapter :) :O)
Icylightning chapter 7 . 5/26
Another amazing chapter. I got scared when Neal ran away but thank God he decided to stay put with the Burkes. Its
reader82 chapter 6 . 5/21
Wow, I didn't realize you started another story. Thank you so much, it is amazing. I can't wait to see how Mozzie and Neal's day goes.
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