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Jorman M. Rodas chapter 10 . 10/7
oh and why did i forget, because tatsumi, leone, akame and esdeath don't learn magic and how the hell esdesth teaches ice magic to stalk if even she doesn't know magic? I mean, if you let Harry train as a warrior and that's because others can't learn magic or pose to help them? It even leaves out characters from the series like Hermione who has a very null participation among others apart from the fact that you make him hate characters like Dumbledore and fight with his best friend Ron, as advice I would give you to restart the story from scratch. and not focus Ranto on Harry and take into account the things that I said that others also commented, possibly you do not do it and you do not agree with what I say but it is my advice, that you restart it, do not focus so much on Harry, do not change his personality if a lot just make it more serious nothing else, do not give him that past that was not necessary and that he must train is his magic that is his specialty and tatsumi must train is his battle style and the personality of characters will not change so much as akame, and it will give more prominence to some high schools, apart from if esdeath behaves like harry's mother, let tatsumi behave as if he were his father.
Jorman M. Rodas chapter 19 . 10/7
At first I thought that this story would be different, I liked it but then I feel that it falls into a tailspin by a situation or rather several situations that should not even exist from the beginning, without saying that Harry's new personality shits everything, apart because only he trains. Why not train tatsumi when tatsumi because of bulat got used to training every day to improve and excel, even if there was no war, also esdeath would have put him to train too since when he fell in love with tatsumi he even said that she was The one who wanted to train him personally (which would still be unnecessary because tatsumi already surpassed esdeath but hey, you nerfed him and lowered the level but well, he understands), and what about the other raid versions? I feel like you focus a lot on Harry and demonstrate the failure of the crosover, I mean you focus more on one side than the other (apart from personalities like the akame who cries for a dance with due respect, they are one of the stupidest ) Snape really loved Harry, he didn't hate him like you say and I can continue, I think by creating a darker Harry story when it wasn't necessary, you would have left Harry like in the movie and you would just have made him train more and already it is but to give it that story and create a strange background was that you screwed up, although I know that there will still be people who like the truth, there will also be people who do not like me, honestly I no longer like the side or the orientation that history is taking but hey, I'll continue to see if any of what has been said improves or not.
Jorman M. Rodas chapter 13 . 10/7
... esdeath technically you are not making him more magician you are turning him into a warrior and if he tells him to learn magic but no, aside, he should not progress as much in himself as in combat when he does not have that talent (since his talent in if it is magic where he is a prodigy but he has no talent in battle) and also he has not been training even for a year, that he learns the basics is fine but that he is already so expert? There is no logic, as I said it is strange since it is even a 14 year old Harry, but hey, although I sound very critical and I'm sorry if I bother you, but it is that although I see interesting things that are useful, you also see several inconsistent flaws or gaps in the history
Jorman M. Rodas chapter 12 . 10/7
ok in the end if i was right about esdeath's role as harry's mother in addition to other things that also hit the mark, although as mini critics i would say the drama that you are giving to the past that you made / invented here of harry without saying his almost emo attitude among other unnecessary dramas like "Ron" (which if he had accepted his relationship with susan if he had told him) are very basic or, as I said, unnecessary nonsense

Without saying that although Esdeath's personality in this story is according to how she would be if she were good, it does not change that she would not be as soft as she is here, although she could help Harry since she sees him as a son, but he does. He would do it in a more traditional harsh way like when he was in his native tribe, treating him or giving him a training of that style and without kisses on the forehead as if he were a newborn baby and supporting him to overcome.
Jorman M. Rodas chapter 6 . 10/7
Hmm, I don't know, although I agree that Harry learns some self-defense with his class (since that will help them in the war that happens in the deathly hallows movie) I don't see Harry as a warrior, he's a wizard and he should focus on that as that's the gist of Harry's characterization.
Jorman M. Rodas chapter 5 . 10/7
Now I'm confused, does Esdeath want to adopt Harry as his son? Because that's what I understood. I mean, as she says herself, she loves Tatsumi but she feels bad for Harry and his loneliness since she feels like she has no friends (which is bad because she does) and well, she awakened a motherly side so she behaves like a mother. . worried about her son and that's why she also wants to train him.
Jorman M. Rodas chapter 2 . 10/6
uh, esdeath went 3 miles with her comment of "your parents must be disappointed" damn it hurt even me.
Jorman M. Rodas chapter 1 . 10/6
The truth is very interesting, hey, do you think that here tatsumi could use his raiding dragon form, I mean, not the armor but the dragon form that appears only in the manga I think that form would serve a lot in a world like Harry's
Jorman M. Rodas chapter 18 . 9/3
Good chapter, keep it up and get more chapters that we will continue to see
viva Tatsumi chapter 18 . 8/31
welcome backauthor. keep it up. fans with you
fan boy chapter 17 . 8/17
can you update second chance plz
AshBladeHentai chapter 16 . 7/29
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
gal chapter 1 . 7/26
good job
Dragon chapter 10 . 7/12
I don’t why, but once we get into book 5 this rating will turn from T-rated to M-rating fast that and I want to see a good or decent Harry Potter lemon fanfic
dork chapter 15 . 7/10
kill the second chance plz update
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