Reviews for Underdogs
Steelrain66 chapter 25 . 9/15
good dogo boys eh? Me thinks nate is getting a badass fire type on his team that doubles as cuddle transportation. Good chapter, enjoyed that Dawn's pokes are a tad protective.
softsoundjameson chapter 17 . 8/29
Is it so difficult to explain how because he is a faller, he is from a parallel universe (a widely accepted fact) and that in his parallel universe, all things involving Pokémon are found only in stories and works of fiction based around them, and events in these stories have already happened, some very likely if not guaranteed to happen. Things that must be stopped at all costs like the return of terrorist organizations that threaten the safety of up to multiple entire regions and all the lives in them. Skeptics existing isn’t surprising, but such characters shouldn’t be ones that are incredibly important to stopping these organizations as that is very frustrating to read.
The-Anti-Akuma chapter 12 . 8/27
Honestly thats kinda hypocritical.. trainers act like Pokemon are their partners and they love them and care for them ect... So to trade away the lives of 6, for the life of one that you barely know is insane.

How can you call them your partners if your willing to trade their lives away for a hostage? I guess they just don't matter as much as a human life? Sigh.

Thanks for the chapter, i'm just disappointed in Dawn.
Orcinus21 chapter 3 . 8/27
He has to be one of the dumbest protagonist ever. How hard is it to realise that a game world doesn't translate to a real world?

I don't know if it's intensional but you are making your character a moron. I cringed at his shock that a real Jubilife city would have a fucking restaurant.

Even dimension travel shock or whatever wouldn't justify this stupidity.
Steelrain66 chapter 24 . 8/26
Well holy dam you actually took my suggestion! That was bloody brilliant! Great chapter man, you love to see it.
Krosrodes chapter 24 . 8/26
Alright, it's been some time since I gave you a longer review, so let's do that.

Pros - The overall chapter flows really well, and even the final scene was fine, even though I don't like short scenes like these. The confession was heartwarming, and I'm glad you got around your small problem with writing these sorts of scenes.

Cons - I'll just say it, I feel like it might have been a little too soon for them to get together. The small fight they had was a little hard to follow. I had to read it a few times to get hold of what was happening, but then it was enjoyable as well.

Overall, the chapter was well made even through its small flaws, so I hope you will continue to make this story. Good luck with finishing it.
Guest chapter 3 . 8/26
Ah tell them that Pokemon is fiction in his world is going to make them believe you, why does the police not use psychic Pokemon as a lie detector?
Guest chapter 2 . 8/26
You know... if you wanted the police to believe your OC all they had to do is probably have a psychic type pokemon to act as a lie detector or read his mind.
The Black Kraven chapter 24 . 8/25
Sheesh my stopped working for a minute. How does one goes from fighting each other to making out? lmao.
Mr Extension chapter 24 . 8/25
I love the Pokemon version of the Talk. Hilarious.

Though, I do wonder why the "[Wes]" at the POV break is there.
Raj8 chapter 24 . 8/25
Honestly not sure that was a good idea, as it feels like it's jumping forward a fair bit. Still you can always make them exploring there relationship the next focus.

Overall this certainly isn't something I would have recommended, but hopefully you can use it to forward the plot and character interactions.
GrayWolfDen chapter 9 . 8/24
I feel like being stuck with the No Evolutionary Line Pokemon is not that bad. There a good amount of potentially strong ones such as Absol, Lapras, Indeedee, etc.
eseer chapter 23 . 8/24

ghetsis and his blood god priests are really tryna introduce arson to the pokemon world, huh?
Steelrain66 chapter 23 . 8/24
Yooooo it's time! So much good stuff in this chapter.

Poor Wes, here's hoping things turn out better for him. He is fun to have around. Roxie made her big apperiance and it's nice to see.

That romance is nice too see as well, it doesn't feel rushed since they have been close for a while now in the story. Nice to see Roxie using more poison types, super under utilized types in fanfiction. Also yooo she is finally here! After ten thousand years.
TheHiddenLettuce chapter 23 . 8/24
so ive been going through a list of non-evolving pokemon for gen 5 in my head and come up rather short unfortunately and aside from the heracross, i cant think of many ways that a non-regional non-evolving pokemon could get to unova. perhaps some poacher shipment could work for a way in, im thinking an aerodactyl and rotom could make for an interesting addition to the team, dracovish could be amusing considering the meta, but drampa could also be fun with the berserk ability, and i think i remember eugenio said he wanted type variety so these could work, the only problem is where the heck would he get them?

but its just my 2 cents making guesses and hopes
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