Reviews for The Dance of the Dyad
jay chapter 9 . 6/21
I side with Elnor about the Tal Shiar, not sure why they seem to not care about their normal citizen, but they are a bunch of asshole. But I think Narek and even Narissa were brainwashed and victim, specially Narissa, because she saw the admonition. I'm glad Narek was honest with Enid.
How is he going to take back his name? he could convince Soji to erase it from her memory, but she really doesn't own him shit.
Curious about Boo, it's probably because of Plutarch but Enid should be the first to be warn.
jay chapter 8 . 6/15
Family doesn't end up with blood. Maybe Jarok knwen Lorlani wasn't his daughter but loved her like she was anyway.
Plutarch's motivations are a mystery, honestly he has anything he ever wanted: he escaped the supernova, most of his ennemy are dead, he has a lot of political influence and a daughter.
I like Ni'ael and his love for his family. He's ruthless but I hope he can survive this plot.
I really like Arcana, she's such a nice person, even after Sutra betrayed her she's willing to give her a chance.
loui chapter 7 . 6/6
I understand Soji's anger, yes she was a victim and it's sad she'll never get along with Enid. I think they could have been friend. But Soji doesn't own her (or Narek) anything and she has her own emotion to deal. One of my friend was in an abusive relationship and it really change you.

I'm surprise Yumuen is bleeding red, I'm not sure if I remember correctly Diane Duane's book but the human spies in Romulus didn't bleed red ? I'm not sure anymore. Though, I suspect some Romulan knows but think he could be useful. Romulan aren't necessary racist, in TNG DeSeve betrayed the Federation and was given a rank n the Romulan military. I suppose, if you adopt their way and betray you government, all is more easy.

Yumuen didn't cross the red line of betrayal but he looked like a Romulan, he spend years with them even if he spied on them and he's fascinated with them. Plutarch doesn't seem bothered by spy, he even spare a Vulcan spy. So, at some point, Yumuen will have to make a choice.

Zani and Enid's interaction are interesting. Zani isn't always right but with her, Enid can see an another part of the Romulan culture. The Qowat Milat weren't well liked, so their members probably never bother to be nice or understanding. They were on the Tal Shiar's bad books trying to not be send in jail. It's probably why they are harsh. It's nothing against Enid. Also, even Plutarch is willing to help Zani but doesn't care of the other Qowat Milat members. It's telling a lot. I'm glad Zani never give up anything for Plutarch.
Guest chapter 6 . 6/5
Could they time traveled and stop the supernova ?
I always find this plot so stupid, like why the romulan needs the federation's help to evacuate and why they expected spock to help them ? it's not like they lacked of good scientist.
I get that, they are supposed to be the bad one but romulan people can build wormhole, it's canon and it's from Voyager but somehow they failed with a supernova.
and even of the tal shiar is oppressive, their goal wasn't to let billon of their own people diying, so what went wrong ?
sorry for my english mistake.
love the story and i understand why zani doesn't want enid on vashti. it make sense.
Guest chapter 4 . 5/8
the name issue is interesting, narek give it to soji and he can't take it back. i love reading about romulan traditions
karla chapter 4 . 4/21
I think Missy is onest but often underestimate a dangerous situation.
Xyrsdf chapter 4 . 4/21
I can't read the chapter 4, a problem with the code maybe?
Pylo chapter 3 . 4/19
Enid is mean with Elnor and she's a Tal Shiar supporter. Romulan citizens have every right to hate them.
Also, I'm surprise how Soji is quiet around Narek. Dude tried to kill her and she trusted him. She's allow to be angry or to not like Enid.
I love your story but it feel like everyone like Enid and forget what Narek did to Soji... it's weird.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/9