Reviews for GATE: Journey in the New World
DFMRCV chapter 33 . 7/18
Chapter came out sooner than expected, let's go!

Little Foot.

...unexpected Land Before Time reference detected...


The dragons being able to apparently communicate (or maybe the girl is psychic?) was interesting. Her being named Leia... uh... not sure if she's an OC, but... yeah.

Oh hey, Ramsay doing "magic"!


Terra showing up and... wait, the person guarding the baby dragon is some from some "other realm"? Man, the fantasy elements here really do get the spotlight, which is still a very nice change of pace.

Interesting... So the Empire is up to something here...

I like the detail of Pina not telling Yuji who she is.

Cause uh... yeah, if she did... yeah, the Americans would be on her immediately for questioning. Character interactions are good, too in this bit, but I have to say, I'm really liking the build-up as some characters begin to realize that "oh, crap something bad is about to happen".

Annnnnnnd mama dragon is on the way...


Overall, short but sweet chapter. Hoping to see more!
DFMRCV chapter 32 . 6/28
Alrighty, new chapter, let's start off with...

A lot of crows causing a false alarm?

...Is this a reference to NHS or...?


just gonna take it as it is.

The scene with Carl and Brian went alright. Fairies liking chocolate was... well... expected. One Hershey's Kiss is probably like an entire wedding cake for them, let alone a single chocolate bar.

I also liked that the Americans are a bit more paranoid than the JSDF. Even if they're not veterans from Afghanistan, you tend to be a bit more suspicious from what other vets tell you of tribal negotiations, as well as presumably what they've seen over here, so the Prime Minister being mysteriously sick all of a sudden would set off some alarm bells in their minds.

It's really interesting when you-

"So, it's like a cross between Jurrasic World and Farmville?"


Okay, so the dragon... farm... bit... was... well, a bit curious. Interesting that they consider dragons sacred, I suppose.

Actually, come to think of it, we didn't get much info on the Imperial Dragons in Gate canon... hmm... well, giving them some lore here is a nice touch.

Oh, hey Hamilton on a horse chasing after Pina on a griffin with Yuji riding shotgun almost running people over Red Dead Redemption 2 style... times for all I see...

Though again with the mysterious voice? Wonder what Terra's up to...

And now to Gisselle...

Not sure what she's complaining about given her canon role as basically a dragon maid... heh... dragon maid... heh... Gordon Ramsay's Dragon Maid...

And like the anime that doesn't have Gordon Ramsay, the scene is mostly slice of life.

Pina's bit was more interesting, seeing that she's basically trying to distract herself from everything after pretty much failing at her first goal and everything kind of crumbling around her. This coupled with Tuka's scene and a reminder of the whole ongoing war was done pretty well.

Lelei's investigation is also fairly interesting.

I also like the mystery in the background and how it's slowly seeping into the main plot. Just the feeling of something old and sinister returning after a long time is pretty effective. Though I'm pretty sure the goal here is to resurrect some demon army because that's presumably what happens in NHS?

Not sure how it went in that series, though.

Also ghost librarians...

Man, funerals must be awkward in this world.

Parna's scene was also interesting.

Hinting at Tyuule slowly constructing her vengeance in some other way which includes her still living tribe members hasn't really been done before last I checked (assuming that's what's going on as Rory implied). I stand by that it changes her overall character, but this is still interesting.

Pina's scene with Yuji is actually working quite-


Nonononoonononononono, no, no.

Please don't do that... my fics are fanfics (even if I'm turning TFWC into an original work{#shamlessadvertising, #goreadit).

But seriously, mentioning other fics as "becoming film trilogies" may not be the best idea. Makes the fic come off as a bit childish... and it kind of came out of nowhere even if you'd mentioned Freedom's Ring in an earlier chapter. Then again, you're not directly saying these are the same stories but... I think the readers in the fandom can tell...

Scene worked alright with that aside.

Rory telling Itami of the Warrior Bunnies was alright, as she seems to have a more "godly" sense, figuring out who can help and who cannot, though maybe she should inform the higher ups... and earlier? But maybe she wasn't sure yet...

And Parna being ordered to "get rid of them"... well, we'll see where that goes.

Decent update overall.

I did notice a fair amount of grammar errors here, though, sentences repeating, and quotation marks where there shouldn't be, so it may be worth looking over it and doing a bit of extra proofreading.

Good read, and looking forward to more!
overlordwarhammer2019 chapter 32 . 6/26
Gordon Ramsey es probable que quiera volver a casa, es decir, hay ingredientes que no se pueden conseguir al menos de manera barata sin un comercio grande entre continentes, a diferencia de nuestro mundo aquí no existe la globalización a gran escala como la nuestra y conseguir algunos ingredientes de otros continentes es muy difícil para la tercera civilización, por ejemplo en México sin la globalización mucha de su comida no existiría, arroz con leche, chocolate con azúcar etc.

Tu versión de itami es buena, normalmente odio a itami pero está versión es tolerable, es la misma personalidad pero usada de manera correcta su lado Otaku y pacifista.

Aunque me gusto, Ya son suficientes preparativos, ya comienza las revelaciones y la guerra.

Por último eres bueno, supiste como insertarte en tu historia de manera coherente sin ser un Gary stu, Kirito etc.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/4
100th Review!
Maroon567 chapter 31 . 5/5
all right buckle up chucklefuck it's about to go down

i was hoping in order to gain their trust US and JSDF going to show what they can do in next chapter
DFMRCV chapter 30 . 4/24
Alrighty, a new chapter.

Cato and Hodor enjoy Japanese earth-side food. Nice.

Pina and Hamilton trying to negotiate with these other kingdoms was interesting. The Empire is clearly turning into a stereotypical evil empire, actively committing atrocities, and... sacrificing people to a demon god?


So, yeah, the kingdoms adamantly refusing the offer makes sense. Pina even seems more reluctant for peace here. She wants to stop the bloodshed but clearly knows the path the empire is taking isn't good, which is a complete 180 from her canon character which... well... seems to just want the empire to survive in spite of its... you know... genocide, land grabbing, slavery and so on... but Pina here seems to be trying to do the best out of a very bad situation.

Too bad it's probably not going to work out.

Though the bit about a "general election" was an interesting addition...

Oh, and Paran is there... almost forgot about her.

I do like the little moments where the characters are excited about the fantasy setting. Again, something about it just gives different vibes. Only remember the Gate cast being excited at first, then the excitement only switched over the the hot demi-human girls, not the setting. It's-

...representative Kelly?

Uhhhhh... MOVING ON!

Itami trying to make a connection using his love for manga was a nice bit. He never really did that in the original canon which wasn't bad but it meant his characterization was lacking in a lot of departments.

RCT3 forgetting its roles is... well, not entirely crazy as they are green and probably getting distracted by everything, but I could only imagine the Americans rolling their eyes HARD at soldiers forgetting their orders instead of writing them down. Not 100% sure if they would be escorting Tuka and Lelei but I don't think it's entirely out of the question either.

Right then, the negotiations...

Hey, wait a minute, this is the opening chapter of NHS! Ah HA! I DID read that part! Though Rory explaining things about the Gate was interesting enough of a change. And the fact the empire actually attacked first... and that Itami brought a laptop with images and information to help inform people of the other side of the gate.

And cool, we have an actual proper allied country in this Gate rendition. Neat!

Wait, why'd the PM fall over in pain?

Wait, where'd Pina go?

*Pina jumps off a roof and flies off on a Griffin*

...well, I can't say I saw THAT coming...

Man, REALLY leaning into the fantasy aspects of this world, which is still refreshing to see.

Other than that, not much more to say. Parna and Rory are going to chat, which... I wonder how that will go. Found it interesting that Tyuule apparently went to seek her people out in this timeline. Again, might change her character not for the better, but we'll see. It felt overall like a nice advancement, as it's still mostly set up for the upcoming climax. No real complaints from me.

One thing I MIGHT mention is that Qua Toyne seems to be doing relatively well despite the apparently ongoing crisis? Not out of the question, though it might be good to note that people are actively more jolly because they need the distraction from the crisis neighboring them.

Oh, right... and Gordon Ramsay is still himself. Cool.

Overall, good read!
Unionboy16 chapter 30 . 4/18
Keep up the great work! I am glad that a crossover fic between both series has finally been written. Plus, the plot is quite refreshing too.
navyfield858 chapter 30 . 4/13
nice uncle roger reference
overlordwarhammer2019 chapter 30 . 4/12
No importa la potencia de una pistola mágica si no puede igualar la distancia que puede disparar un arma moderna más allá del alcance visual no importa mucho, las armas antitanque disparan mínimo a 2 km de distancia y los tanques tipo 10 japoneses tienen blindaje de nano cristal o sea podría modificarse para resistir lásers y plasma, y ya existe tecnología para proteger equipos electrónicos de interferencias electromagnéticas y si
Si hablamos de elementos mágicos tal vez exista mineral anti magia o esas piedras de mana que después de dejarlas sin mana podrían cargarlas con electricidad convirtiéndolas en baterías, en cuanto su capacidad de almacenamiento quizás podría ser una piedra del tamaño de una naranja almacena suficiente electricidad para un refrigerador promedio por 1 mes o como las piedras del continente oscuro del manga Hunterxhunter.

Muchos olvidan esto de la ciencia y tecnologia, al final se trata del método científico y de contruir herramientas y armas para defendernos y resolver problemas, la ciencia avanza si algo no funciona analiza porque y solucionalo, la necesidad es la madre de la invension. Simplemente equipo contra radiación es suficiente para proteger electrónico al final esa magia oscura es un tipo de radiación y su longitud de onda es lo bastante parecida ya que también produce interferencia electromagnetica, si una bala no lo mata analiza porque no y crea armas que si, para matar o sellar o inmovilizar ya sea con ciencia o lo que encuentres en el nuevo mundo

Y sobre rory que para ella los embajadores son como niños pues ella también lo sería si fuera a un lugar del que se sabe poco o nada se sentiría idiota aunque si metemos su edad incluso los elfos la mayoría son niños desde su perspectiva y los humanos del planeta tierra serán como niños pero don niños con acceso a armas del apocalipsis ya sea nucleares, químicas etc, su personalidad de ellos no me convence del todo del japonés si por su poca experiencia en zonas en guerra pero el norteamericano solo si fuera joven casi sin experiencia pero es tolerable y no fue totalmente tu idea esto así que no me importa mucho.

En cuanto a los dioses me sorprende que los dioses y santos de la tierra no digan nada o ayuden un poco, Amaterasu es amigo del dios elfo, los dioses de los ainu, los santos del cristianismo.
Japón al parecer en la vida real creo un traje similar al de la franquicia Predator que te hace invisible si miras de lejos

En cuanto la inmortalidad de apóstoles, no sé que tan bien funcionaria su regeneración con balas de uranio empobrecido si se regeneran no será bonito por las mutaciones de radiación, o si destruyen todas sus células con esas pistolas mágicas, en la historia original decía que no podían morir pero eso debe tener un límite y sería mientras que alguna célula de ellos quedé, si caen a un volcán o si se quedan sin mana o poder divino o una explosión enorme aún si no la vaporiza todas sus partes quedarán esparcidas o si hablamos de magia si hay ítems que dañen o sellen almas o seres que coman almas un cuerpo inmortal no sirve sin alma.

Según veo los apóstoles se están volviendo obsoletos ni si quiera ellos pueden competir con la tecnología ya sea mágica o científica y ese mundo sabe de sobra como detenerlos aún si se vuelven dioses los apóstoles no podrán hacer mucho, y ahora que lo pienso si mueren ahogados, es decir un apóstol muere luego revive y muere eternamente ahogado o hasta terminar en una playa
Maroon567 chapter 30 . 4/11
well look like's clock is ticking

Principality Leaders and council are now cloud themselves in paranoia

and hamilton got lost ( the hell), Pina Start questioning whetever she really want to be a princess
Andre Barbosa chapter 25 . 4/4
What I'm getting from this is the Empire slowly become corrupt and ruthless over centuries by a mysterious dark energy. Its plans of uniting the continent is locate something and somehow help defend against the civilized nations. Marcus wanted to warn that the Empire and Rondel is suffering by some sort of dark power and that his plans were to 'modernize' the Empire with help from the civilized nations, something that most were against. Pina wants to clean the Empire's image and help the people, demi-humans and end slavery. It has too much information to process but I think I got the basics
Andre Barbosa chapter 24 . 4/4
I do hope that the military side is more active than in the Gate since saving the missing people and possible slaves are a priority as well as capturing the leaders responsible and incapacitating the Empire.
Also, since they already have the locations of important cities they could use special forces to retrieve more important information and even already saving the slaves and sabotaging the enemy forces.
They also could use planes to bomb specific enemy encampments and armies to slow their movements and providing aerial support to the diplomatic envoy until they reach the territory.
I think also they should be more interested in these so called civilizations since the locals already give hints that they are at least in the industrialization phase and as well regard them as potential threats due to the certain goals of a certain Marcus to 'modernize' Sadera as if it was their only choice giving the idea that this civilization is agressive
Andre Barbosa chapter 20 . 4/3
I can't wait for the Civilized nations entrance especially Gra Valkas Empire. It will be fun regarding their tech but I think it only happen like in Arc 4 or 5, since the war with the Empire is only getting started
Andre Barbosa chapter 19 . 4/3
It seems the magic is powerfull in this world unlike in the Gate, which evens the things to the Empire side
Andre Barbosa chapter 16 . 4/3
It seems that this story is inclined for the Coalition to adapt to this medieval and fantasy environment, transportations and rules. It demonstrated that the modern tecnology can not be trusted anymore in the future, since in this version of dark magic can be a serious threat to it, like the jamming of radio waves and eletronic components. It also seems the Empire is turning into a far more dangerous threat like the magic handgun( wich seems much more powerfull than any modern counterparts much like a portable cannon), and if the Empire learns of this situation it can use those magic items to put serious damage to modern equipment and put the battlefield into even terms with the Coalition. I'm liking where this is going and unlike other fics this one is puting the Empire to create actual future heavy damage to the Coalition. I'm also interested with Civilized Nations
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