Reviews for GATE: Journey in the New World
Andre Barbosa chapter 19 . 4/3
It seems the magic is powerfull in this world unlike in the Gate, which evens the things to the Empire side
Andre Barbosa chapter 16 . 4/3
It seems that this story is inclined for the Coalition to adapt to this medieval and fantasy environment, transportations and rules. It demonstrated that the modern tecnology can not be trusted anymore in the future, since in this version of dark magic can be a serious threat to it, like the jamming of radio waves and eletronic components. It also seems the Empire is turning into a far more dangerous threat like the magic handgun( wich seems much more powerfull than any modern counterparts much like a portable cannon), and if the Empire learns of this situation it can use those magic items to put serious damage to modern equipment and put the battlefield into even terms with the Coalition. I'm liking where this is going and unlike other fics this one is puting the Empire to create actual future heavy damage to the Coalition. I'm also interested with Civilized Nations
overlordwarhammer2019 chapter 29 . 3/2
Cómo todos soldados olvidaron agua extra!? Son soldados en una misión no unos civiles haciendo turismo o por lo menos debieron dudar un poco en beber agua de runa es decir, no sabían si era seguro para un humano de la tierra, mínimo debieron hervir el agua pero si hablamos de soldados japoneses con poca experiencia real tiene sentido. Está Gisselle me agrada, que yo sepa los dragones y dragonoid tienen sentidos tan desarrollados como para escuchar tus latidos de corazón, una visión que incluso las águilas envidiarán, un gran olfato y a eso agrégale que es una guerrera con siglos de experiencia, porque crees que los dragones se consideran la especie de fantasía más fuerte, si hubiera Sido un grupo de hadas me lo creo!?.

Se que me quejo mucho pero en resumen eres bueno cuando escribes sobre exploraracion del mundo pero en el aspecto técnico y politico te falta un poco,
Unas sugerencias primero slimes para alcantarillas y sobre palpadia es que ha falta de una base industrial apropiada para fabricar tecnología mecánica avanzada, se dedicaron más a la biotecnología y bioquímica tienen que serlo para crear esos lord wyvers tan rápido es decir aunque luzcan de la época victoriana con algunos barcos de vapor impulsado por piedras mágicas serán mucho más avanzados en otros aspectos que incluso supere a nuestro conocimiento en biología, tendrán cosas como una computadora química al saber de computación quimica y magia, no solo para crear farmacos también para crear una verdadera computadora si usas un monitor magico y sobre el país que destruyó gra valkas sería interesante que luzca Steampunk y magicharaid país aliado de MU pues ellos mezclan tecnología científica y mecánica se vería como avatar la leyenda de anng o avatar la leyenda de korra como mechatanques y biplanos
overlordwarhammer2019 chapter 28 . 3/1
A veces siento la escritura lenta es decir para explicar sobre runas tardaron mucho, y sobre política todos se ven demasiado amables lo cual es malo si eres político, no puedes ser ni muy bueno ni muy malo si quieres hacer un buen trabajo, y ayudar, hay muchos aspectos políticos
DFMRCV chapter 28 . 2/28
Oh, neat! New chapter!

...what the heck is that opener? Foreshadowing?

Well, guess we'll find out soon enough.

Pretty good job showing the main force actively pushing outward. Gate never bothered doing anything similar, basically leaving all progress to their recon teams and sticking to Alnus until it was too late. Here we see a pretty notable contrast between US and JSDF personnel, which I believe we did discuss previously. The US is far more accustomed to engagements, and bombing enemy encampments would 100% be a move carried out here thanks to VTOL Capable aircraft, while as noted, the JSDF is much more of a humanitarian organization, so even a high ranking officer would probably be put off by the calm acceptance of US forces to destroying enemy encampments so swiftly. Also, a brief mention of the Flame Dragon and Gisselle. Pretty sure the US general should be a bit more concerned about whether people like Rory are a threat, so that might be something to look out for.

With that established, switching to our main cast going out on a more diplomatic/reconnaissance-based operation makes it clear this is an operation on multiple fronts, which is a nice touch as we arrive at this new place.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddd... here is where my lack of knowledge of NHS probably comes back to bite me. Never heard of Qua Toyne outside of this fic, so I have no idea how it looks like. Your descriptions are usually fine, but there were little points early on when the diplomatic convoy arrived that didn't so much confuse me as made me think "wait, what do you mean 'like greek columns but with their own identity'?"

I guess some quick Googling could reveal the answer that I seek...

*does a quick Google search*

...uh... never mind. Man, the manga art for NHS really isn't the best, huh? Not exactly much to describe from what I can see.

Well, no matter... fairies, demi-humans, people being shocked to see Rory, Brian looking out for his broth-

Wait, Brian and Carl are brothers?

Uh... we don't put brothers in the same areas since an incident in 1942 saw an entire family lose all 4 of their kids in a single attack. Can't believe I missed that detail earlier. I'm not even sure if there's a way to handwave this away other than the Army REALLY screwed up their documents. Cause this is one of those things the US Military really tries to be on the lookout for.

Oh well...

Moving on to the Runes bit... on the one hand, kind of dumb of Kurata to drink all his water in one go. On the other hand, I can assume he's the kind of person to take it easy despite nearly dying in a previous battle... him not being the sharpest tool in the shed and whatnot... but it was an interesting bit, seeing how magic runes can be implemented in a society to basically have a portable water fountain at your disposal.

...or apparently team Itami is just really dehydrated?

Anyway, meeting the reps... I do find it interesting that this version of Sadera is apparently just THAT powerful that it actually threatens the entire world here. It's a very different angle, and it is interesting to see a fellowship of the ring style meeting of leaders just as a new player arrives and-

Is that Parna?

Also Pina is here?

Also Gisselle is here?

Oh, and Chef Ramsay is here... yeeeeeeeeeaup... was wondering why the "Lost Lamb" felt like a reference. I'm also well over 100% sure I missed some other important characters appearing here simply because I don't know a lot about NHS.

Oh wait, the dragon baby is also here... and that means...

Hoo boy, things really are about to pop off, huh?

Welp! Overall, quite a fast-paced chapter. Switched between scenes a lot, but it felt fairly well done. Seems more like set up but in a good way.

Again, decent chapter overall. Character interactions still flow very naturally, and again this does feel like its own world in a way. The little error with the two brothers in the same unit is... well, it is what it is. Maybe you can retcon it, or just not reference it, but it is something that wouldn't be allowed in the US Military. This is still very much one of the more unique Gate/NHS fics out there.

Regardless, keep up the good work!
Maroon567 chapter 28 . 2/27
thus everybody in the city

yeah i can only guess pina knew sooner or later when the empire attack nobody i mean nobody give rat ass if she's in there

ok gisselle, gordon ramsay, duke, i mean everybody is inside the city

and also give minister tanaka aspirin he's gonna have one hell of headache after this
naufalrakha0104 chapter 28 . 2/27
Haha Gordon ramsay... Nah this is funny :)
DFMRCV chapter 26 . 1/23
Right then, new chapter! More setup, more characterization, more worldbuilding, oh my.

Oh hey, Gisselle! One of the few other Gate characters that actually DOES something in the original canon... well... until she gets addicted to Japanese food and becomes indebted to a store in Alnus and then has to pay off the debt by working there.

Man,a power to surpass the Gate gods... Japanese merchandise...

Uh... What were we talking about?

Oh, right! Gisselle.

Her interactions with the Flame dragon here were... interesting. So, it seems the Flame Dragon is under some kind of dark magic spell? Which is VERY different from canon. Cause Gisselle is supposed to be able to control is, so that begs the question... what exactly did it? Also were the flying triangles planes or...?


Then Gisselle is in an apartment... indebted because she's a glutton... L.O.L. That's more characterization for her canon personality than what we actually got in canon. Oh, wait, canon had to glorify Japan all the time, so Gisselle suddenly getting addicted to food only happens because Japanese food is "just THAT good" unlike all that gross fantasy medieval food.

Seriously, one would think Falamart would have SOME impressive foods given their access to friggin' MAGIC, but I digress. Good characterization; noticed the Spider-Man reference... actually makes sense for Gisselle if Hardy is obsessed with earth culture, but I digress.

Lucrecia... not sure if that's a town in Gate canon or in NHS canon, but it's interesting to have Gisselle living here because it's a young town that's been growing for the last century. Also interesting that she's been watching it grow as it was founded on her birthday. Though I wonder where she hides her dragons if she's living in a growing town that's a somewhat popular center for merchants. Again, good on the characterization here as Gisselle kind of misses her life as a normal person, which is something we never saw hinted with canon Gisselle but did with Rory, so it's good to see the inner monologue of characters. That said, it begs the question as to what she was doing several chapters ago in Tuka's village? Then again, she didn't chase her down, so... hmm...

But this is the set-up for the fact this is a fantasy world in a medieval era... and that means guilds... and Gisselle has to put up quests in the motel as well, Goblin Slayer style?


Though what exactly that "myth" may be sounds like foreshadowing... curious...

And then the twist... Flame Dragon is mommy T-Rex from Jurassic Park 2.

Welp! Sucks for them then. Whatever group took her baby is probably screwed.

Anyway, overall it was a good chapter. Again, world-building is very much on point, and it's interesting to see the interactions of Gisselle with normal people in a way that isn't... you know... "oh wow, Japan, sugoi!"

...yeah, I'm not exactly a big Gisselle fan...

Again, good chapter, I do believe the story still has its own feel, which is still very unique here. Not much to complain about, to be honest. Wonder how the negotiations will go moving forward with this other nation. Looking forward to find out!
Maroon567 chapter 26 . 1/20
okay first and foremost the cameo, well fine by me...any other isekai protag that got isekai'd to fallmart
raging from got hit by truck-kun to something stupidly but funny as having heart attack from tractor ( yes i'm looking at you kazuma) to something ridiculous such as the entire Classroom got transported by certain principality

but that's a good cameo actually

as for apostle can you ad bit of comedy like JSDF and USF encounter the most useless apostle ever live (*ahem* aqua *ahem*) aside from rory and probably gisselle

as for gisselle and the dragon i can say it was solid.

first the dragon, our dreaded Fire Dragon is actually went on continent wide rampage because of influence of dark magic consider the ridiculousness of Falmart,

as for gisselle it's nice to see change in her back story, and she's force to working in Inn, consider she got her asses handed by dragon the size of a destroyer...
naufalrakha0104 chapter 26 . 1/20
Bacchus from Shingeki no Bahamut.. Nice
DFMRCV chapter 25 . 1/10
Alright, long chapter though it was more expository.

Also Tyuule, yay, but I'll get to her.

So... Molt is "not around" it seems. Yeah, that makes sense. Canon Molt didn't really add a lot even when he was in power, and his canonical actions are... erratic. This guy claiming to be speaking for him and actively expanding the Empire is... interesting. I like the idea of other countries reacting to the Empire's expansionist policies by literally cutting all ties in order to prevent invasion which is not too unrealistic I would argue (*cough* Switzerland *cough*).

Pina is... certainly different. She's being dragged along with the expansionist elements and does NOT like it, but there's clearly not much she can do. I think. I take it she has some influence but not to the point it can challenge the word of this "Adem" individual, especially when the policies are apparently making life somewhat better. It is interesting seeing her Rose knights be "commoners" here because I was always under the impression the Rose Knights were the daughters of Nobles who were friends of Pina and could afford the armor required to become a professional military order. But Pina is implied in canon to care for the people a lot, so this isn't out of character for her, and it's arguably more characteristic of her egalitarian nature (something the original canon did not explore) as you see her taking people who can't afford this and giving them work under her command.

Her dream at the beginning was also interesting and I wonder what figure she saw in the cemetery, but I can tell this is more of a set-up chapter. Rumblings within the Empire itself, a prelude to other things maybe hinting at things to come... presumably... it is interesting that the Empire does have some sense of modern morality which is another different factor the original Gate lacked, justifiably so I would argue since I come at it from a "battle of eras" angle, but if you're taking the NHS setting, then it only makes sense. So you technically can't have Zorzal just feeding troops into a grinder here... I think...

Anyway, uh... yeah, Tyuule!

Okay, first Noriko, which it's nice she's not in a situation like her canon counterpart, but also not exactly great as she can still be harassed, but not abused, which is, again, an interesting change as it makes the Empire at least look more humane.

That said, it begs a lot of questions regarding Tyuule.

Her canon character is one riddled with suffering and 3 years of torture by Zorzal's hands. In these circumstances, she wouldn't be her canon self... presumably. We didn't get a whole lot other than the fact she isn't as physically beaten down as she was in the original canon (she was never able to do what she did to that senator in the original Gate canon) and a hint at her tragic past.

Which begs the question... where on earth is Zorzal and how is he different? Cause if the empire is like this, with systemic safeguards for some corruption, then his genocide of the Warrior Bunnies would probably not be simply ignored. I guess Pina was wondering what he was doing in further regions, so I assume this was some kind of punishment, but... does the Empire still allow slavery and such? Would make for an interesting contradiction, but not impossible if Zorzal took Tyuule's offer, killed her people, and was then punished for it by being sent far away or something.

But if it was a punishment, then Tyuule has less incentive for revenge, which you kind of hint at here. I guess she would still be the beaten-down former queen, just less vengeful, but I do think it kind of takes something away from the original character... though that's just me.

But hey, this is a different setting and story and you've done pretty well so far. It was an overall good read, and here's hoping to see more!
Maroon567 chapter 25 . 1/5
so in your fic, sadera is a dying empire try to get back to world buldozing everything in their path and Molt sudden health decline and de-throne and replaced is rather sus...

like mega sus...(insert among us imposter theme)

damn this is getting Game of Throne level shit vibe, or among us level imposter vs crew

Pina glad she get a rework, she still Patriotic but not idealistic or over patriotic or blind ''that empire is invicible level'' as shit.

But instead realistic know the fault of her own empire, i can only guess after her mother died and her father declining health, not to mention that MOTHERFUCKER running the whole show

I can only glad that Noriko and Tyuule has better fate with Tyuule still fought back even can secretly make Saderan Noble ''Disappear'' permanetly

so what next install for our princess
Maroon567 chapter 24 . 12/27/2021
hey i just make a request...this one not for falmart or nihonkoku (can someone name the planet please) planet it self

but for earth itself mostly adding some element from resident evil and other game on earth history, you know since you ad duke in your fic and few element of resident evil 7 (even you add a magical twist in it).

could you imagine the expresion of falmartian native and maybe the princess and her knight when they told about raccoon city and bioterrorism and most importanly the terrifiying nature of the virus and it's B.O.W zombie, licker, tyrant you name it.

consider in one of the manga where rory and itami stumble upon a village that got hit by falmart version of zombie virus.

if you want...
overlordwarhammer2019 chapter 23 . 12/22/2021
En DC hay un arma que roba las almas de gente que asesina, en tu historia sería lógico que existan armas mágicas como esa para matar apóstoles y seres inmortales o intangibles, fundir una espada o daga así y convertirla en balas sería fácil.

Los dioses de gate: estaban en contra del desarrollo tecnológico, solo lo permitían hasta cierto punto, si alguien sobresalía demasiado con su ciencia mandaban a un apóstol para detenerlo, en la temporada 2 de la novela cuando Japón intento poner una refinería de petróleo rory solo la destruyo
overlordwarhammer2019 chapter 24 . 12/22/2021
Muy bueno, seguiste los consejos del autor del Crossover con Shingeki no kyojin excelente.
Las fuerzas especiales de Japón y estados unidos podrían equiparse con herramientas para captura en caso de enfrentar seres inmortales con cosas como armas eléctricas, balas incendiarias, redes de acero, tranquilizantes de elefante y equipos encantados contra ciertos monstruos de los gremios de aventureros , balas santas,malditas,runas, hierro para demonios, vampiros o seres intangibles.

En nijonkoku shoukan original el dios sol es Amaterasu o sea que los dioses de la tierra son reales,
Y al parecer monjas,monjes,sacerdotes y similares comenzaron a manifestar magia, en tu historia eso podría ser posible gracias a las propiedades de ese mundo, bueno para combatir seres intangibles pero sería la única magia que podrían usar los humanos de la tierra, si la magia de traducción funciona en terrícolas porque no la fe con efectos más tangibles? Eso significa que gente que lleva rosarios y similares santificados por un sacerdote tendrá protección mínima contra demonios y fantasmas. Debe haber algún sacerdote en la base por la soldados heridos y muertos que de repente desea curar a un amigo y se cura un poco
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