Reviews for The Guise of Family
audreypaustin97 chapter 98 . 5/20/2022
I’m sad that the book is going to be ending soon, it’s kept me up late so many nights now that I’m getting used to reading it every night. Though I will say I’m unsure how all of this is going to end.
Valorionus chapter 1 . 5/20/2022
G Fawkes chapter 98 . 5/20/2022
In Canon, no one told, anyone, let alone parents of petrified students, and they all just laid there for months. So, this time, the parents were told? And they didn't take their kids out of the school an to St Mungo's? And didn't buy their own, private mandrake draught? And, didn't hex Dumbledore in the face? Statue or not, my kid would be coming home. Right now, lying there, defenseless, they're like, a basilisk buffet, waiting to happen!
Blue Luver5000 chapter 98 . 5/18/2022
Great chapter
Valkara chapter 82 . 5/18/2022
I have been enjoying this story up to the point of eating whale.

Eating whales is obscene, no matter how they're killed. They are intelligent, sentient beings.
Danny Jones II chapter 26 . 5/17/2022
Kinda feel like this story has become Lyra central for quite some time now.
Foster-the-Wizards chapter 98 . 5/16/2022
Awesome chapter!
Guest chapter 98 . 5/15/2022
Another awesome one. Thanks!
Shadobladez chapter 98 . 5/15/2022
Great chapter as always, would you be able to tell/hint to us on how many more chapters are left? Are you also going to continue onto the rest of the years? Looking forward to the final arc, cheers!
Sethrael Stark chapter 71 . 5/13/2022
I have to stop a bit at this chapter. I get that you're trying to paint Harry as a protector/guardian/pacifist person and that's fine. There's lots of fics where he also does not play quidditch and just flies a lot on his broom. But this is just ridiculous that a pro athlete has to talk to him. He's fine with harming people that hurts his family but he draws the line at quidditch? I understand that it's an opposite thing to Lyra where she's a hothead that fights and has an affinity with fire and what not but cmon.

I love this story honestly. But i gotta take a break from it. I mean i love the world building, the characterization, the mystery and intrigue. However, it's kinda exhausting. Especially when you add to the fact that it's 71 chapters in and they haven't finished 1st year yet.

Last thing. Put a slowbuild/burn on your summary.
G Fawkes chapter 97 . 5/13/2022
Samantha Fox? Had to Google that one. No idea who that was, and I'm old. I probably knew thirty years ago. Too short and too blonde for me. There are two things I like about her. : )
Yog-sothsoth chapter 25 . 5/13/2022
That... that's just bullshit. An unigue one, yes, but still. It feels so artificial and wrong, I don't even knkw where to start. I think, I'll take a break from the book
TheDesertFox12 chapter 7 . 5/9/2022
I read a story where Harry was passed of to the Soviets by Vernon, who was a sleeper agent. I hope this is something along these lines, like a Soviet agent Harry.
Blue Luver5000 chapter 97 . 5/9/2022
Great chapter chapter 97 . 5/8/2022
Another awesome chapter. Thank you! It felt like the right amount of detail without bogging down the story. They are using dark magic but it carries the narrative without it becoming a story ABOUT the dark magic. I appreciate that and look forward to more.
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