Reviews for Her Name is Rosier
Cecily Mitchell chapter 3 . 4/12
Poor Draco. He was looking forward to at least having his friend in the same House. That scene on the train was great! And I’m glad she told those girls off about their prejudices even if she did freak out afterwards. But it’ll improve her story if she’s aiming to be seen as a muggleborn because she would t know anything about Death Eaters right?
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 3 . 4/12
thanks for the update Virtual hug!
GMGaby chapter 3 . 4/11
Poor girl it’s getting frustrated with Ron and Harry already, and she still has the next seven years to go through.
Neakco chapter 3 . 4/11
I feel so bad for Draco. He is going to have to be mean to his best friend for appearances.
Taylor9901 chapter 3 . 4/11
I can’t wait for more
ReaderRabid2 chapter 3 . 4/11
It’s interesting to see your spin while still keeping to canon (but I was still rooting for her to be in another house!)
SmileSimplify chapter 2 . 4/4
Ch 2
Alas! I think Draco is going to be a teeny bit heartbroken come Sorting time. I bet Hermione would convince the Sorting Hat to put her in the Lion House (because she’d probably deduced that, like his parents were, Harry would be a Lion).

So... Does AD know HG’s true identity? If he does, did he keep the knowledge to himself or did he give MG a heads up?

Looking forward to ch 3! :)
Grovek26 chapter 2 . 4/3
Great chapter.
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 2 . 4/3
I can't wait for the plot to thicken. nice chapter.t hanks for the update. Virtual hug.
Cecily Mitchell chapter 2 . 4/3
It’s a great story. It’s very interesting to see her struggle to keep her composure right now because she’s so very young but there’s an agenda.
ReaderRabid2 chapter 2 . 4/2
Love it!
roon0 chapter 2 . 4/2
Hermione is a nasty piece of work. I feel really sorry for the Grangers, talk about cuckoo in the nest.
Neakco chapter 2 . 4/2
Won't Blaise be in for a shock.

Feel the need to say that my brain is going "Eeeeeeeeeee" in excitement for this chapter. There is so much set up, I love it.
roon0 chapter 1 . 4/2
Is Hermione a badie in the making? I hope not.
Animelover1396 chapter 2 . 4/2
just love it. But Hermione won't be in Slytherin with Draco so I want to see how they meet in secret.. And thanks for the update...
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