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Raiju001 chapter 20 . 9h
Yikes! Dang good show R&J! Very manipulative of Raven and Jaune did a great job of seizing an opportunity and pick out a weakness. Going to be rough from here on out though I bet. Those 2 do not have nor want the Branwen Tribe mindset. Hard rough training once again. This story is doing a great job of showing character growth though for sure. Pyrrha is going to have a hard time regardless. She still let's fear control so much of her choices and actions. She is weak mentally, though she is strong physically and against other huntsmen/huntress. That is an excellent character flaw to focus on for her, and makes her much more relatable. Oum still had a way with names. Thank you for the story and I eagerly await the next chapter!
Raiju001 chapter 17 . 11h
Man things have been so interesting, I have forgotten to review! With the adventure picking up in Ch17, I am happy so far with the way things have been going. I was not expecting this meeting that happened here. And I believe a Hammock will end up being essential gear for Jaune forever more! Thank you for the story, I am on to binge more!
marcialhd chapter 20 . 11/26
I'm gonna give my two cents on the Pyrrha and Jaune situation, while we can all agree that Jaune was in the wrong for resorting to forgery in order to get into Beacon i feel that the WHY he did so is just as important, from what we can tell THIS Jaune tried to get any form of training he could but because his father (a huntsman himself i might add) refused to train him, he ended up resorting to learning from books and passing huntsmen (which as you might guess is not the most reliable way to learn this kind of profession), and before you say it "why couldn't he just go to a combat academy then?", well from what we know being a Huntsman is a dangerous job where death could find you at any moment, so i don't see most parents being eager to let their children apply for something like this only to one day recieve their corpse in a coffin ( if they are lucky) so most likely than not any potential trainees would require their parents authorization before even applying to such a school, and since we know Jaune's dad doesn't wants him to be one, well it is obvious that that option is out too.

So looking at it from that point of view it is obvious that resorting to forgery is his last desperate attempt to try to follow his dreams, one that against all odds paid out as he not only got in, but also became team leader and got an actually prodigy as a partner and very friendly teammates. Now what has anything of this to do with Pyrrha? well some people on these comments keep spewing how she is not to blame for her current situation and that Jaune should have never done the forgery in the first place, but like i said above the intent is just as important as the act, YES Jaune did screwed up by resorting to forgery, but when you analyze his story you cna realize that he pretty much had no other choice, he was too old to go to a combat academy, his father certainly wouldn't help him (specially since he is most likely the reason why he is now in this situation), and from everything we know about RWBY it seems that either there is an age limit in which people are allowed to recieve training or training someone older is so rare that practically no choices or programs exist to assist such people, so from Jaune's point of view this was his last chance either he succeeded and finally had a chance to follow his dream or he failed and his life was over (either because he was discovered or because he died), either way it was a move made out of desesperation.

Now again what does this has to do with Pyrrha? well she was Jaune's partner which would make her the person he would most likely interact the most on Beacon besides maybe Ruby (who was his first actual friend) and thus the one he most likely felt a more direct closeness too (again besides maybe Ruby), when you have someone like that and you decide to share a personal secret with them (either because you are already that close or because you feel that you can trust them) only for them to go on your back and tell said secret to the person (or one of the people) that you don't really want knowing such secret, no matter whether they had good intentions in doing so (like Pyrrha's case) you will still feel betrayed because you gave your trust to that person and they failed you when you needed them, that's how Jaune feels in regards to Pyrrha he doesn't hates her because he understands the WHY she did it (which was to keep him safe even if it meant taking away his dreams) yet he still disagrees with her because she seemingly didn't took into account how revealing it would affect him negatively (losing his spot at Beacon and destroying his dream), so yeah he has every right to not feel fine around her, even if he understands her motives he could never agree with them.

Lastly i want to share my own opinion on the the argument about Pyrrha's semblance, and here is the thing BOTH sides have a point, on Pyrrha's favor she didn't choose to have this semblance and she has tried to not only use it subtly but also sparingly so as to not negate all the hard work her own opponets put into their own combat abilities, but on the other hand is this very approach that has unfortunately help her gain her so despised nickname "invincible girl" why? simple by using her semblance to correct her own strikes as to make them more accurate, and to help her dodge enemy attacks (by making it look like they missed) simply helps to sell the wrong idea that she is simply much more skilled than she actually is and that her opponets are less skilled than what they actually are, ironically helping to keep her in that pedestal she hates so much and that has kept her isolated for much of her life, the worst part is that there is no simple solution here, on all accounts she has done nothing wrong, after all it's her semblance she had no choice on what she got, and there is no rule on tournaments saying that she needs to tell anyone about it, so it is not really cheating as it is a part of herself and the way she used it is also since not everyone has an obvious semblance so she wouldn't be the only one with such an advantage, the thing here is that despite she not really doing anything bad on her end, thing were always gonna end this badly, she is a public figure due to her status as a tournament champion and as such people will always try to find a way to bring her down "show" that she is not "little miss perfect" (as some would put it) and considering how she chose to keep it a secret and the way she chose to use it (even if we know that she has never abused it) they will simply use this to paint her in a bad light, basically no matter what she did she was screwed either way.
BRUH chapter 20 . 11/26
Pyrrha being punished because of... why? I don't care but...
I hope there's a payoff to all this bashing, where her character evolves in some interesting way. Otherwise it just feels gratuitous.

Besides that, there is no way Jaune is in the right, nor should he think that Pyrrha "betrayed" him. What was he expecting by telling her that?

Nor should Nora act like Pyrrha's very presence is anathema. By the time Jaune admits his secret to Pyrrha, we're less than halfway into the first semester. That's at most 2 months-ish. There is simply no way to forge a strong bond with your team, that's too short a time. They are roommates who might soon become friends. Nora's upset is overblown and OOC.

Also, you can't cheat your way into a school, then be angry at your partner when you get ratted out lol. Especially a combat school where your life is in danger if you're unprepared.

I hope Jaune grows up from his childish way of thinking.
simm36 chapter 20 . 11/25
muy buen capitulo
Raiju001 chapter 4 . 11/25
Lots of foundations being laid in this chapter. Some character development revelations that I really like. And the journey begins! Thanks for the story! On to chapter 5!
Raiju001 chapter 2 . 11/24
Really well written! The brashness of youth. The fact that they dont have all the experience and self-knowing that would help them navigate such issues. It really helps capture that they are young. Thank you for the story! On to chapter 3!
Raiju001 chapter 1 . 11/24
Ahhhhhh. Teenage drama! Jumping off without getting the whole reason and stories and making the situation worse for themselves. Afraid to say the truth and ruining relations. Pyrrha, you let your fear do all the talking. Sorry kiddo, your choice is going to bring so much pain to your doorstep. Thank you for this story! Now on to the second chapter!
0akarigan0 chapter 20 . 11/22
Si Ruby obtiene un poco de venganza, adas estoy seguro de que Raven tiene más planes escondidos.

Por el lado de Pyrrha, tal vez esto sea bueno siempre y cuando no se deje engañar por Mercury, y Cardin es un idiota total.

Magnifico trabajo, me encanto.
ForgeDConvictioN chapter 20 . 11/22
Love this story! It’s so refreshing to see characters handled so well. Not only that, I love the romance. It just makes sense. I loved Jayne but it was sad seeing his character be pushed into the background-please keep writing this! I read through it in a few days and now I’m all depressed I’ll have to wait for more. :D
Essiter1987 chapter 20 . 11/22
Well, I love this. Not sure why I didn't get a notification that there was a new chapter, but still. I'm actually okay with The Breach taking place before The Dance in this story. I really want to see Jaune dance with Ruby.
Actually, wanted to see that in the show's proper, too. Maybe, one day?
Sabert00thsa chapter 20 . 11/21
I'm really liking this angry Ruby. Great story, really good pacing, and excellent understanding of what you want the characters to develop into.
Aimlessamo chapter 20 . 11/21
Woo boy this chapter made me mad. Not the writing of course, it's still great as ever, but the whole Pyrrha situation is getting me worked up. At one point I was kinda mad that you kept giving her the shit treatment but I calmed myself down and thought positively that maybe Nora and Pyrrha can mend there relationship again. Still the other students are dumbasses (or just want to create hate for no reason) for blaming someone's semblance.

Don't even get me started with Raven. I'm actually relieved that the end fight didn't go to shit. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Argus456 chapter 20 . 11/21
Well, Ruby tagging along will certainly make the trial period with the Branwens easier for both of them, something that Raven will know and take advantage of...
ZACK2357 chapter 20 . 11/21
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