Reviews for Define Dancing
Anime Borat chapter 1 . 4/25
This a unique twist to the usual classic pairing stories that once made up a good portion of the AzuDai archive. I never expected that you took this direction. It was quite wholesome and down well. I recall the site's tagline: "Unleas your imagination!" And you've done it quite beautifully in this simple, yet well-written fic compared to plenty of others on FFN, writing the way you want it. You took a big leap in your way of writing this story and I applaud you for it.

I like how used Kaorin's llve for astronomy and make it a plot point, it's severely underrated here, even on the fandom's heyday during the 2000s. Azumanga Daioh helped shaped the internet's liking for anime in many ways, including the use of the 4koma format, defining the slice-of-life genre in anime as we know it, a relatable cast of characters in comedic situations set up like a newspaper comic as a whole, and much more. For me, the fandom's glory days on FFN peaked at 2010, when I started here and gradually declined to a shell of its former self to this day. It is unlikely we'll ever see a revival here, there's like one or two people active at any given time. It's what makes it bittersweet, just like the ending of the anime, the characters will live on in our hearts and here, for a while at least, we give them new life. And that life dances to the music of our dreams.

Sincerely, from a fellow author and reader,
Anime Borat.