Reviews for A Spoonful of Sugar
bgreenfl chapter 1 . 4/23
Excellent story! One of, not THE best Harry / Fleur stories I have read.

I think that you hit just the right notes on the development of their relationship. Harry lacked self confidence, but tied more to the age difference than total lack of self worth. The level of angst in so many stories (and canon) makes me want to slap him and yell "get over it!"
OoOXylionOoO chapter 1 . 2/4
envyyami chapter 1 . 1/17
That's not a spoonful of sugar... That's a bucket worth and I need insulin
Ariadne Venegas chapter 1 . 12/23/2022
So she took him to lunch with her parents?
Smutley Do-Wrong chapter 1 . 11/13/2022
Ten ... was looming, seemingly growing ever longer, fitting.

A "ten years later" epilog, truly would have lame.
Kittenzz chapter 1 . 10/20/2022
Ok, this was nice. I liked this. But god damn it. Why are there only two quotation marks for dialogue. You’re killing me over here.
Everybody's Changing chapter 1 . 9/20/2022
This was incredibly sweet. Thank you!
archangel7431 chapter 1 . 8/17/2022
ObsessedWithHPFanFic chapter 1 . 8/4/2022
Awesome story and brought tears to my eyes at the ending. Thanks for sharing!
Renzo7 chapter 1 . 7/27/2022
That was beautiful! The ending was extremely fitting.
Fellbane chapter 1 . 7/19/2022
Godsdammit that was beautiful.
DrackNath chapter 1 . 7/16/2022
After reading Cadmean
This is a sweet sweet rejuvenating moment
I love it
Its super sweet, fluffy, and cute
I kinda wish it was longer but i think it is beautiful because it is short
Thank you for this and see u at Water
K chapter 1 . 7/1/2022
A lovely story. Loved it!
Shortsharpshock chapter 1 . 7/3/2022
Is it hot in here, or is it me?

Fleur is breathtaking, smart, powerful and of course beautiful. Harry’s his earnest open book self.

A bit of European tour, and magic!
Cosray8d chapter 1 . 6/26/2022
Well that was wholesome
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