Reviews for A Spoonful of Sugar
iChaos chapter 1 . 4/16
That was absolutely lovely. Nice touch with Verona, of all places.
Jo Cook chapter 1 . 4/11
Eirian Mavros chapter 1 . 2/4
The story is beautiful, each moment feel fleeting and it keep you on the edge of your seat. I could feel Harry's hope and anxiety on the start of each segment. The ending is a bit jarring I, but still beautiful in my opinion. Overall it's a well written and very enjoyable to read. Thank you for writing this piece and sharing it with us.
mewingdog chapter 1 . 1/28
The story - Beautiful, sweet and amazing , very well written and enjoyable to read ... astounding to think you did this in one chapter...
the relationship, however - NO. The manipulative parts are hidden carefully , but they are there ... you just have to look carefully ...

but overall , the story is great and Harry/ Fleur is very difficult to write into a healthy relationship... you did very well
thelordoptimus chapter 1 . 1/28
with Harry/Fleur , the age gap makes it very hard to write a good story with a healthy progressive relationship.. this story , while sweet and cute , and great , undermined the issues with their relationship becoming public .
... you have to read between Fleur's lines , but it's there..
But the story and the writing is great..
LessaOfPern chapter 1 . 1/13
This is a really lovely story. I really loved the ending.
Sheogorath-Loves-His-Cheese chapter 1 . 1/10
I cried a bit
pleasantracket chapter 1 . 12/3/2021
Harry/Fleur is a very interesting pairing that very few people do well. To do the pairing well, they would have to confront all the issues and either come up with some way of resolving them, or not resolve them and portray those issues in a convincing way. This fic not only makes no attempt to hide or ignore these issues, it also makes the issues even worse, with Fleur taking on the role of Harry’s teacher, giving her an unreasonable amount of power over him. A very interesting setup which leads to very interesting results.

One thing this fic does amazingly is a gradual descent from a cute, fluffy fic to a dark and sinister one. The changes are so subtle that you might miss them if you aren’t paying enough attention, but they aren’t too subtle to the point they’re barely even there. The fic is written extremely well, various literary techniques are deployed to devastating effect to set the tone and show the plot. The motif of Harry’s bedroom, and the way it’s twisted from an item of comic relief to something far more dark is very cleverly done.

The fic doesn’t ignore magic either. The way magic is woven into the story, given a specific purpose or used as some metaphor, while still retaining its whimsical qualities that we all love Harry Potter for, is done excellently. Each scene, each lesson, each spell all has a very specific purpose, and together they build up to a horrifying big picture.

The character arcs, character motivations and characterisations are also solid. Harry feels very much in-canon and believable. Fleur’s canon characterisation is retained, but is also added to and given much more complexity. Even Vernon and Petunia Dursley are well done, for the brief moment they appear.
a.vago chapter 1 . 11/19/2021
Nicely done - beautiful!
Thanks for writing and sharing it with us!
WardyWoo chapter 1 . 11/9/2021
The star of the piece is obviously Fleur; the story begins and ends with her. She feels fleshed out, has strengths/weaknesses, insecurities, ambitions/fears. She is both real and yet still very special, which is absolutely important in a piece as character driven as this. This variation of her character isn't new, she feels quite similar to iterations found in HBR though infinitely more likeable, and with this there's a real understanding of her in your writing that I liked. Bird metaphors abound, but I like how swan-like she feels. Ease and poise outward, betraying the inward effort and struggle. It feels very her.

It's a very simple piece, and I mean that in the absolute best of ways (simplicity is technique). In terms of structure and language, the fraying only begins when you step away from that, though I suspect flowery language you felt was quite necessary in order to keep the tone light. The alliteration - '*she shrugged her slim shoulders* - the metaphor - *his heart leapt into his mouth and he jumped to his feet*while fun, sort of weighs down the athletic nature of the prose. With the structure being so set, with each spoonful interval and each scene being a meeting, the pacing begins to slow in the middle parts, especially as the progression of both characters (Harry and by the nature of perspective us, as readers, learning more of magic and of Fleur. Fleur opening herself more to Harry). As ridiculous as it may seem, perhaps keeping it slightly simpler would help with the slowed pacing.

There is some repetition of 'quipped' that I found to sort of stand-out; not every clever comment needs to be a quip. Feels a little bit like audience coaching. There's an avoidance of said (fuck I sound like SB), to a degree. Again, within this piece specifically, what stands out is the characters which live within the dialogue, and I think it would be better to allow the dialogue to exist by itself.

The tone is amazing. Having only a dim and distant memory of ACV, what's really impressive here to me is the realism of the warmer, fluffier elements. It's warmth without feeling contrived. We, as readers, do get the sense that they grow to care for one another. Fleur's opening to Harry feels earned, and to do that in a small number of words is excellent. Equally, Harry's progression as a person feels earned, too. All good stuff.

My biggest issue is Harry, oddly enough. For someone as rounded and as complete as Fleur feels, Harry, by the purpose of the story's structure and narrative, feels incomplete. I found myself sort of hoping for the trope-inversion-inversion, with them truly going their separate ways at the end, which is an odd feeling for a fluff piece. Maybe I'm growing harsh in my old age, but their connection feels fleeting with them as they are now. She says *'I'm not looking for a student'* and yet that seems to be the crux of their connection. His learning, her showing. The ending sort of just betrays the narrative of what came before and feels, to my mind, slightly jarring.

The beauty of the piece, I feel, was how fleeting it felt. The fast pacing, the snapshots, the stolen moments. It felt vibrant; it really does feel like how falling for someone when you're young feels. To go from that lovely, and yet fleeting, feeling to:

('*Now,' he whispered. 'And **for**ever*.')

feels like a strange tonal juxtaposition (fuck that's a pretentious way of saying something). Unless this is your intention. That to the immature hearts (Fleur Harry) this feels permeant and special, yet to the older, more cynical audience, this talk of forever only demonstrates their naivete. If so, that's amazing and I love it, but it does run countermand to the warmth of the original piece which is very alienating to the reader.

Otherwise, this story is amazing. I truly mean that. I wish more people wrote as simply and as athletically as this piece was written. It's rare for someone to know their narrative voice as acutely as you know yours. It's rare to read a character as magnetic as your Fleur proves to be. I cannot wait for you to finish posting ACVR so I can read it in its entirety.

Cheers bb. I want to ruin what I've said by telling you that I hope Milan go bust so we get Tomori on a free, but I wont.

doenerkint chapter 1 . 11/4/2021
Hm, I quite like it. Generally, a pretty approach to their pairing.

Getting rid of Bill the way you did is fine, a logical conclusion if I ever saw one. Kinda amazed that it's very similar yet very different to how I did it.

Loved the idea of travelling, gave the scenes a liberal education feel. Switzerland as a destination is odd but fair enough. The lecture on occlumency is neat but I do have a pet peeve on the subject. Fleur has glaringly violated the sanctity of his mind by using leglimency on later occasions. I get that he and she have a rather unique relationship at this point and that she would seek to know his thoughts on particular subjects that would pertain to a life lived together. It's like speed dating, in a way.

One thing I found rather too intrusive was that she looked into his mind on the subject of magical contraception. The topic itself is fine but to spy into his thoughts to know how he felt about her having used a contraceptive is a step too far. I don't know how that would play down the line but Harry is rather young at this stage and his choice not to voice his thoughts should spell more maturity than the thoughts that Fleur had read. She frowned at his thoughts and did not take his silence as a cue for personal growth.

On the other hand, I've come to realize that this has enabled you to draw on emotions that could only develop the way they did if she knew key aspects of his feelings for her. I would just be really cautious with leglimency as a catalyst of sorts. I'd call it a red flag but you know...fanfiction

Fleur is jealous of Hermione, lol. A man can have female friends you know. XD

The feather that he pocketed was a really beautiful idea. It's personal and yet you wrote Fleur as if it was the mundanest thing to her. It's akin to giving a lock of your hair to a loved one.

The Hungary scene in the old forest was perfect world-building. You didn't really write much but the few references you provided painted a detailed picture, good stuff.

Overall, a splendid one-shot. Kudos, bud.
Cario Regun chapter 1 . 10/29/2021
normally I dont go for oneshots but this was beautiful
Guest chapter 1 . 10/18/2021
Your writing is so good that it makes me want to write. Thank you
darthkratos24 chapter 1 . 9/26/2021
I remember this story... How could I forget it's what got me Into the harry Fleur pairing especially when done right
USSRParrot chapter 1 . 9/18/2021
I love stories like this.
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