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Massive HTTYD Fan chapter 5 . 6/9
Oh, God. Henry and Robert's ghost in a VR would have been disastrous. I hope that's not going to be a future Crossed Lines story.

Klaus. Rolf really was a terrible brother, wasn't he? And Penfold very much does deserve Ctulhu- clearly he was far more involved than I'd thought. Them working together to split Klaus and Chantal makes me want to cry a little bit. Hopefully, with Chantal already talking to Klaus again and Klaus learning exactly how bad a brother Rolf was, things will become better for them. Leopard and Green Cat, right? The Cheetah was part of Rolf's machinations, which just goes to show what a bad idea it was.
Wait. Cheetah. Cheater. Klaus was cheating on Chantal with Anya. Whose idea was that nickname again?
Massive HTTYD Fan chapter 4 . 6/9
I'm so glad Neal is back in the real world now. His "What did Rolf do now?" reaction was absolutely hilarious.

I suppose Alice was Ctulhu, but more a pawn for Azatoth than a partner? The corrupt guard does provide the explanation for how Rolf continued being the Big Bad from prison, which sort of eliminates the idea that Ctulhu was in charge of most of what happened after Rolf was imprisoned.

Sara giving Neal a ring is so sweet. It does seem unfair that women get two rings but men only get one. Also, she's going to be moving back to New York!
Massive HTTYD Fan chapter 3 . 6/9
Thank God (or Klaus) they got Neal out of there. He's... not exactly doing well though, is he? I just very much hope they can bring him out of it before a further move from either Azatoth or Ctulhu.

The little bits of insight into Klaus give me life. His getting into Lovecraft despite not enjoying them originally is unlikely to have been an effect of direct brainwashing, but it very much shows how much influence Rolf had on his tastes. The gargoyle thing is even more of a sign of that. Is Klaus not liking them so much now a sign that he's fully breaking away from Rolf? Coupled with his giving Peter the location, I'm going to be optimistic about his chances.
Massive HTTYD Fan chapter 2 . 6/9
It would have been so nice if Neal's squeamishness around tentacles was just a normal kind of fear, wouldn't it? Something born out of trauma but ultimately a more visible, healable issue than brainwashing. A bit like Henry's ghost thing, a comparison he made as well.

Is Alice Ctulhu? I definitely feel like she is, but I'm reading from Tricia's slightly biased point of view, and even if she is, they really need a whole lot of evidence.

Ooh, next chapter is Peter and Henry reaching out to Klaus! If I'm not mistaken, this will be Henry's first meeting with him- fair warning, however much I've grown to like Henry and Eric together, I am absolutely going to be reading too much into this.
Massive HTTYD Fan chapter 1 . 6/9
Oh no. Not more hypnosis? Neal really cannot catch a break.

Ctulhu probably being a woman was definitely foreshadowed by Tricia suggesting Diana write her like that- I should have focused more on that thought when it came to me as I read that chapter.
KeJae chapter 5 . 5/16
I like the idea of Neal being able to sneak back into work and merely be waiting at his desk to enjoy their reactions when they came out, but instead he went to see where they were and join in since he probably missed them :) Ooh, but I would like to know how they'd prank his desk... I've had several variations in my story and am curios what you'd do ;) Oh, Penfold makes sense as the evil second in the scheme, and it's good that this particular empire can now rest behind bars. However, that leaves what they'll try to do despite their circumstances, and who will replace them as the next foe as questions. I'm glad Neal and Diana got a talk while Diana can now consider her actions as beneficial instead of seeing herself as just another part of the torture that he endured. Ah, the writer's block... I think we've all run into that at some point :P Oh, so that's how you're going to handle the mansion... dividing it up into an apartment complex would retain a semblance of the original while expanding it to meet their current needs. I hope they do secret passages, hidey holes, and other fun additions to their work as that would retain June and Byrons history while including Neal's and Mozzies ;) Ouch, Penfold's plans of attack sound pretty inclusive for those in his life when it would have been compiled, but I do notice that Peter wasn't on that list, at least not yet. I think we've reached a transition point. With Rolf and Penfold put away, there won't be as much need for Arkham or their plot lines, but that doesn't mean they won't go away while it also leaves gaps for additional issues to fill the space. I look forward to seeing what you have next :)
PastOneonta chapter 4 . 5/13
I wanted to comment on Sara’s return to NY. It looks like it will happen pretty quickly. Will she go to work for Win-Win? She and Henry and Neal and White Collar will be hugely successful in any criminal investigation they work on. Criminals beware! I noted she was losing her job possibly to outsourcing. That seems fairly historically accurate to me, early 2000’s when companies were breaking away from work not central to their business. It will be interesting where she and Neal decide to live. And I wonder what type of wedding. Sara is a planner and an organizer, she can put her skills to use on her wedding! Lovely, thank you for the anticipation of that happiness.
PastOneonta chapter 4 . 5/13
Neal is recovering. He has Sara and their love is even stronger. She's amazing - not that I ever doubted her - in that she is confident in the face of fear and she never wavers in supporting Neal. It's lovely to see. Some of what he has faced and the unknown of what he is facing now in recovery would cause many people to question their commitment. It sometimes feels like they will never be truly free of Rolf and his games but they live their life in the strength of love. And friends.

The friends are wonderful. Mozzie is back in NY making Neal feel comfortable again. We can thank him for the Godzilla con which tied a lot of events back to Rolf. That was interesting. I am seeing it as too much pride on Rolf's part. And Langton! If she hadn't run the FBI would have had to handle her investigation differently, with her still involved. Now they can investigate away. I see that as a mistake on Rolf's part too. The tech skills of Travis and Aidan will unravel the rest of the plot.

I love Henry as Bruce. We can rely on him to return to big brother protective role for Neal whenever necessary. I like Henry in that role, he's solid and confident and action oriented. Of course if Neal never needed to be saved again that would be good too!

I love the design of Neal's ring and his desire to wear it. That is special and so true to Neal and Sara. I am glad Neal is sleeping well but I hope we hear more about his recovery and what to expect from Jacob. Thanks for the chapter.
PastOneonta chapter 3 . 5/13
Thank goodness Neal is safe. He will find the rest of the way back to himself and Sara and friends and family. We are hopeful. He had already been fighting the effects of the trigger without being fully sure there was a trigger. He just knew he was having a reaction to octopus and cephalopods. It was fortunate he and Henry had recently planned to use the characters of Finding Nemo as his safe haven and protectors. That seems very timely now.

The question still is why? What does Rolf want? To show his superiority? He must have been planning this particular initiative for a while. He must have had help. Who rented the apartment? Who played the flute to Neal’s office phone? Maybe it won’t matter because Rolf will be stopped now. Definitively and permanently. Somehow, I am not talking a prison hit but somehow the FBI can stop him. He has lost all hope of recruiting Neal as long as Neal can fight the mind control. Which he is! Neal has to be confident that Rolf can not control him or capture him or drive him away from friends. Even with the help of Langton Rolf couldn’t get it done. How will he respond? Will he give up? With Langton twisting in the wind will there be another attempt? Or will she be caught?

Great chapter. As I said, we are grateful Neal is safe and hopefully soon to be Neal again.
PastOneonta chapter 2 . 5/13
Neal is where? He’s not at the gallery. Is he wandering the streets trying to follow the directions from the voice in his head? Peter and Henry working together will find him, they know him best, they know the manipulation, they know Rolf. We might not know why but we can worry about that once he’s found. Poor Sara! Is she on her way?

Langton seems too good to be true. She’s either perfectly innocent and coincidentally has these connections or she is as immersed in the plot as Rolf and Penfold. Tricia is excellent. And Diana will be fine though the guilt won’t get better until Neal is found.

Looking forward to Peter and Henry’s next move. Thanks for the chapter.
MarJan53 chapter 5 . 5/12
June is devious shei tempting Offer to keep her adopted crew in-her house by offering them private-space within her walls I always pictured Mozzie moving in as Neal moved out they only showed it-briefly in an episode but there’s plenty of unused space behind Neal’s kitchen bathroom and closet wall
KeJae chapter 4 . 5/5
Neal robotically following directions is something to be afraid of, in this case, it means he more working on his art than paying any attention to them. Aww, although I'm sure they don't appreciate it, I like seeing their worry for Neal after something has gone screwy... it's a part of the comfort to look forward to, the relief for them :) Peter would probably feel silly reading a cartoon script at any other time, but for this, he's happy to do so! Ha-ha, those could become code names for everyone, if Neal starts talking about Finding Nemo, the crew will know who he's referencing while others will just think he's referencing a popular animated movie ;) I'm sure everyone is waiting until they're sure it's safe to give Neal big hugs... I hope there's lots of that next week ;) Diana has some reassurance that Neal probably won't hold anything against her, but I think she needs to hear it from him before she can totally relax. At least they've proven her guilty of her crimes, but there is still a gap in who caused what to contend with on the rest of the details towards finally solving the puzzle. Oh, so that's what you had planned... I like it, Neal is off of the market ladies and Sara can enjoy seeing that ring on his finger any time (he can wear it undercover for a while too since it's not obviously a wedding ring yet). Aww, we're going to lose them living at the loft with June, but I'm sure Mozzie can be convinced to stay there as another safe house while they're all welcome to visit :) Ha-ha, I loved the imagery of Peter learning that's he an adopted something to Mozzie... maybe they'll have to come up with something like cousin twice removed :P
MarJan53 chapter 4 . 5/5
Mozzie taut Neal well he automatically created a bolthole from the programming I love the idea of the having matching ring like Travis and Richard’s
MarJan53 chapter 4 . 5/5
I geared up when I gotcredit for the Mandfeldconvsstion Mansfeld conversation
MarJan53 chapter 3 . 5/1
Good thing Neal considered himself a shapeshifter so he could become Nemo small enough to escape Luckly had his support Avatars-in place to survive plus is brain may be saying he was underwater but his body was in an oxegeyn rich space
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