Reviews for Whispers of a Raven
yudhazebba chapter 25 . 1h
Uday Sra chapter 25 . 3h
HumorMe2 chapter 25 . 5h
Oh, such a cliffhanger with Odin to retrieve Harry’s wife in his original timeline. How will time work to converge the two into one, being his wife? Pull a Raven out of a magical hatMagician?
azphxbrd chapter 25 . 8h
Good Chapter, Awaiting next update.
sandipi chapter 25 . 10h
I want to shake Narcissa. She needs to leave. It is dangerous where she is. No matter what is going on in her head. Retreat to the house that is supposed to be her favorite. Is she under control spells? Does her thinking about that break them or does Lucy have to die?
Thank you for the new chapter.
deoxeyses chapter 25 . 10h
DocCBM chapter 25 . 10h
Very interesting
Crainium9 chapter 25 . 12h
I kinda get why cissa dies but i refuse to believe that thwywere so uncautious that the wife of the guy volde hates the most had nothing like an emergency portkey(which is cannon) or something to get her out easy so im unfollowing from this chap because of that
Dayside chapter 25 . 13h
You thoroughly ruined the entire story with this Narcissa reincarnation bullshit.
Absolutely demolished it. Such a shame, really.
fallendemon248 chapter 25 . 14h
Almost there we're so close Harry vs Voldemort and he needs to hurry narcissa is starting to remember more and more, oh I cant wait for the end
stevem1 chapter 25 . 14h
This is a very well written, fast paced and engaging chapter.
Maruto Namikaze chapter 25 . 14h
Well done, can't wait for next chapter
DarkRavie chapter 25 . 15h
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
BNGR chapter 25 . 15h
OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOG chapter 25 . 16h
The Death Eaters at Hogwarts were dead the moment Harry Peverell set foot within the halls and walls of the Magical School. Good riddance to the Diadem Horcrux and good riddance to Peter Pettigrew. Voldemort has never been more livid than he is now. Narcissa Malfoy's memories as Narcissa Peverell are melding into her very being, and her longing for Harry Peverell grows only stronger. Facing Fenrir Greyback and his Werewolf Pack at Full Moon is suicide for any other Witches pr Wizards, but not Harry Peverell. He'll show them all exactly why he's Death's Champion and The Master of Death.
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