Reviews for The Visit
Guest chapter 2 . 5/31
Hoping for another chapter...
fork-lightsocket chapter 2 . 5/20
The description. The detail. Elizabeth trying to apologize for getting him help and then his almost shyness in asking her to help him shave. The gradual transition from her not wanting to go up to not wanting to leave him to being excited to get home in the end. Loved every bit of it! Fantastic work!
2queens1prince chapter 2 . 5/9
I am very late to the party here, but I wanted to let you know how wonderful it is to see something from you. I'm glad you are still writing and I love that you took on this spin-off.

The details were spot on and I love that we were able to see both points of view. Thanks for writing this.
lil'mousie323 chapter 2 . 4/30
I don’t know how I missed this being posted, but this was AMAZING! You have written this perfectly, I wish it wasn’t complete!
Brendalwood chapter 2 . 4/30
Oh. The sweater in his arms. The soft touch as she shaved him. The ferocity of Stevie

Every detail was exquisite.

I look forward to ch 3.
Kimber1983 chapter 2 . 4/30
That was truly wonderful I so enjoy your writing I will be honest it hurt to read the beginning but the rest was heart warming Keep writing for you and those of us that read it
Kimesita chapter 2 . 4/30
Oh gosh this is so good! Well done
Guest chapter 2 . 4/30
Oh my goodness this chapter is everything! I love the way you’ve written Elizabeth’s thought process and their reunion was perfect. Thanks so much!
Ellie chapter 2 . 4/29
So happy to see another chapter of this. Love the inspiration for it and it’s so, so well written. Can’t wait to read more! :)
Guest chapter 2 . 4/29
Stunned. So so amazing.
Hetwaszoietsals chapter 2 . 4/30
Love the update, thank you!
nonadhesiveness chapter 2 . 4/30
I’ve been waiting impatiently for this chapter, so I was so excited to see an update this morning!

I love this chapter so much! You’ve done a great job of capturing Elizabeth’s feelings—the guilt of sending Henry away like that (even though it was the right thing to do), the fear that he’ll reject her and feel that she betrayed him, the idea that even if the decision destroyed their marriage she still wouldn’t change it. You showed her love for him so well.

I was glad we got to see Elizabeth’s side of the conversation when Stevie called her and that we saw Elizabeth’s interpretation of the whole situation and what she thinks Henry might be thinking/feeling about her—it was nice to have the contrast with what Henry is really feeling that we saw in the previous chapter. I can totally understand her fear. I’m glad that Henry was able to understand what was going on in her mind and was able to reassure her. All of their interactions were so touching, especially her helping him to shave and her leaving him her cardigan.

I loved the interaction between Elizabeth and Stevie too. Elizabeth definitely needed someone to be tough with her and force her to go through with the visit, and I like how Stevie picked up on the fact that Elizabeth had dressed for Henry. It was really emotive when Stevie called after Elizabeth and then hugged her before she went in. I think you really captured their relationship dynamic—that there is this antagonism between them, with Stevie pushing back a lot, but there’s also a deep bond there.
lostinthewords chapter 1 . 4/29
I love the details you put in, the entire idea of him not shaving but allowing her to do it. Every emotion, the sketches, just everything about this is fantastic!
Cibbola chapter 2 . 4/29
This is so, so good. Thank you.
nancyramos07 chapter 2 . 4/29
I was a little worried at first, but it turned out to be very sweet, thank you!
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