Reviews for Brooklyn Kidnapped
dondena chapter 13 . 5/11
At last, they have something to go on!
dondena chapter 14 . 5/11
In a way, it seems like when the Banshee was torturing Goliath, Angela, and Elisa with her voice. I mean how they couldn't get away from the sound and it just about took them out if it hadn't been for Bronx. Good thing Brooklyn was able to destroy the speakers.
dondena chapter 12 . 5/6
Brooklyn has obviously developed a fever. Not good. Keep a going! So good!
dondena chapter 10 . 5/2
The Mutates could help look for Brooklyn too. They all could be out there looking in the city for him.
dondena chapter 9 . 5/1
Great chappie! Poor Brooklyn. Can't wait for more!
dondena chapter 8 . 5/1
Definitely would be scary having to fight a bear.
dondena chapter 6 . 4/28
I know how it can feel about the heat. I hate extreme heat too. But good test. Brooklyn was one that didn't like cold very well. He was also tested against heat and cold in the episode To Serve Mankind.
dondena chapter 5 . 4/25
Me too!
dondena chapter 4 . 4/25
Really good chapter. A lot of the time, you just don't see that kind of torture very often. Can't wait for more!
dondena chapter 3 . 4/24
If Thailog thinks that fear is the way to make humans like gargoyles any better, that would just make humans hate gargoyles all the more, leading to the clan being killed off sooner or later.
dondena chapter 2 . 4/24
Like it already! Poor Brooklyn.
dondena chapter 1 . 4/24
Sounds like Thailog took him.