Reviews for Dear Callum,
Luis campino chapter 1 . 1/2
Mais que perfeito.
ArthurWheeler chapter 1 . 4/25/2021
So I read this then had to go find and read "Dear Rayla". It's good and a nice companion read to "the runaway". There is one line that my mind is or...heart keeps trying to delete and pretend isn't there. "Our journey together is over".

Stab, stab, oh I have been stabbed by the stab prince

But I guess a story that makes you feel is a good one. I still hesitate that Rayla would be that Harsh. I think in the end of Through the Moon she has the mindset that she wants to go alone but has the hope that if she can find Viren and end him then she will be at peace to safely enjoy a happy life with Callum.

Without spoiling too much in Through the Moon (for those who haven't read it) Callum decides to let Rayla do something really dangerous on her own because she asks him to let her do it on her own. He agrees but tells her at the first sign of trouble he would jump in after her.

I really like how you incorporated both times Callum jumped after Rayla in this story.

But I think this is where I can't take "Dear Rayla" seriously because I don't think anything Rayla says we'll deter Callum from going after her. The guy has literally jumped into certain death/doom twice to save her. I can't imagine that he is going to read a letter and then just go back home, do nothing to help her, and try to move on.

I think Rayla deep down knows this. So yes I think she would try to get him to stay but I don't know that she would elude to never seeing him again.

Ahh I don't know it's hard to be critical of a good write. Honestly I have been stuck for over a month with A chapter in my own story "Becoming Together" which as you know is somewhat inspired by "The Runaway". I am stuck on a serious big feelings conversation between Rayla and Callum a short while after Callum finds Rayla. I don't want it to be to "Easy" but at the same I don't want it to be too harsh. Really trying to tap into how Rayla and Callum would react. I think Callum would lean to be more patient and forgiving while being insistent that Rayla doesn't have to do things on her own. Rayla would be greatful to see him but still needs to address her fears of loosing him. uggg well...anyways good story thank you for writing. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts.