Reviews for Rashomon: The 124th Hunger Games
Firedawn'd chapter 5 . 1/8
I can't tell you enough about how much I loved Ali's intro! It absolutely wrenched and broke my heart... gosh, your lines still echo in my head even so long after I've read this chapter, notably the "Atlantis-tinted shade" bit. How succinctly gorgeous and what a brilliant way of just capturing Ali's current view of the world. The ending with Tal, too, was beyond sad; the "Our onslaught against the sea. Sink or swim." line was breathtaking. You've just illustrated who Ali is so well already. Thank you so much for writing!
goldie031 chapter 5 . 1/2
Alithyia! The famed child. Linds *raves* about her and Talquin and now I can see why. I love the way that you captured her relationship to Talquin and Atlantis, whom I have also heard of but don’t know so well. Linds and Dawn connect a lot of their kids across their stories and the fics they sub to and I think atlantis, in this case, is the one in Linds’s current fic? But I have not read yet so I’m going in blind. Anyway, I love the line where you’re like “I miss not understanding what it’s like to fake a smile.” She clearly has a lot going on in her head and it’s so sad but so sweet and the tone was so gentle and… wow. I really like her and I can’t wait to see what you do with her!
goldie031 chapter 4 . 1/2
CC! this is a very long overdue review but life happens sometimes. And then you posted Alithyia’s chapter and I went :0 she’s back! So now I come back and review Gallant. And then Alithyia and then I’m caught up! I like how you’re giving each kid their own intro – I think it’s a nice way to get to know them all intimately – and the length is really perfect for each of them! I think Gallant is a real sweetie; something about someone wanting to travel and just see the world really resonates with me. Also I love how you add the little detail of the middle district beltway – its such a casual touch that is like “oh, there’s a *world* here!” anyway Gallant is really sweet even though his circumstances aren’t the best and I can’t wait to learn more about him!
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 5 . 1/1
Hi queen, welcome back!

You came back stronger than ever oh my god this chapter absolutely slapped and I cannot get enough of it. Now I definitely know good old Atlantis Seasbane from A Common Defense but it's super interesting to see an alternate version of the story through different perspectives. So here, Atlantis committed suicide which is already really depressing rip ;-; but I mean this entire chapter was beautifully depressing. From the line about everything being in an "atlantis tinted shade" to her saying that she's still herself and then wondering if she's just trying to convince herself... heartbreaking, but in the most gorgeous way. Honestly, your descriptions of grief are
Oh and additionally, her wondering if she could've saved Atlantis if she had known... she's honestly so sad rip ;-;
And now we finally learn why the two of them are volunteering! I gotta say I've always loved tributes who Volunteer to see where it takes them in a semi-suicidal way because their narratives can be so powerful, so I'm very intrigued to see how these two develop.
Very New To This chapter 5 . 12/30/2021
Great chapter as always, CC! I'm glad you're back! :) Can't wait for more!
ladyqueerfoot chapter 5 . 12/30/2021


“ But at least I don't have to drown alone.” KILLED ME… AND ALSO

I'm still me. Alithyia Essetella. Loud, uncaring, fun, cheery Alithyia. I miss when I could say that was who I was without any doubt. I miss not understanding what it's like to fake a smile.



dude ;-; you killed this :((( im so sad but you captured the dynamic ! i think of miss ali every day and now i’m very sad and also very brainrotten thank you so much
Very New To This chapter 4 . 6/16/2021
I'm terribly sorry I haven't read this great chapter earlier! I busy doing Youtube, helping mom, and all around being lazy. Anyways, I love the fact that you're introducing Gallant while expanding the worldbuilding! :)
TheFoxes chapter 4 . 6/8/2021
Heyo heyo!

Oh my gosh the blog looks super good! All the tributes seem super cool, I'm very excited to meet them all! And I'm really happy you accepted Aida! :D I definitely love Glory already he seems like he's going to be iconic, and Peggy is one of my favs (that have caught my eye so far), as well as Tracee! Illyria is going to be dangerous, I think!
As for Gallant, I find him super interesting! I really like his personality, he seems to be an adventurer/explorer in the soul and I think that will make me attached to him! His backstory is really original and I love how he's in a District that isn't the one he's born in, if I remember correctly, Cannon Panem isn't as open. Your writing is super good and I'm excited for the rest of the chapters!
Rune Whisperer chapter 4 . 6/8/2021
*trips into Rashomon* Hello there! I’m a little late to the party, but, right, I’m here with my blog review! Reviews for chapters will be along soon, I promise, but I do confess that I am Too Tired to do any of that, so here goes!

Illyria: This is my child. She’s gorgeous. She’s a little edgy. I love her very, very much. That is all.

Glory: He’s 12. He’s from District One. He has a badass quote. He’s reckless, impulsive, and a daydreamer, but he’s also optimistic, eager, and willful. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the first smol bean of this cast who I would die for. In all seriousness, though, he seems so Interesting. Eloquent too! I’m very hype for this boi.

Althea: Ngnh. That might have been the sound I made when I saw her. She’s not *bad* by any means- she just seems a little… lackluster for me, at the moment. Her traits definitely seem to match up, and there’s not a lot here that I question for her. And that’s definitely not a bad thing, I like her quote and think the determination and other such qualities that she possesses is something that’s going to get her far into these Games. I just… don’t think she’s the one for me tbh. Not at this point, although opinions can always change!

Aurian: UGH THAT NAME, OH MY GOD I’M IN LOVE ALREADY. His faceclaim and quote and qualities are all so intriguing and alluring and perfect and omg I’m simping here, aren’t I? His quote had me wheezing the first few times I read it, which is always a good sign. He’s a very Aesthetic character to me, if you get what I mean? I can look at him and get a good idea of this in-depth, honest character, and I Love that.

Ada: Okay, I know I’ve definitely seen that quote, but it’s rather iconic, and like with the other two tributes I’ve talked about, it fits so well with her character that I’m not going to complain about it. I love that she’s scrappy, I love that she’s spontaneous. She seems very real, I think- she seems like the kind of 16-year-old girl you’d expect to be Reaped for the Hunger Games, but it feels like she has a decent shot at winning these things, because the willingness to get your hands dirty goes far.

Enzo: Edgelord. Just flat out edgelord. Quote, traits, faceclaim, and all. He’s an edgelord, and I definitely hecking simp for that. I think it’s really interesting that one of his strengths is ‘moral’. It’s not something you see very often, and that’s something that really catches my eye. I definitely think he has the potential to go far!

Alithyia: I’m going to fuck up the spelling of her name so many times, I swear. Don’t get me wrong, the name is gorgeous and I stan the living crap out of it, I’m just going to butcher it the first fifty times I write it. I’m very sorry in advance. Anyway, she’s a queen already, I don’t care what anyone says, she’s gorgeous and her quote is wonderful and she’s got me Looking. She seems a little more… innocent than other members of the cast, and I think that that could make her potential prey, unfortunately.

Talquin: Oooh, that’s an interesting name you’ve got going for you too, bud. I get heavy angst vibes from this boi, but he seems a little soft too, so he and his District partner might get along well. I hope they do, both of them need / deserve it. His quote makes me feel very existential.

Aurora: Honestly, her name is the only beef I have with her, and in the end, it’s not even that bad. Her traits- especially her weaknesses- make me very interested in her character, and I want to see more of her, if I’m being honest. I don’t think I love her, not yet, but she’s definitely someone I’ve got eyes on.

Edric: I’m getting highkey wanderlust vibes here, and his list of traits and his quote just isn’t helping the matter. He might be simp material, tbh, I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to see where his introduction takes us. He’s awfully aesthetic though, and just the words “charming, clever, and fierce” send a shudder up my spine. I’m honestly not too sure where he’ll get in the overall placement of the Games, but I think that I want to watch his arc in particular. I could get Invested here.

Peggy: And hello, Goldie’s daughter! Awh. She’s so lovely and wholesome and makes me get all soft on the inside just by looking at her. Her face just makes me want to go give this girl a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Is that weird? That might be weird. I don’t think she belongs in the Hunger Games, she’s far too wholesome for that. Goldie? Yeah, this is a you tribute if I’ve ever seen one, she too raises my serotonin levels as soon as I see her.

Gallant: I feel called out by that quote for some reason, that’s all I’m really going to say here. He seems like a very Good District partner for Peggy though, I love the romantic and headlong aspects to him. I don’t think I adore him, not yet, but he’s high on the like tier at this point. His faceclaim is also gorgeous, so the likelihood of me falling in love with him before the end of the story is very high.

Inês: I see you there, Opti! Anyway, um. Erm. Ah. As much as I hate to say it, she doesn’t really stand out to me. I’m not saying that she’s boring or forgettable, not by any means, I just don’t have the solidest of grips on her character, so I’m not quite sure where to put her at this point.

Axel: Sir, your blue eyes are staring Too Far into my soul and I do not know how to feel about that. It feels like he’s trying to psychoanalyze me- quote, traits, face and all. It’s a little disarming at first, I won’t lie, but I think the concept behind him has the concept to be very intriguing indeed.

Erida: I am seeing a potential villain here, simply from her flaws, and I am Here For It. She has such a nice name too, and omg she’s hot as well. What more could I ask for? I’ve seen her quote around as well, honestly, but it Fits with her, so I’m not gonna punish that one. The vengeful aspect implies that she’s been betrayed before, and that ties in really well with the quote.

Luxor: I see his one-liner is “The One Who Breaks Into Victors Homes” and this sends me all sorts of places. Looking at his faceclaim, I have him instantly pegged as a troublemaker, and I don’t know if I love that or if I’m terrified of it. His name is amazing and his quote is something I’m not ever going to get over (“The heart wants what it wants,” that’s such a fucking cliche and I am Living For It). Some of his traits make a lot of sense, seeing what his little description is, but I still have no idea where to place this boy on my chart.

Tracee: Awww, she’s another bean! It’s good to see that we have a few beans in the cast, SYOTs wouldn’t be the same without them. Her quote just flat out brings a smile to my face, and while I think that, in the Arena, she unfortunately does not stand much of a chance, I am always being down for being proved wrong, especially in a situation like this.

Ezrah: And edgelord number two takes the stage, everyone! He definitely gives off more edgelord vibes. Perhaps a second villain of this story, depending on where you plan on taking him. He seems a little lost right now, though- crestfallen and unwavering. It speaks a lot about his character, and while he might be an edgelord, I suppose I can respect that much.

Solstice: Another Solstice, oh my god, and she’s gorgeous. She’s gorgeous and she has a Purpose and she’s an absolute queen. I feel like she’s the girl the children in her District look at and go ‘I wanna be like her whenI grow up” and that is a very good vibe to have. Then again, I might be wrong, and she might be a bloodthirsty serial killer, but hey. First impressions.

Tiziano: Not a thought behind those eyes. He’s another one of those who’s just… there. He’ s not really anything for me to get a read on, there hasn’t been anything for a while now. And that’s in no way a slight against his character or submitter, he’s just another one of the tributes who I can’t get a good read on at the moment. I’m not entirely sure where to approach him or what angle to see him from at this point. My last question here is… is this a Joe kid? He feels like a Joe kid, and he’s a D10M, so these things do line up.

Aristea: Alright, I think I’m glad Illyria has an I name and not an A name, or this would just get way t00 confusing for my smol, runic brain to handle. But anyway, this is another girl that’s got me intrigued. I think she could be another antagonist tribute, and those are always so fun to watch! Short-sighted, greedy, impatient, and that quote… woah. She seems very innocent looking on the outside, which could potentially hand to her being a manipulator or an outcome engineer. I like her. I like her a lot.

Calix: Awh. His quote makes me want to go give him a hug. I wouldn’t put him into the bean category, I don’t think, but he’s definitely another one of these tributes that I don’t want to murder right off the bat. (Actually, I don’t want to murder any of these tributes right off the back, this is such a sexy cast omg) He seems like a very angsty, smily person, if that makes any sense, the kind of person who will make everyone laugh and then cry himself to sleep at night. He seems very relatable, and you honestly don’t see a lot of that in SYOTs anymore, lol.

Esther: That glass quote is gorgeous, first off. I think that, while she’s not as *out there* as some other D12Fs have been, I think that she could still very much be a villain in this story. She just doesn’t flaunt it as much, and I can appreciate the subtlety with her. I’m definitely watching her, she has me hooked.

Trip: And last but not least, Trip! Awww, his quote makes my heart melt a little, that’s sweet. He feels like a bean to me. I don’t know why he does and Calix doesn’t. Maybe it’s the young, rounder face? I’m not sure, but his traits especially make me just want to coo. I feel as if he’s got somebody waiting for him back home, and that’s a really good motivator, both for someone to like a tribute, and for said tribute to make that final push to make it through the Games. He could be really interesting if he gets far enough into them, because he seems like a tribute who’d be reluctant to kill, and that won’t do him any favors.

Mine: Illyria (D1F)
I’d Die For You: Glory (D1M), Peggy (D6F), Tracee (D9F), Trip (D12M)
Adore: Aurian (D2M), Alithyia (D4F), Edric (D5M), Erida (D8F), Solstice (D10F), Aristea (D11F), Esther (D12F)
Like: Ada (D3F), Enzo (D3M), Talquin (D4M), Aurora (D5F), Gallant (D6M), Ezrah (D9M), Calix (D11M)
Neutral: Inês (D7F), Axel (D7M), Tiziano (D10M)
Sure Okay: Althea (D2F)
What: Luxor (D8M)
darthnell chapter 4 . 6/8/2021
Ooh this first paragraph.. Why do I get the feeling that every nice little thing said there isn't gonna be true anymore.. ;-; Books! Omg Gallant loves books.. I love that for him ;-; A traveler's market, that's so neat! I love that, the intersection of districts and everything.. it's such a neat little bit to add to your universe. And it seems like Gallant is a traveler too, out of One (he's in Six now, I believe..) and perhaps looking for news of his father.. ;-; Gallant is such a neat character here, I'm excited to see more of him ! And your writing style.. A h it's so gorgeous my dude ;-; Very well done with this :'0
rising-balloons chapter 4 . 6/7/2021
yay rashomon is starting! first of all, gallant was a stunning first intro. there's something so likeable about him.
i also want to touch on the blog, which is so lovely. your cast is stunning (and i loved the pic you chose for enzo!) that it's hard to say who stands out right now, but i'll go with esther (that glass quote, i love it), tiziano (can't pin it down but love him), solstice (her strength!), peggy (the name. also while i love the quote, i feel attacked), axel (hellsalem? fun name lol), edric (that quote!), alithyia (you guessed it: that quote), and aida (dps! and i love scrappy as a strength). well that was an entire third of the cast but they're all so intriguing and i can't wait for more intros. sending love right back at you, and i'll see you next time cc!
KitKathy520 chapter 4 . 6/7/2021
ahhh! Amazing first intro, Gallant blow me away. He seems like such a generous character with a big dream, but I feel like he has a bad side he just need something to trigger it. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the tributes!
lexi486 chapter 4 . 6/7/2021
this was gorgeous! gallant seems like a kind soul. this was written so beautifully and I love how you've altered canon to show us aversion of Panem where travel is less restricted; I think it makes your verse interesting and unique. the blog looks stunning; I love all these quotes and the cast list seems amazing. i cant wait for the rest of the intros.
ASlitheringSlytherin chapter 4 . 6/7/2021
Blog review?


Illyria: First off, stan the name. I feel like I've seen this quote around before though, so I'm not really quite sure what to think about that haha but I will admit that that quote is iconic. I'm expecting someone fairly edgy or at least hostile/badass, and those can be fun as long as it's not over-the-top! 'Addicted' comes to my attention though, and with the quote about medication ... I see the potential for an interesting backstory here :eyes:
Glory: No wait why is he so iconic? First off, a 12 y/o, we love to see it! Second of all, that quote lmao he's going to be quite a person isn't he? He seems to be a fairly sweet bean but who has something in him that won't render him defenseless. Definitely intrigued!

Althea: I don't have much to say about her though she definitely seems to be willing to work hard to accomplish "her goals" which will definitely serve her well in the Arena. She has the potential to be talented and hard-working and may very well be threat, though her perfectionism may become a problem! But so far I feel like we've only gotten to see one facet of her, (so I can't say that much about her thus far haha) so I'm interested in seeing more layers of her!
Aurian: Hiiiiiii! Happy to see you here, and damn that pic of you is ~lookin' fine~.

Aida: Hiiiiiii to you too! I beta'd her form so I know what's going on here but like ugh what an iconic pic of her and that quote. Amazing. Stan her.
Enzo: Well shit, that's an interesting district partner for Aida haha. That quote has me looking though. Those traits too. I don't think I'll like him much as a person but he seems to be the type to have those very important arcs and a character I'd enjoy. Definitely outside the box, methinks. A possible villain perhaps? Either way, I think this is definitely going to be an original, interesting character, and the FC seems quite spot-on! His traits do have me worried thoughhhhh.

Alithyia: Hiii queen. I know nothing bout you but I know you're a queen already and you're going to make soft. What a very Dawn name though haha it's going to break my auto-correct. That quote ... i've seen it before but it's still as iconic as ever. I think she's going to be a fairly sweet adventurer though there'll definitely be more layers than that, especially since this is, well, a collab, so I'm very intrigued. Obnoxious is a bit surprising but also has me interested , though I'm a little worried for her safety if she's naïve haha. She'd better not get manipulated by Erida or someone of the sort.
Talquin: That quote has got me confused but like in a good way. Definitely was not expecting a quote like that (and overall someone like this!) but I'm very invested already! Guilty and spiraling is going to give me some nice angst which I always live for, so that's got me :eyes: too! Ah, he's quixotic? That's going to pair interestingly with Alithyia's s/w. Very excited for this pair and I sense a great detailed backstory coming!

Aurora: I've seen this FC so many times lmaooo it's so hard to disassociate it from the other characters with that FC. But ah well haha I'll get used to it! I don't have much to say about her just yet though those s/w seem very cohesive and going well together, she seems to be a bit of a strong outer district gal and we love to see it! But I don't have much else to say, she doesn't really stick out to me, but I think there's definitely going to have more to her once we get to the intros!
Edric: Please that quote don't call me out like that. I sense some angsty backstory here too and I'm here for it! those s/w have me interested and otherwise he seems like he could be quite a threat in the arena too! He seems pretty sweet, though, which will make an interesting duality with his traumatized side?

Peggy: I'm so sorry but that name immediately makes me soft for her. Like I cannot imagine someone named Peggy who's aggressive. She seems like such a sweet bean indeed and those s/w are awfully relatable. That FC and pic is amazing and goes super well too! And that quote definitely sticks out, poor girl probably believes she 'just exists'. I already love her honestly.
Gallant: That quote! Probably going to be thoughtful and introspective which i find really interesting, and that pic works super well with that concept. Those s/w have me quite interested too, i think he has the potential to be a really fleshed-out character and I'm so here for it! Possibly also a complex backstory which I really look forward to!

Ines: That quote, hello Opti haha. I don't have that much to say about her but she seems to be an overall well thought-out vibe and that's super interesting. Definitely looking for her intro! mixed with your poetic writing, she'll definitely have strength to be a powerful character.
Axel: He seems to be a vibe tribute too which goes really well with Ines! Again, I wish I had more to say but I think he could be a subtly powerful character, there seems to be a fun amount of vibe tributes here and that's super interesting and wilgo super well with your writing!

Erida: Villain potential? I'm really running out of things to say so I'll shorten these but I think she can definitely become one of my favorites here, a villain with gray morality and misunderstood goals/logic. Very invested already in her arc because I'm nearly certain she'll be the type to have those really big ones.
Luxor: i really don't know what to say about him. I have absolutely nothing against him and it's not that he doesn't stick out, i just don't have a cohesive idea of him just yet, but I'm definitely intrigued!

Tracee: Is this an inspired? I think this is an inspired, from what I've seen in the server. To be quite honest I'm not the most comfortable saying anything about an inspired just on a blog review like that. but they have most definitely piqued my interest!
Ezrah: Potential edgy guy? Honestly sure why not haha I'm in the mood for some edge, if the backstory's well made! I think there is potential for someone very interesting though so I'll definitely keep my eye out for him, especially with 'crestfallen' in the s/w, that's very interesting.

Solstice: Another Solstice loool. (And yes I know the other is a last name.) so she's been through some shit (honestly which tribute HASN'T?) but she seems to be a generally nice person (the 'selfless' has me interested for sure) and I think she has the potential to be that one tribute who really grows on me. She may also have a really interesting backstory so i'll definitely be keeping an eye out for her too!
Tiziano: Again, I know that FC from somewhere else haha but aside from that he gives me very D10 vibes which is super fun. He seems like a nice (though maybe lawful-good/neutral more than anything haha) but I don't have much to say, except that the word he brings up in my mind is: 'solid'. He seems like a solid guy haha and uhhh I wish I could be more eloquent about this but that's kind of all I have to say sorry!

Aristea: I'm so sorry but I'm having a hard time seeing her as menacing with that FC, but yes she definitely gives me interesting villain vibes. I think she has the potential to get into conflicts with Erida which sounds very entertaining! Other than that she doesn't sound like a person I'd enjoy but a character? Very much perhaps! (I'm so sorry idfk where my grammar has gone)
Calix: Poor sweet guy, he seems like someone else that will grow on me very much. There are a lot of beans in this syot isn't there? Honestly he doesn't deserve a district partner like Aristea, I could see him getting the attention he never got from her and then getting manipulated by her, which most probably won't end well. I'm ready for a sad intro for him and honestly those are really fun sometimes!

Esther: And last but not least, the D12F villain which every syot i'm in seems to have! Honestly I'm ready for her to break and surprise everyone, that would be so fun, and I think she can have a really interesting backstory, so I'm def :eyes:
Trip: ooo he might be really outside the box too! I wish I had more to say but he's also capture my attention, and has the potential for an interesting arc methinks.

i'm so sorry you had to witness this blog review. i wish i could articulate my thoughts better haha

and now for the intro itself!

So he's a traveler! That's such a fun concept omg I would honestly die for him. Usually i'm not the biggest fan of a 12 y/o but he's such a bean and I love him so much. His backstory is super creative and your writing shone like always. I love this so much. He seems to be still a really hopeful kid even with the rough life he's been through which makes me even more attached. He seems to be quite good at urban surviving skills though so that will definitely serve him well. Hopefully he'll find someone who can protect him further though. Again, this backstory is super creative, and he really doesn't deserve the Games. Definitely rooting for him, though a bit desperately.
MoonlightSalsa chapter 4 . 6/7/2021
I love Gallant already; he seems like such a sweet kid with so much hope! I really hope he sees his father again soon. The way you described the marketplace and all the people in it was so vivid and amazing.

And I saw the tribute list and yay! I'm so happy you accepted Esther, thank you so much! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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