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Mystical Aquafina chapter 8 . 7/27/2014
Got around to rereading your story .. it's a shame you stopped here . I know we were all were looking forward to everyone figuring out that Tea is still alive ...and Kaiba seeing her name on the applications for interns ...
cocoapuffaddict chapter 1 . 3/3/2008
great story . . . love the pairing!
MangoesIceCream chapter 8 . 7/4/2007
Haha~ wonderful chapter dude.

Tea can't be fooling everyone dressing around like that.

Wonder what will happen at the fundraiser? ;D

Btw, the chapter totally made my day since today is the first day of my summer course.

Update soon please!
Inuyasha-xcgirl chapter 8 . 6/22/2007
Wow. That's how I have to start this: wow. I loved the first part to this story and I love the concept you are working with now. Your writing style has so much depth and maturity to it. The images are moving; the characters are captivating. Thank you so much for the work you've done on this story. I love seeing the updated chapters and I can't wait to see more. If you would like any help brainstorming, think-tanking, or editing feel free to email me. Good luck with the rest of it and keep up the outstanding work.
Agent Malkere chapter 8 . 6/13/2007
I believe this review it... *cues trumpets* number one hundred! So cool! And if not - it's pretty darn close so I'm gonna celebrate anyway! So there! Congrats! *Throws shiny confettii in the air* O.O Sparkily...

*clears throat selfconsciously* Anyway, wonderful writing! Top notch! Can't wait to read more so please update really really soon!

~Agent Malkere
Agent Malkere chapter 7 . 6/13/2007
O... I wonder when Seto's gonna find out a 'Tea Gardener' is working at his company? Hehehe... I really love this fic... :P

~Agent Malkere
Agent Malkere chapter 6 . 6/13/2007
You UPDATED! YES! *glomps computer screen* I'm so HAPPY! I found this story a while ago and read it and then went, it hasn't been updated... in nearly two years... T.T But now you have and I found it again and this is such a COOL story! YEAH! I'll stop hyperventilating now and read the next chapter, shall I?

Your very happy reader,

Agent Malkere
Nina12497 chapter 8 . 6/10/2007
Yes please update, please
ayame11midori chapter 8 . 6/10/2007
no no no no no! please update soon! I was really waiting for an update for this story! and it is one of my favorites . so please update soon! aahh Seto/Anzu (or Amika for this matter! hehe) FOREVER!
Anissa chapter 3 . 6/9/2007
im confused is she Tea or her sister? and if its not Tea im sorry but im not reading ur story cause its supposed 2 be Tea and Seto! so reply 2 me and but so far only in chapter 3 i didnt like it cause Tea wasnt even in it, and further more if it is her how did she die and like could she have amensia? WRITE BACK PLEAZE IM SO CONMFUSED! and no offense but i dont like this girl amika or watever her name is, if u didnt like Seto and Tea 2gether put them in a different catorgy nxt time!
Vampire with blue eyes chapter 8 . 6/9/2007
AWESOME! this chapter was so awesome! i can't wait for the next ones! this story is so awesome i hope that you continue with this story b/c azureshipping is my fave couple of all time!
FireGoddess101 chapter 8 . 6/9/2007
Coolio, me likey.
MangoesIceCream chapter 7 . 1/31/2007
I can only say that this is ANOTHER AROUND OF BRAVOS! The chapter is awesome... so please update soon and don't keep us readers waiting for too long.
Nightfall2525 chapter 7 . 12/27/2006
that was good update asap please

when will Seto find out that Tea his love is still alive?
CataclysmicallyTerrible chapter 7 . 11/19/2006
My mom thinks that I'm an idiot because I'm grinning like an idiot! You updated AND mentioned my name! Wow...okay...I know I'm acting like and idiot now. Anyway love the whole status with the gang and the new alias for Tea! Yay! :] Keep up the awesome work!
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