Reviews for The Alpha of the North
asonia99 chapter 11 . 8/2
Well, Jon is role playing a spartano mage I guess. Poor others should start hiding cuz at this rate he'll hunt them to eat icecream.
Spirit Of The Black Wolf chapter 11 . 7/28
Good story looking forward to see how it turns out in the future.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/26
You make him act like a "wolf" yet instead of a coward and pussy, he's just an vague asshole to his wife cat.

Sure it's great hr has a spine, but maybe after almost a decade of marriage he can finally tell her who tf Jorah is?
unseenw0lf chapter 9 . 7/27
Good chapter. Also was the part about the Valerian armour a reference to Northern Wind?
anja.quickert.9 chapter 11 . 7/26
EP chapter 11 . 7/23
MystPointo2355 chapter 6 . 7/25
Here you used the word Ass but in ASOIAF, the arse is used. Please take care of it
jumping-jo chapter 11 . 7/24
cool story of ned changing great story love it
Guest chapter 11 . 7/22
Anime Princess chapter 11 . 7/22
This wow is me personality of Jorah’s is tiresome! I hated Jon’s character in season 8 because of how he reacted and DIDN’T react to it. He just ignored it, and it seems like he is doing that here! Have him own who he is and take pride in who he is and stop the blah boo HOO-Ing already!
osterreicher97 chapter 11 . 7/22
Huh... ok.
greybeard52 chapter 11 . 7/22
A perfect time for him to meet Ygritte ,maybe?
Dscot chapter 10 . 7/22
I love your fanfiction it’s really good I think you do a really good job of keeping with the story just tweaking some peoples personalities a little bit to show different results and I think you do a good job with that and I appreciate your views on it. I actually think that way you’re portraying Jon is actually correct but it’s so annoying. It always angers me when he shows that he has no ambition or well to do anything for himself he’s such a broken thing isn’t he. Personally I think he’s a waste would’ve been better off if he was killed off so the path is clear for Daenerys to claim the throne.
Ironwolf852 chapter 4 . 7/22
Sorry, I really tried to like the story, the idea is good, but why make Ned such an asshole, in the original, he was well respected, but with flaws, I understand that fixing some of them and making him see the world differently that it would change him, but making him an asshole who shows no respect to other lords, swears all the time, that just doesn't make him a good lord, I will try to read more, but if his behavior doesn't change, I have to drop it. Still I like your writing style and the idea.
Blaze1992 chapter 11 . 7/22
Whelp that guys is dead when word of this reaches back to the others.
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