Reviews for Shifting Lines - Book Three
ChristineBH chapter 63 . 8/16
Poor Longbottom. It must be hell to have like 500 students that keep asking you about your family
I can't wait for next Tuesday chapter 62 . 8/15
Absolutley love this book! Cant wait for the new update 333
KelseyGallant chapter 62 . 8/11
Hey! I just wanted to pop on and let you know I'm still reading and enjoying this story, even though I haven't been posting comments. A while back I was going to write a comment about all the stuff I'd read up until that point, but I got busy and time slipped away. I don't even remember what chapter I was on at that point. Anyway, just thought I'd drop a quick hello and a few brief comments!

First of all, the part several chapters back where Lily asks "Is it Sirius?" WHOAAAAA! That part was SO SO SO SO SO good! I remember reading it and just being like "! I NEED to know what happens next!" I'm so glad Remus confided in Lily, and later Ms. Fawley, about being gay, and that he got to see that they still love and accept him. Next up (eventually) will be telling the Marauders!

The antics the Marauders get up to make me laugh, whether it's pulling pranks or dressing up as the teachers for Halloween or even just some of their conversations. You have created such wonderfully distinct personalities for each of these characters (not just the Marauders, but everyone), and you do such a great job writing their interactions. They truly entertain me so much!

I like hearing about all the different classes. Muggle Studies sounds so fun and I like their teacher. Also, I can't remember whether I said this in a previous comment a long time ago, but it's cool that James and Peter are learning Occlumency! And that Sirius already can do it, haha. Speaking of Sirius, I had a few theories about his headaches, but now I see what that was all about! I did not suspect that at all before the chapter in which it was revealed.

And now the scandal with James... hmmm, it kind of doesn't seem like it was Kirke OR Snape who did it, so who could it be? Unless it really is Snape, but... I really don't know! Also, I love your worldbuilding, how you take the magical world we're familiar with and add things to it that make perfect sense and fit beautifully with the canon.

I'm sure there are a whole bunch of other comments I wanted to make a few weeks ago, but I don't remember them by now so I'll just say thank you so much for all your hard work on this amazing story and I'm excited to see what happens next! :)
ChristineBH chapter 62 . 8/9
I love that Remus got to catch up with our favourite slightly mustached (if I remember correctly) Frenchman. Jean-Marie is awesome and it's a shame that Sirius got jealous or inpatient when Remus and Jean-Marie talked.
Remus deserves to have one confident and mostly good day. And I stan the Snape slander. It's not okay when others are mean to him and no child deserves to grow up in a bad home but that doesn't change that he's a bully and git

Also I didn't catch any grammatical errors without your beta reader. Although English is my second language and I'm tired so don't 100% take my word for it.
ChristineBH chapter 61 . 8/6
I choose to think of this chapter as a gift for my 25th birthday today.
And I was so worried about Sirius until now where I'm just snickering.
And I love that Remus thing that Benji is a hot jerk. So mean and so attractive.
I also really like how All the marauders care about each other and would kick or hex anyone who bother the others. Including for Peter who will later become horrible but is currently just a friend and a kid who wants to belong and be admired for their talents as all other kids want. I hope that Peter places in the competition. Maybe 3rd or something
Vivadu chapter 61 . 8/5
so Sirius has been having headaches because of seeing issues? what's the connection with his other symptoms. Bit confused but I guess I'll see!
ChristineDenmark chapter 60 . 8/3
I'm so happy to be able to read another chapter! I've had a concussion since the 21th of July and my head hurt too much to read the chapter yesterday but I could now! :D
Even if I kind of wish that I had saved it as a 25th birthday present to myself on this Saturday (the 6st). I guess that I'll just reread this chapter.

Also I love how Remus literally don't care when people insult his friends about true things. It's so refreshing and funny when he's just like "Why would I be insulted by what you said about them? They are immature, loud, occasionally annoying, occasionally gross ect."

And we all need a Lily to make us take on difficult and uncomfortable conversations. I stan our bi queen and her pure friendship with Remus.
Also I'm a sucker for the height differences. I LOOOVE Sirius being tall bean while Remus is a small pea but also that Lily is a tall girl walking around and doing her best to help tiny Remus in-between her own problems (and doing a fine job of helping. Especially for someone who's only 13 and very (maybe too) curious).
Maybe it's because I'm 157cm in Denmark where the average girl is over 167 cm and the average guy is over 181 and I'm even from a family of average to above average height, so I'm living the height difference trope every day of my life with 99% of the adults that I meet so the characters gotta do that too.

Keep up the good work and take care of yourself! :)
Snow chapter 60 . 7/12
Its okay Tobi, take all the time you need.
ChristineBH chapter 60 . 7/12
I hope that you are extra nice to yourself in this trying time. SL is amazing and I want to read it all day but you're more important than any excellent story
LaJaFfM chapter 60 . 7/12
Wish you well! FanFiction needs to be sth that gives you joy and boosts you up, not something that stresses or pressures you. (Or anybody!) I am sure all of us fans feel with you and will give you as much time as you want- for anything. Grief, but joy as well, may take any time in you life as wanted 3
zeeeeeeee chapter 60 . 7/12
please don't worry about not updating, your mental health is the most important thing, take as much time as you need. wishing you and your family the best, i know this must be difficult xx
Jo-March-17 chapter 60 . 7/11
Please take care of yourself and your mental health. I don't know how much good it does, but know that I'm sending good thoughts and well wishes your way. See you in August or whenever you're ready to come back. Don't be too hard on yourself. I'll still come back whenever you post the next chapter, and I'm sure others will too. Your personal health is the most important factor.
Snow chapter 59 . 7/5
Hah I love overprotective Sirius :)
Thanks for updating, Tobi!
ChristineBH chapter 59 . 7/5
It's for good reasons that he has done it all year, but I think that Sirius would carry Remus every day if he was allowed to. Probably also follow Remus like a puppy for a few hours every day too (he can't do it all his waking hours as he needs quidditch and mayhem every day and sometimes Remus is disgusting and studies)
That being said I'm so happy and intrigued by every chapter. I just got into a master's degree and this chapter made my day even better
Snow chapter 58 . 7/1
Sprry I keep forgettung to log in here so the majority of the guest comments are probably from me hehe- anyways I really enjoyed reading this chapter! Sirius insisting he wants to stay is so cute :) Tysm gor updating, Tobi!
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