Reviews for Solid State
Tylida Doradelo chapter 1 . 7/7/2021
What an interesting take on Jr. I had never considered that he may have negative views or opinions about his life or role in the Foundation. That he might feel purposeless in such a peaceful "fake" lifestyle. It is true that their whole lives were set up for them, that they serve Helmer and the Federation and really are sort of a dummy state, but I had never really stopped to think that Jr. might not feel fulfilled in his role or even feel as if he hasn't truly accomplished anything. I loved the way that you handled it and loved the interaction between both Jr. and Gaignun.

Jr.'s loneliness is on full display here, but I also loved that it also displays Gaignun's as well. Jr. brushes him off as not being able to understand almost instantly, although he believes that Albedo would. He loves and trusts Gaignun enough to confide, but ultimately feels like no one understands him. And though Gaignun does to an extent, you get the sense that he doesn't fully, just as Jr. predicted, and that isolates him. He doesn't fit, and could never fit in Jr.'s life the way Albedo did, especially not with his true purpose hidden.

Fantastically and wonderfully written, this story manages to display a deep loneliness for all three of our favorite boys, even Albedo who doesn't appear physically in this fic. I loved it, ate up every bit of it and am ashamed that I discovered your work so late. I hope to see more from you in the future!