Reviews for A Magical Journey
AlthenDaeron chapter 254 . 1/29
Yes, it was messed up and forced. Quinn has been educated to be better than that, and he would not be surprised enough to to continue the kiss. Out of character and forced in an amazing story excluding the forced cheating and “romance” with Ivy.
AlthenDaeron chapter 230 . 1/29
I love this fanfic. One of the greatest. But I really, REALLY hate this chapter characters. It is simply pushing them together. Ivy is and has almost always been quite insufferable. Always doing what she wants without thinking about consequences. Does that seem like something Quinn or anyone with his character would appreciate? No. And it’s been one time and another after another.

And this is my reread of the novel.
Guest chapter 136 . 1/18
I realize I’m really late to the party, but if his office is within these wards he’s set up then wouldn’t he have been forewarned of her arrival and not surprised enough to fuck up his time piece?
Lukoshi chapter 326 . 1/19
That is absolute horseshit. I am not one for leaving reviews where I slam the author or tell them how to write and this is a first for me but you ruined your own story including this. From what I know about both characters you have written, none of them would go for this. Wow, I invested so much time reading this and this is a let down of the highest order.
Lukoshi chapter 324 . 1/19
If he ends up with both of them then I basically wasted my time reading this.
Lukoshi chapter 323 . 1/19
Wow, that really really irritated me. This has been an awful arc, the lust thing is even worse. I truly don't see why this was even included into the story, it offers nothing
Lukoshi chapter 298 . 1/19
I hate the sin arcs, they are the only ones that have seemed to drag on for longer than it should and cause unnecessary problems that would otherwise have been easily avoided.
Lukoshi chapter 280 . 1/18
I don't see why he bothered with this vault again, honestly this was my least favourite of all the secret vaults to read about. Hopefully this doesn't turn into another weird arc where he ends up ruining things with Daphne because of lust or some other ridiculous sin fuelled decision making.
Lukoshi chapter 249 . 1/18
A fantastic end to his tenure as resident DA instructor. I always love the slight of hand "magic" he does to impress Astoria and others.
Lukoshi chapter 245 . 1/18
I hope nothing happens to Amelia! She was always too good for the fate she got in canon.
Lukoshi chapter 204 . 1/18
I hope Poppy gets together with Quinn's uncle!
Lukoshi chapter 174 . 1/17
I'm kind of glad things played out the way they did. I can see them being a really good couple, always had the feeling it would end up this way from their first interaction :)
Lukoshi chapter 171 . 1/17
I am so conflicted. I like him with Fleur but he and Daphne have fantastic chemistry too ... Can't wait to see how this pans out.
Lukoshi chapter 141 . 1/17
Ohh I could see Fleur and Quinn being a good match! I wonder who it is he will end up with. Definitely not spoiled for choice, although he doesn't seem to care for anyone as much as Daphne's mum lol
Blue-Happens chapter 439 . 1/17
you're insane. you wrote millions of words, over 400 chapters in like a year and a half. what? straight crazy behavior, and i am glad for it.

this was a delight to read, for all that i basically binged the whole thing in my down time, took me 3 days? I really enjoyed watching quinn going through his lil life.

i posted many reviews, your writing got me so invested, so excited for the next chapter. thank you.

good luck with whatever you're doing today
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