Reviews for A Magical Journey
TheIronFistInTheVelvetGlove chapter 263 . 3/29
Gred and Forge red the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition?
Taking double from Ron sounds exactly like that :D
LunarCalamity chapter 439 . 3/27
Finished this masterpiece for the first time tonight, what a goddamn amazing fic. I've read probably a thousand or so fanfics at this point and undoubtedly this makes my top three, maybe top two. Works like these are small miracles.
TheIronFistInTheVelvetGlove chapter 183 . 3/26

so Quinn is a vindictive little shit? I mean did he establish that those two were guilty? I mean going by Slytherin cliche they are, but in doubt for the accused! So yeah that curse is nasty and frankly not justified especially since quidditch is a violent sport (the Wronski-Feint is a legal strategy and that will injure the opposite seeker if propperly executed and beaters have the job of whacking metal balls at the opposition, so yeah not fair!)
xKikixVex chapter 438 . 3/23
Thank you so much for this epic tale. Congratulations on it's completion. Kudos!
Vortozan chapter 439 . 3/17
Overall after reading everything?
I hated everything to do with the sin vault, the idea of just watching your main character lose his mind, be an idiot and make mistakes without him being able to struggle out of it is the most revolting thing for me to read… ever. I basically tried to skip as much as I could.
Serveus Snape dying, still don’t get that one.
Drama with all your characters was absolutely amazing but in the last 100-200 chapters the girlfriends became one dimensional (mainly cause they had barely any scene time and weren’t developed much at all) and everything else was less conversations and more run around doing work. That turned the truely magical journey that I couldn’t get enough of, to a begging match of please God let the Sin curse disappear, let me see Quinn grow as an actual person once again instead of waiting for his mind to be his own again over and over for 30-40 chapters straight. And also begging to see him interact with other characters who would then grow themselves and their relationships with him once again, this never came to pass. WHY
Also I really wanted to see him sit all the adults down like the potters, Sirius plus the professors and explain to them what he was doing and why but that never came true.
Telling Mr Lovegood that he’ll kill the Dark Lord himself before his secret is revealed was out of character.
Also that scene with his future self and son popping in was boring and unnecessary plus came out of left field.
And yeah, other than that?
I fucking loved the magic progression and everything else you wrote was 11/10.
So thank you for the read!
- Vortz
denniise chapter 1 . 3/18
Great story! Really enjoyed myself
Guest chapter 439 . 3/16
Одно из лучших произведений из тех что я читал, огромное спасибо
Vortz chapter 321 . 3/16
I am absolutely confused and have been since 30 chps ago, bringing back the sin vault? Having it continue for 30-40 chapter’s unresolved for zero reasons other than NAH, I’ll do it later cause. Then killing Snape… for…. reasons?
Vortz chapter 246 . 3/15
Holy shit, I barely passed halfway point of this story yet I’m terrified of reading it all. I don’t want it to end *cries*
Vortz chapter 232 . 3/15
Best representation of Albus Dumbledore ever. I truely felt like they are in the wrong headmasters office. He may not teach but fuck with Hogwarts and he’ll put the fear of God into yea
Vortz chapter 220 . 3/15
On the edge of my fucking seat, how do you make this story so fucking good!
FUCK YEAH, this is one of the GREATS.
Going on my list for re-read the shit out of it and recommend to everything in existence!
Vortz chapter 199 . 3/15
I enjoyed this arc immensely. Mumma Mia indeed 3
Vortz chapter 183 . 3/15
I would feel bad but they literally nearly killed someone for money.
Guest chapter 435 . 3/14
This was anticlimactic. I wish there was an actual Voldemort vs MC.
Vortz chapter 168 . 3/14
I ship it
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