Reviews for Mass Effect: Into the Breach
vargos chapter 102 . 5/18
I’m not very religious, and definitely not Christian, but damn, this fic had me feeling chills throughout. Phenomenal work. Truly, blessed to have found it. Hope your righteous writing continues on and is fruitful!
Glitner chapter 4 . 5/17
jesus this chapter made me cringe so fucking much .. he is trying to hard to look cool , what is he second coming of naruto ? people are in the middle of a seriouse meeting and he be like" oi yo momma, " small things like that thats destroyed his character to hard .. you tried to build him up to be seen in a way then you go and make the character do something totally random that dont fit his character and thats why its making me cringe ! , welp i dont really care nor will you rewrite it cuz ur to far into the story , but i just wanted to toss it out there it killd the whole story for myself , i cant handle cringe situations :'D
Glitner chapter 3 . 5/17
miranda is the best girl .. i cant really say anything about tali cuz we never get a clear picutre of her face aaaand you cant really fuck her lol you can but you have to spend like 200000 milion credids to get the gear for it lol not worth it
Sir Deathwatch chapter 30 . 5/7
So as you can see I am the danger.
Sir Deathwatch chapter 27 . 5/6
give this guy a hand
Guest chapter 102 . 5/4
like the idea of seeing Aedon again
Fernix13 chapter 102 . 5/5
ohhh boi. there are a lot of verses you can choose. some amazing Scifi, but PLEASE dont do anime. or fantasy.
Raedarius chapter 102 . 5/4
Huh this is unexpected again, seems promising.

Jump from "quasi realistic" mass effect to "chacra magic" fantasy naruto will take getting used to
if your choice is anime then bleach seems more fit with the whole slaughter wynn is known for (naruto and the whole talk no jutsu and enemies to friends tropes would not fit well in ny opinion)
Depending on how close to me you want to land there is always star wars universe there are lots of wrongs to right there. The force would fit well with the belief part too (just a different way like in the narnia stories).

The suffering part made me immedietly think of planescape torment and torment tides of numenera.

Guess it all depends on the premise and in my opinion after reading through this ff in ts entirety the premise is that mc was sent here for a job becouse the original had a bad end (all the theories an me3 ending suggesf there is no good end in the game)
if that would be correct then next one should follow that kind of trend so a title where the world meets a bad end.
In the gaming industry that screeems "Dark Souls" and "Prey" and of course WH40k.
In anime i cant think of a single instance actually of a big enough world to compare to the scale of ME
unless downscaling is planned then there are theories on both Bleach and MyheroAcadem...
unless we consider the craaazy animes like re zero... or evangelion.

Written stories hmm... "Worm"?

Comics fit, plenty of world end storie arcs in both dc and marcel.

What I'm "hinting" at is i looooved this take on ME and the main character, but strugle to imagine him as naruta verse ninja. Pretty much Aedon neeed his guns.
Put him in Song of Ice and Fire for His sake...

Can You really mix Aedons bloody style with kid friendly feel of Naruto without destroying one of them making that group of fans not happy?
Mikael Skoglund chapter 102 . 5/4
Eh, I hoped for cyberpunk, that would suit them both very well. Naruto has been done by so many people already
Pato HM chapter 102 . 5/3
fuck yesssss
kite15663 chapter 102 . 5/3
I would have preferred Starcraft, Crysis, or Halo there is already a lot of Naruto SI compared to the three that I've mentioned but seeing as how good you write your story then I wouldn't really mind Naruto
NonSolus chapter 101 . 4/26
A good , solid story that I enjoyed reading immensely.
Guest chapter 54 . 4/18
There such a thing called power creep. With all of his training and mentors, yeah he's a good soldier and electronics guy. Okay he's got three power-up coins from God okay he was divinely sent here after all. A bionic arm that nullifies biotics alright I'm still with you. An ass full of radiation changing his DNA allowing the Quarians to study it using it to strengthen there immune systems, WHAT? The radiation turning him it to a human Ardat'something and developing biotics. It's too much, I was with you up to the robot arm, but now it's just to much. He has all this power and now you have to introduce this even more ridiculously strong enemy to give him a challenge. This skyhigh power level, breaks my suspension of disbelief it's just to much. He already knows how things are going to plan out, (which already was a huge advantage) you didn't have to make him the superest bestest ever. It was great when he was a good soldier and a great assassin. Not when was the best at everything.
Lethal Dragon chapter 9 . 4/15
Wild to me that I'm sitting here at my job in Sherman Texas mate lol. Cheers for the story, appreciated very much.
LoneNoble chapter 7 . 4/11
Shepard cant distance him from the crew by calling him a merc, then give him the "part of the team" pep talk in one chapter.

Shepards been an ass so far, not the charismatic force for good or efficient and blunt soldier they are in the games, its not ideal
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