Reviews for Mass Effect: Into the Breach
aewood26 chapter 36 . 5/25
Dude not sure if you still see these reviews but WHAT. THE. FUCK! That was the greatest bit of writing I've ever seen. HOLY SHIT DUDE! AWESOME JOB!
aewood26 chapter 26 . 5/25
Absolutely outstanding chapter bro! Very Red Dawn-esque. Keep it up!
Ikasuki chapter 27 . 5/15
Although I love the writting and the story… I can’t help but question the choice of why following Shepard? Knowing what is to some knowing who and where will be the enemy. Having a contact with the Geth, wouldn’t he do a far better Job at helping? Use his contact with the geth to become their in between and get better tech. Use his money as a mère to prepare for the citadel attack. Ask the geth to create fleet and attack on vermine? Couldnt he destroy the small relay on the citadel?
Couldnt he make sure to have evidence and hack as much as possible to release if not to the council but to the public?

There is so much more he could have done and have so much more impact in an efficient way. Instead he chose to become a party member and go along with the ride… this take away all agency. Sure he is there… but he is no more than a background character with a bit more of a weird story in the first act so far (mais effect 1) in term of change nothing really happend… just one sacrifice less on vermine but that’s about it… 1 person isn’t really going to make a difference when facing extinction on a galactic scale.
Chronus1326 chapter 91 . 5/3
Great chapter thank you.
ABadRomCom chapter 91 . 4/29
The hardest part about reading this story, is waiting for the next chapter. Each one ends leaving me wanting more.
Orysx chapter 90 . 4/22
Hello !
Great chapter, just do what you have to do and all will be alright !
Sabertoothfox chapter 88 . 4/8
I've love this story from the beginning. I still stunned by Ashley and vegas death though.
jaychristiansmith23 chapter 88 . 4/8
stay safe my friend may God go with
Orysx chapter 88 . 4/8
Good chapter!
Like always !
But don't worry, we still be there by the time you upload your chapter.
Just don't push yourself to much with the idea wanting to upload a chapter per week.

Anyway, i love your series and don't stress yourself for the fic, you job is more important than the fic.
dloold87 chapter 88 . 4/7
Good luck on deployment and stay safe wherever you're deployed.
ArguableReader chapter 87 . 3/31
I was listening to the OST of the, Rannoch Reaper, for that grandiose appearance.

Okay fine, you be you, and do whatever heavy-metal/rock whatever.

But for me, Rannoch Reaper is the only solid enough BGM for the fight next time, in my view.
Invictus602 chapter 87 . 4/1
You know this story started off really great, well grounded and it was believable in as much as you could from mass effect. Lately though it’s taken a turn to super biotics and rage that keeps you from death and it’s taking a noticeable dive in quality. It’s just reads like the author just wants something bigger and badder than the last great feat his oc did and keeps adding nonsensical things to amp up the story. Just giving him biotics would have been enough of a power up especially with the time skip where he honed his skills in the ME universe. After all Shepherd did and didn’t have all that biotic god going for him. Honestly I’m just slugging through the story just to finish so I can say I’ve read it and be done with it. Amazing start, funky end.
Orysx chapter 87 . 4/1
It's so DAMN good!
I really want to be next week!
DD-Returns101 chapter 87 . 3/31
Just check to make sure I didn’t block reviews
The Prime Cronos chapter 84 . 3/15
Ha, I will Love the next chapter, when Legion shows Up in the war room. Also i wonder If Legion will learn that Aedon suggested the war in the geth. That will Bring quite the social rift between the geth and him
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