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marius1117 chapter 36 . 7/15
great chapter
Dretnuh chapter 33 . 7/12
Good lord, this whole island hopping bs is dragging out like a mf. Like idgaf what he does to some random pirates. Just tell me if he finds any cool treasures or someone who we wouldn’t expect to be there and let’s get on with it!
Guest chapter 36 . 7/9
Cregans combat prowess: Okay i get prince Oberyn and bronn being able to beat the shit out of Cregan but at 12 he is stronger and faster than a 19 year old daemon and is getting closer in skill but daemon is still able to hand his ass to him easily with no effort after several Teirs: okay you mention this near the beginning of the story but haven’t since. There are 9 tiers and since the first chapter you haven’t mentioned it since it would be nice to have an idea of his skill : Why is Cregan not trying to his starter quests that seem quite simple easy like making the eight. Cregan can easily go to a brothel a few time make specific requests as he partially owns some of them and get the reward of that : The fanatics of evil or die to his magic will try to convert him but considering cregans devoutness that is unlikely so what will Cregan do about that he doesn’t want to become an enemy of one of Essos’s biggest faiths and he won’t convert so how will that come to be. If he wants to convert all of the south to the old gods as well it’s best to start now. Trying to convert Arianne and other Martells along with sand snakes would be first. Along with his squires and his closest : Cregan needs to get on that now or Oberyn need to find out because Doran is straight up despicable. Cregan essentials cured his gout, is conquering the stepstones for him, is taking his son as a squire, and has made his daughter far more pro active. Yet he plans to kill Cregan when it comes time to return Viserys to the Iron Throne because he is to close to his daughter and he is superior to his son in every way, shape, or form. Also by removing Cregan from the board he would fuck himself over as that might cause a civil war between house Martell. Cregan: He come to the world with intentions to ‘change this world for the better’ and ‘defeat the white walkers’ yet he continually doesn’t do that. He has said to know how to make some advancements yet doesn’t. He’s only currently trying to clap cheeks and become a lord. He knows how to make gunpowder which would not only be a huge advantage and advancement for humanity but could very well be the tipping point against the white walkers yet he doesn’t make it cause it could be used by peasants against nobles. And he’s a : I don’t no if it’s something similar to your new player in the force where it’s being controlled by the non existent interface in this story but that’s not at all how Got magic works. It not mana levels where you run out eventually. It’s stated that magic exacts a toll even basic blood magic rituals make the user decrepit. Magic on the level Cregan using before the comet should have killed him a long time ago. Melisandre isn’t able to summon fire magic animals until years after and she is a old ahh hag without glamour. Magic is Dark side rot at 100x accelerated rate and Cregan has been using it for a decade at high levels before the comet so bro should be cooked literally by : Last thing despit this being your most well paced recent story it’s still slow Af. 450k words and you haven’t reached the books. Better than your other recent stories but still. It’s better than fast pacing but this might be as long as the asoiaf series itself at this rate assuming this ends after Cregan defeats the white walkers and settles down.

Other than that keep on writing can’t wait for next chapter
Dretnuh chapter 16 . 7/11
Lmao a 9-10 year old just casually drinking some wine with his breakfast XD
ajstew01 chapter 36 . 7/10
Love this story so far honestly I only have 2 issues. The biggest one so far is the relationship with Alysanne and Daemon being that even if it's a fem version she's(he's:jon) is one of the most important characters in the books and pairing her with someone who at best is background character seems like a waste especially when you're essentially exchanging her for an relationship with Arianne who is minor character in the books and the show. So this is just me but I hope Daemon either is killed or something happens that ends their relationship and Cregan and Alysanne end up together especially because I really don't like Daemon as character the vast majority of the story he's been a petty jealous asshole. My 2nd issue or it's more of worry is the lack of a dragon for Cregan so far as at this point the dragon blood perk is acting as fluff and a bad tease as all he is getting from it is extra fire affinity, so unless you're planning to give Cregan a dragon(which I hope you do) you could easily just have created another tier of elemental affinities instead of having a fluff/bad tease perk that at this point is essentially just for looks.
bigwoof chapter 36 . 7/8
excellent story! thanks...
MattBlack chapter 35 . 7/5
Doran is a despicable person, especially considering that Cregan is the reason he is well again... Stepstones are Cregan's, they're not a part of Dorne, yet he plan that Trystane shall have them, while thinking of possibly having Cregan removed since he makes Quentyn feel inadequate... Oberyn is less of a viper than Doran, I hope he finds out his brothers schemes...
Shinixy chapter 36 . 7/4
I liked the story but it he has been fighting against noname pirates for so long already…
cameron1812 chapter 36 . 7/4
Love the attack plangenius!
evilstatistic19 chapter 36 . 7/3
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
Nai Darkor chapter 36 . 7/2
intending to attack another port controlled by privates wasn't how he saw the year going.
- by pirates

Welcome back, Rian!
LeoniLiponscovi2 chapter 36 . 7/2
Awesome fic!
coldblue2015 chapter 36 . 7/2
This was interesting chapter!

Ser Cregan Sand, Knight of the Broken Arm and Westerosi Sorcerer:

Love everything going so far. Cregan kind of developing and forming connections. Ser Dameon Sand and Bronn along with others who started the part of campaign in Step Stones; they have chance to be founding Nobles or Knightly House of the Step Stones. Not only that but we have Prince Trsytane Martell and Lord Edric Dayne as squires, but they will also be capable of doing potential Magic. I notice that persuasion or change in perspective that hint Edric and Trystane are NOT strong followers of the Faith of the Seven and they there confronted that Faith of the Seven in certain septs have an Agenda to push. Anyway, what was amazing this chapter was Rain return with his Mate, but also the System of Cregan power. Cregan power over Skinchanging is almost in 100s, along side his Fire Elemental Affinity. If the Red Comet does PUSH Shinchanging and Fire Elemental affinity to HIGHER Tiers of power than we might see a interesting combination of that of Magic that could be interesting Combination! Rain did not like the Seagulls, but understood it from Cregan and we see Cregan using the Seagulls like Kamikaze-Drones to bring in Fire-Ropes and PIERCE/Slash into Sails of the Pirates...That is original and I love it! Also found something interesting of an Animal in Redwater Isle that there is some Aquatic Animal that Men fear by going crazy or almost die from; so it could be Magical or an Unknown Ancient Species that has not gone extinct in Planetos.


I'm sorry for not noticing the Change of POV's and this is kind of what I want. Bronn is interesting and season Sell Sword. Bronn does not back the LOSING side in Battles/War, which is hinted at if Ser Cregan Sand campaign does turn out bad he will turn on Ser Cregan Sand...Still, Bronn knows alot about Cregan and remembers from his first Job of capturing Bolton Bastard and bringing him to Cregan. From there on we kind of get idea that Bronn has respect for Ser Cregan Sand. A bit pragmatic, pays well, seems to have Mind for War and of course showing Bronn that Magic does exist. The later does not fright Bronn, but he worries knowing that Ser Cregan Sand can and will use Magic in Battle to change the Tides in their favor. It also gets interesting idea that Bronn MIGHT want to become a Knight/Lord of House on the Step Stones, which why not? Bronn gets a taste of Westeros and Essos by having Island or Territory of Island to rule on the Narrow Sea...So I honestly think Ser Cregan Sand secure Bronn as his and get him along with Ser Damon Sand as his personal Bannermen to FOUND their own Houses in these Islands of the Stepstones.

Prince Trystane Martell and Heir Edric Dayne:

I love that they are learning Magic and probably Strategy from Ser Cregan Sand. With Trystane, it obvious he is going to pick up Water Magic and probably use said Water Magic in way that he observes Ser Cregan Sand using his Skinchanging in Battle; to find a way to use Water Magic to fight Enemies by depriving them of Water in Dorne or perhaps aiding Allies by finding Sources of Water in Dorne. With Edric Dayne it kind of mixed. Probably out the two, Edric Dayne will become the most Skilled Swordsmen/Martial Skills. Still, I kind of hope Edric Dayne does have Skinchanging abilities because House Dayne founding dates back to the First Men and perhaps with Ser Cregan as his teacher or influence by proximity by Ser Cregan Sand can unlock Skinchanger ability. If not Skinchanging, then perhaps Earth Elemental Magic can be something Edric Dayne can use and be his own unique master in.

Ser Cregan Sand experience/projection before the "Game of Thrones" series start:

He is not a green boy. Honestly, Bronn seems to appreciate and understand how Ser Cregan can use Pirates or Men conquered by him to battles on the Step Stones...Not only that, but he is using Strategies and methods that have his Enemies getting a difficult time how Ser Cregan Sand scouts their weakness and capitalize on their weakness. Ser Cregan Sand probably going to be consider a Boogey-Man or someone FEARED in the Step Stones because of his Magic especially using Seagulls as Kamikaze-Drones carrying Flaming/Tar burning Ropes to set Ships ablaze...It really makes me wonder what Lord Varys the Master of Whisperers would react to Ser Cregan Sand USING magic in Battle, even if it just Seagulls and Fire Magic...that terrifying. Probably even read Season Warriors/Battle Commander like Tywin Lannister, Radyln Tarly or Brynden Tully given they will eventually hear of Ser Cregan Sand exploits and they might pause on how they could handle such a person with connections with Dorne and North with ability and experience to fight Battles and potential Wars.


1) Can we expect Ser Cregan Sand to get along with the Followers of Rhllor/Red Priestess or will it be more a point of just being Alliance until the Battle for the Dawn is over and Ser Cregan Sand follows the Old Gods?

2) Are you hinting at potential Aquatic Animal to become a NEW companion/familiar for Ser Cregan Sand to find in certain part of Redwater Isle?

3) Is it possible that Edric Dayne can gain Skinchanging ability given House Dayne roots come from First Men blood and can be awaken because proximity/training with Ser Cregan Sand?

4) How will Tyene Sand react that Asha Greyjoy carrying Ser Cregan Sand first child?

5) Are we going to have potential characters/scouts of the Golden Company amongst the Pirate Lords of the Step Stones?


1) I really see this as an Alliance of Convenance, where it just Ser Cregan Sand and the Rhllor Followers fighting against the Great Other or White Walkers; but afterward that is it. This chapter kind shows Ser Cregan Sand is a STRONG follower of the Old Gods and is against the Faith of the Seven, so I can see Ser Cregan Sand not getting along with Rhllor Followers/Priests trying to convert him because of his high affinity for Fire Magic.

2) I hope so! Again, it could be prehistoric animal that has not gotten extinct or is a Mystical/Magical animal of some kind. I doubt the later, but it possible. Still, I love the idea of Pre-Historic animal like Dire-Wolves, but this creature exists on Redwater Isle and is some kind of Aquatic/Beach dwelling Animal that men fear...I have no idea what it is, and I do wonder what it could be that I have to look up A song of Ice and Fire Wikipedia.

3) Yeah, please give Edric Dayne some magic ability and if it has to be something, than Skinchanging given House Dayne is a First Men founding House. Honestly, it would be ironic that Edric Dayne can Skinchange and silently adopts the Old Gods until his Lady Mother dies and actually lets it know he is follower of Old Gods and have similar gifts that Ser Cregan Sand capable of using in Battle. It would also help Edric Dayne survive the War of the Five Kings, figure out Spy-Network with certain Animals to Skinchange and to use in Battle; mostly in the Battle/Survival of the Dawn. It might cause drama with certain Nobles if House Dayne rejects the Faith of the Seven for the Old Gods, but it interesting drama/obstacle that Edric Dayne will have to deal with in his life if he becomes a Skinchanger and follower of the Old Gods.

4) Dornish Drama!...or not. I really don't know given Ser Cregan Sand and Tyene Sand have somewhat of open relationship; probably with Cregan and Tyene sleep around with various people even if they love each other. Still, I could read Asha Greyjoy having Ser Cregan Sand baby kind of upset Tyene Sand and want a child of her own. Because Tyene knows Asha having child was accident even if she keeping said child...So it up to you. I can see Tyene mad and arguing with Cregan Sand then having hate-filled/comforting sex with each other for all I know.

5) I mean...I can't believe I forgot the Golden Company and we the readers know they are keeping an eye on Westeros, especially given most of them are descendants of Exiled Nobles/House of Westeros that followed Aegon Blackfyre and his descendants, which they still are with Faegon Blackfyre/Young Griff/'Aegon Targaryen' son of Princess Elia Martell. The Golden Company will hear about Ser Cregan Sand along with his Martial Talents/Magic along with him being Bastard son connected to House Nymerous Martell, Dayne, and Stark; so either they want to recruit him, get rid of him or if the Free Cities pay Golden Company to take on Ser Cregan Sand for the Step Stones then they will send spies/scouts to see how Ser Cregan Sand fights/methods in battle.

Keep up the good work, stay safe, and stay healthy!
Kalstorm99 chapter 36 . 7/2
nice chapter.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/30
and just like that your story is shit 3
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