Reviews for Petrichor
Sadhaka chapter 28 . 20h
I dont like the dragon being switched. Cant say how he won was the best. Seems very like canon.
Sadhaka chapter 26 . 21h
Second year feels forced. Chapters are shorter, less detail, far more paragraphs that tell with no show.
Sadhaka chapter 7 . 2/21
One of the worries about authors writing a balanced Harry in terms of ability is the plot. Volde is not balanced. Dumble is not balanced. Unless your going to use a terrific amount of plot armor, Harry has to be radically accomplished to stand up to them.
modir321 chapter 28 . 2/13
i love your story so much bro and waiting for next update. i already read your story 5 times.
houselord76 chapter 28 . 2/8
My 3rd time reading this story and it leaves me wanting more. Good interpretation of a more capable Harry. I hope there is an update soon .
private.emkay chapter 28 . 2/7
Really interesting story, hope to see the end of it someday)
ObsessedWithHPFanFic chapter 28 . 2/5
Good chapter and great fight scene. Thanks for sharing!
flonkerton1987 chapter 28 . 1/29
oh man i love this story. so well written! i cant wait for more!
wujuninja chapter 28 . 1/27
Heyy just want to say i absolutely love how you wrote your harry ans would love to see this story finished.
Batmanwolf738 chapter 28 . 1/26
Please update
Lilyngwie chapter 28 . 1/23
Totally digging the story. Hope you update again soon
jonzac1993 chapter 28 . 1/23
I’d like to compliment you on your story. Harry is believable and the rest of the characters behave in a way that make complete sense. Very good world building.

Please ignore the negative people. Often from those that wish they could write…I’ve tried it’s hard.

Hopefully your muse comes soon and hits you upside the head with a wet pool noodle soon
tieflin chapter 28 . 1/22
Love that Siri stopped Rita from her bullshit. The Ollivander scene was neat with Harry's additional knowledge of wandcraft. Very curious what Daph slipped in his pocket? I'm thinking not a 'good luck' note since he didn't read it beforehand but idk. The changes to how Harry handled the dragon task were really neat! Alas, I'm now caught up to what's published so far. Looking forward to more!
Gabznz chapter 28 . 1/22
Loved the chapter and I love the story. It's so engaging and I can't wait to read more if it comes. If not though, thank you for many wonderful hours spent in your hp world.
tieflin chapter 27 . 1/22
Sorry to hear about the annoying negative reviews. I'm loving this story and have no complaints about the writing so far! The argument with Ron did devolve a little but that's kind of to be expected considering how angry they both were. Hard to think straight when you're that mad. At least Harry has his hideaway. Lmao at Harry and Daph being awkward about him being in his pyjamas. The way Dumbles gave him a hint and he and Daphne worked it out was very clever!
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