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mondesircarlhenry123 chapter 44 . 9/29
I wonder if one of the many countermeasures the protagonist has in the voxlux involves the boosters, even if they managed to create a perfect copy of the voxlux maybe James can just single out the copied device from the booster using the booster itself, the black storm and other evil factions would have to tamper with every booster, or install their own boosters, which could be made illegal by the queen. Plus it would take them a pretty long time to install their own boosters and put them in places where no one could see them
p6lishb6kser chapter 44 . 9/26
I really like this fic, I'm curious through what you plan to do with the fact that he's a dragonborn. Mainly how his abilities connected to it will evolve. Will they take more role in the story?

Anyway I'll follow, so please keep up the good work!
Chaos Lord Roscoso chapter 44 . 9/23
I'll admit I didn't think she'd be Fourth in the line, I figured she'd be the last one since that leaves Lulu, Maia and Kaguya after her.
coldpyr0 chapter 12 . 9/22
And again he just lets the enemy escape because you have it in your head that this is just how stories HAVE to be written. Didn't even try to at least take out his carriage or the coward of a slave hunter. Just lets them ride off seething in comfort to plan more crap and likely build up allies to come back and actually cause damage next time. I am very disappointed in how passive and indecisive this MC is. He has a TON of growing to do in the spine department to even have a chance of saving anything. The cardboard villain is literally stuck in a wooden box, levels don't mean much when you are stuck in a forest with no transport and being constantly assaulted while trying to escape, just hound the idiot until he passes out and drag him back in chains to be hung in the capital for attacking another nobles territory outside of any kind of war or sanctioned action. I am just get more and more disappointed in how shallow you are making this story dispite your apparent need to over explain everything else. As wide as an ocean and as shallow as a puddle.
coldpyr0 chapter 9 . 9/22
Really, both the lord and his wife need to travel away from the realm they have been charged with protecting? In a realistic world of similar social structures no lord would take both of the strongest people away from the territory at the same time baring an actual emergency, which a trade deal certainly isn't. Try to make forced plot events less blatant if you want your readers to be able to suspend their disbelief and immerse themselves in the world. Because it is readily apparent that the only reason you are sending both of them away for something as ridiculously minor as trading with a distant neighbor is so you can artificially ratchet up the threat that the upcoming cardboard cutout of a villain represents because he wouldn't nearly have a chance of actually pushing the MC to a great degree otherwise. Manufactured conflict isn't interesting when it is in our faces that you twisted the believability of your story to accomplish it. And going off the fact that you apparently drug that conflict out for multiple chapters I'm not exactly enthusiastic with what you'll pull out of your rear next to artificially make this loser win against the small army approaching when he's barely out of noob levels. Great power scaling there bud, fun stuff to read when you put a wall in front of your MC and give them a spoon to deal with it...
coldpyr0 chapter 8 . 9/22
I get you were going for humor but honestly, either have the man grow a spine and say no or stop having him complain about it every other second. That was the only annoying repeat in this overdrawn and terrible attempt at a joke, if it was an attempt to be serious it was even worse. He was effectively just a dildo with legs this chapter, not fun to read as plot or 'plot' and just felt so damn forced because you don't know when to let something go and move on.
coldpyr0 chapter 8 . 9/22
Barley is a crop, Barely is what you mean nearly every time you've used the word. I suggest you check your spell checker and delete any saved corrections that keep putting in the wrong word. Or if it's you, use the correct one, I've counted at least 4 occasions with just that word alone and don't remember a single time where it was barely like it should be.
shadowblack chapter 44 . 9/22
Good chapter. I enjoyed it more than the previous two.

That prophecy seems very likely to be about current events and what Vult and co are trying to do – not that anyone back there would know... In any case that was a nice look at the history of the Imperium.

So Claudia is trying to set up James and Alicia. Has she enlisted Prim's help yet?

Good to see that Albert is taking his investigation very seriously... and very slowly, but that might be for the best.

The part with the failed test was the best part of the chapter, at least for me. I hope there will be many more such entertaining failures.

The Dax scene seems like foreshadowing about what how the Civil War in Dominus will end, and the Freebirds thing... still not sure what their future role in the story will be. At least Anaya has recovered physically.

Looking forward to what Eostian politics will be like next time. Hopefully not as annoying as real-life politics...
Rennerd chapter 44 . 9/22
Firstly, I want to say that it is an enjoyable story, solid characters, worldbuilding and all that. But, having finally read up to date, I figured I'd share my thoughts. Just to say, am enjoying the story, and don't want to seem like a 'hater' or whatever.

Firstly, I think you're going overboard on the world building. It's nice that different regions have different cultures and all that, but it's frankly a little over the top and unbelievable. I probably don't remember even half of the places you've written about, and most of the characters who appear for a chapter or two have completely left my mind.
Some of the more out there ideas don't really seem to mesh, though I suppose that may just be what I'd call 'over sexualising' the world. If you'd gone with 'hentai world rules' it'd make more sense, but as it is? I feel like when Vult kicks off his sexual rebellion, (or whatever you want to call it) people will just shrug and say, 'well, I guess he spent too much time in those weird county's' as opposed to being horrified by the 'out there-ness' of the idea.

Your notes talk about wanting characters to have their own agency, but I feel like the few male characters, even the MC, don't have it. I can't recall a single time that the MC started a sex act, not just a new partner, but even his frequent partners. I'm pretty sure every one was started by the women. Not necessarily bad, but he hasn't even rejected a single encounter either. He's basically a tool for the female characters to have sex with.
Given I'm pretty sure he got a large bonus for Prim, he should have been trying to flirt with Alicia to try and get closer to her. It could also play into a potential issue of looking at sex as a means for exp, whereas other characters should view it as something more, setting up a potential conflict there.
Similar deal with his cousin, he seemed to be intensely into a specific character, but then is sleeping around indiscriminately because other characters found him attractive. Seemed odd.

That problem comes back to what I'd call the over sexualisation; why would the main character need to actually try and take advantage of the bonus from first time interactions, when women literally throw themselves at him wherever he goes?
Since this is a gamer fic, the MC should be trying to take advantage of the system. Whilst he is getting the rewards from the system, what is he doing because of the gamer system, that would be different from if he was incarnated without the system? Honestly, aside from warning him who the bad guys are, I think the system is basically irrelevant to the story. (could be used to let him be blindsided by potential enemies unrelated to the storm, and the system not giving him a warning, I guess). The stats are basically irrelevant, he won't be inflicting no damage because his strength is below a defence stat, for instance, and the story would barely change if all gamer references were removed.
Er, basically, the gamer system should be somewhat informing the MC's actions and fights, I guess.

Going away from that topic for now, I think it'd be better if you stepped away from the formula of MC being the exposition tool. Around his home, it's fine, but in further territories, it'd probably be better for his guides (nominally main characters, of a sort) give the info on their subordinate lands, letting them bring out their opinions and characters. It'd make them feel more like part of the world, reinforcing that the MC doesn't simply know details about everything, and allow different interactions between characters.

Beyond that, it seems like there are several 'evil' factions at play. Might be nice if there was some more grey going on, I guess. Some slave state who isn't completely evil, respects the MC's achievement, maybe even is friendly whilst holding such morally poor opinon. And having the MC actually try and make a positive relationship because he thinks that whatever threat is looming means trying to find alliances, even with someone whom he holds such a stark disagreement with, is the lesser of two evils.
websplorer chapter 44 . 9/22
Ah ah ah, you didn't say the magic word! XD And thus Eostia was introduced with the concept of trolling.

Once again Claudia showed she's a badass MILF. "Ara ara, James-kun. You should really marry Alicia." (Something about that fight seems familiar...)

And our freedom fighters are back. Is the halfling the same that was rescued by James when he saved Riri?
evilstatistic19 chapter 44 . 9/21
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
DeltaGamer chapter 44 . 9/21
HAHAHAHAHA! Okay that rick roll was hilarious! They obviously don't get the joke but it's still funny. Personally I would've gone with Fuck You by Lily Allen, just so they know James intended to insult anyone that tries to copy his work. Or maybe even that 40 second llama song on a loop. Or any meme song that has been used for trolling. Either way it's still funny.
Dreagon D. Dragon chapter 44 . 9/21
Nice interlude chapter, I knew we'd get this chapter sooner that others but it's barely been 4 days, good work man, I figured you'd have the Imperium history lined up already and it's really in-depth, a powerful nation set up to protect the continent but falls to a selfish and power-hungry usurper who's decedents proceed pervert and eventually destroy it only for a new darker power to rise on it's ashes, brilliant work. I think that James and Celestine are going to be similar to Dynatos and Allannia, especially in future chapters, a Dragonborn and a Goddess, it's was bound to happen.

Though something tells me Grave believes the Kaiser history is the true history than the Legacy history, and that the vision that Allannia foresaw is to come again.

And the Cloaked Crowns learn that James' defences are much stronger than they could have ever imagined and won't be broken any time soon, with Victor getting a very stern reprimand from Arnold, well the dudes' an a**hole and can't wait to see if he make an even bigger mess at the upcoming council, especially in front of High Queen Celestine who will be spending a lot of quality time with James in the next part.

Good luck and looking forward to the next chapter and... ugh "the grand adventure" of politics, though I know James will pull through and with be forced to make his name known across the realm, for better or worse.
ChaosxPaladin chapter 44 . 9/21
I won't lie. I find these lore dumps very difficult to keep up with. Maybe its because I'm already consuming so much other media franchises already, but remembering all these details is a lot so I tend to skim them if not skip and let the details come up as the story progresses. That being said everything else was great, especially the rick rolling. So glad to finally see the payoff for all these threads I can remember XD
PasiveNox chapter 44 . 9/21
Great chapter wonderful wonderful also the worldbuilding damn so much
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