Reviews for The House of Potter-Greengrass
William L Simpson Jr chapter 5 . 5/14
An excellent coverage of Harry’s. Negligent and recovery and treatment, etc?
Adenbadens chapter 11 . 5/10
“That made Harry the only male eligible for inheriting the House of Black, unless Sirius was to have a child.”

This is incorrect. If Alice is James’ sister in this story then Neville would be in line as well, and still closer than Draco. Here and earlier you have Malfoys antagonize Harry but not Neville over this issue. Not a big deal just something I noticed.
thingsandstuff13 chapter 58 . 5/9
Enjoyed the fic overall, especially the build up of the Harry/Daphne pairing! I also liked seeing the entire friend group growing and improving rather than Harry (and maybe also Daphne) being leaps and bounds ahead of them, it felt like they were actually friends rather than just Harry and Daphne's entourage.
BlissfulCatalina chapter 58 . 5/3
Very anticlimatic. Good read though, with well thought out and developed characters.
thingsandstuff13 chapter 40 . 5/2
Didnt love this chapter tbh, it felt like Daphne only stopped being mad at him after she heard he was filthy rich…
Jimbocous chapter 58 . 5/2
Thanks for an epic read! Certainly some of your finest work yet, really great stuff.
geenakmom chapter 58 . 5/1
Such an epic story! Really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing it.
OmaBlack chapter 35 . 4/29
I pictured Ross Castle in Ireland. I have been there. Half in runes and the keep still mostly in tack.
Earth Guardian 28 chapter 58 . 4/29
Thank you for the wonderful story. Brilliant ending, well done a rare thing.
envirosue chapter 7 . 4/29
I love a well told story where Harry gets saved. This is beautifully written, complicated enough to be interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how you connect Hermione and Blaize
Regtech chapter 49 . 4/25
The amount of mercy from Harry and Minerva is getting ridiculous. Her rulling in giving students a free attempt at harming other students is beyond ridiculous. Nothing happened? She can only warn them on first attempt without visible damage? What has she even been doing to prevent these attacks? Nothing. The auror seems to be gone as well. Stupid.

How could harry possibly govern his own land/future town when he lets rabied dogs go?
Regtech chapter 34 . 4/25
This chapter was cool. Any fanfic where Harry befriends a Basilisk or a big ass snake is cool in my book
Regtech chapter 31 . 4/25
Y, Harrys security have always been bad. I did like how you mentioned how Harry kept checking the map, but unless you make it certain it kept doing it. I will assume he stopped after some time. Harry getting kidnapped was just a question of time and how lax Amelia security detail for Harry is.

Regarding Dumbledore. I kinda dislike how weak spirited you have portrayed him. Sirius was in Azkaban for far longer and he seemed way more grounded than him
FotoDi chapter 11 . 4/25
While it is painful to read scenes where Harry’s emotions erupt unpredictably and he has bouts of irrational anger, I think your story is one of the most honest attempts to show realistic character development of an abused child. It is ridiculous to
read HP stories in which the protagonist has been victimized, abused, isolated, starved and exposed to multiple levels of trauma just miraculously accepts what Fate (as manipulated by APWBD) has dealt him and emerges whole, mature and balanced. Emotional growth is painful and time consuming and it is poor writing when such hurtles are either ignored or resolved almost overnight — “deus ex machina”.

So, congratulations on your complex plot which is enriched by a few characters who exhibit complex emotions.

Example: While the Weasleys have been socially, politically and economically marginalized due to choices made by their ancestors, their 6th son Ron is cosseted within his large family and can stay emotionally immature.

Example: Neville is similar to Harry in that he is basically an only child, orphaned in a war, and was present when his parents were struck down. While Neville was raised by his magical grandmother, she was angry, traumatized and paranoid so Neville was isolated during his childhood. Mme Longbottom was determined to raise Neville to be just like her son Frank, heaping expectations upon him and forcing him into a mold, e.g., she required him to use Frank’s (ill-suited) wand. Neville was not seen or allowed to grow as a unique individual producing a Scion who was by necessity observant and educated about magical society but sorely lacking in self esteem. Neville was quiet, awkward and self-deprecating. He didn’t know how to make friends. Ron aggressively staked his claim on “Harry is my best friend” and blocked most of his peers, including Neville, from forming a friendship with his own cousin! Not until your AU 3rd year….

EXAMPLE: Hermione Jean Granger is the only child of wealthy professional parents. She is bold, curious, passionate, and intellectually brilliant. As a child, she was isolated by her Genius, inexplicable magical gifts, and hyper maturity. She found companionship in Books and adults in positions of authority. Moreover, in HP Canon, Hermione is almost year older than her cadre at Hogwarts — far mor focused & intellectually mature. She is desperate to find acceptance and peers in the Magical World. Yet, shunned is horrified to learn that Professor McGonagall lied to her. No matter her brilliance, Hermione Granger is considered a second-class member of Magical Society due to her birth status. And despite Dumbledore’s and her teachers platitudes, Hermione will be marginalized by a rigid social caste system, traditional mores and legal statute. Being friends with Harry Potter may be her best strategy to find acceptance. Despite his fame, Harry is a Hot Mess and needs her loyalty. Hermione likes to be needed.

Well done
Regtech chapter 28 . 4/25
The question is now - how bad will the big bad guy be? Harry and co is in such a seemingly position of strength?
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