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ChrisRedfield2 chapter 3 . 11/14/2021
I forgot to add in my previous comment, because I just noticed it, but Saber's wish has always been to change the past in order to save the people she felt responsible for and thought she had caused entirely, the death. Even though thanks to Shirou she was able to give that up and move forward with your past, it's rooted in her. Satella possesses the only power that can allow her to go back in time without creating an alternate universe and as the powers of the authorities are influenced by the soul, it's a super big connection!
ChrisRedfield chapter 3 . 11/14/2021
Very good chapter and It's a good theory, but Subaru says that he always dreamed of using magic, because it was a typical trait of the Isekai world, so he speaks exactly as someone who didn't believe himself to see magic one day. Which makes this theory invalid. Subaru must have lost his memory because of a logical event related to the plot or it must be revealed that the past that is shown on the screen is from a life before Subaru's. Avalon, quoted by other users is perfect for this! Saber was long dead, since she lived in another time, before being resurrected temporarily by the grail to meet Shirou, then being sent back to the paradise of her lost sheath "Avalon", where she waits for centuries for Shirou's soul (in the original series). From the moment they stay an eternity together in love in this afterlife thanks to the power of Avalon, you can invent all kinds of things, about what finally caused the loss of memory of Subaru, like a reincarnation or something, as well as his forced separation with Saber. (I don't know if Shirou was dead or not when he joined Saber in Avalon). Then if she is really Satella as others propose, Saber (thanks to Avalon) would have been able to save her memories in her soul, or at least all those of Subaru, before being forced to reincarnate (because "why not", Avalon after an eternity may not have enough energy to keep them in him), then thanks to the power of envy that she gets later in her new body, does everything to find and bring back in an "obsessive" way the only man she has ever loved and with whom she has shared eternity, even if the latter has forgotten her and lives at the other end of the universe. And as, the form and strength of the powers of the authorities are influenced by the way of being and the deepest wishes of a soul, this wish to find his eternal company, could be the origin of this power that allowed him to teleport Subaru in the world where she was reincarnated some time later. The time to vary according to the place where we are in the universe, nothing illogical to see Satella living several years in another world just a little after Subaru came back in the world of the living. But as Subaru has parents who look like him physically and who still live when he is 16... Shirou being the previous incarnation of Subaru would have been even more intelligent and a second reason why Subaru can't use his old powers anymore. And all of this in addition, as others have already said, would explain Subaru's strong unknown feelings for Satella and Satella's feelings for him, which are his reason for being. His soul potentially even waited for him for 400 years while being sealed, which is very similar to Saber waiting for Shirou in Avalon, for centuries! Not the type to move on. I try to help you in the coherence. If ever the easy track of reincarnation suits you, it could explain a lot of things, but the cast needs to notice Subaru's appearance may be a little different and his real name in this world is Shirou.
Deai chapter 3 . 11/12/2021
The thing is that Subaru still advocates this ideology, that of saving everyone or at least forcing himself to believe it to give himself strength and save a maximum. Proves that deep down, he has never changed this nature, he is like Shirou.
Fana4tiik chapter 3 . 11/11/2021
I don't understand this kind of change, aren't we supposed to follow the story of Shirou from Unlimited Blade Works? The title is good, Subaru becoming the hero of justice, right? So why do we go from "What doe one have to do to become a superhero of justice" to "I know that helping people and being a superhero of justice are two different things"... It's like following Shirou from Haven's Fate in Unlimited Blade Works, which doesn't make sense. Especially if you compare him to Subaru. Also, the wish of Shirou's father may not be originally Shirou's wish, he still says he finds it beautiful and does not consider it a mistake. Archer feels defeated by Shirou in this scenario. I hope the goal is not to make Subaru, Archer with Rin as the heroine in Unlimited Blade Works... It's not coherent, such a change of nature in the soul of Subaru, even if it was a previous reincarnation... It creates too much dissonance.
oneroadyo chapter 3 . 11/13/2021
how long until next chapter?
Guest chapter 3 . 11/10/2021
Hey deidrax, I just wanna say you can now explain Subaru's powers and his appearance as a child in the viewing, in the lastest WN chapter released by tappei, he is regressed into child form, so this whole viewing can be his future after he got transported back whole still being a child (he still has his memories) then the story will go from there. You can also automatically send him straight into the fuyuki fire...after that you will have no problem explaining the story. And the fic will make sense.
Dylandidi10 chapter 3 . 11/11/2021
Subaru no longer proclaims himself as a hero, but still continues to act as he has always done for others. Contrary to Shirou-archer of "Haven's Fate" who gave up this altruistic behavior (that Emilia, Rem and Satella cherish so much), in order to concentrate only on the person he loves, without caring about the consequences or the others and it is besides what gave him some regrets, as the death of Ilya. The Shirou of unlimited blade works or the one of 2006 him, does not want to finish like Archer and defends his ideal at all costs, until Archer was forced to admit defeat. He, who due to his own weakness has given up hope for a more comfortable realist. But all the greatest icons were people who didn't doubt their chances of victory and allowed themselves to fight for their setbacks, no matter how crazy they were. Shirou is cute and naive, but so much more charismatic and courageous, not to mention his great speeches! He is the only one who still manages to make himself believe that something different can happen to do the impossible. His dream is perhaps only an inheritance and not an innate desire, but it is all the same his own convictions and a path that he holds dear. If no one has the faith to believe and fight for a better world, then it is impossible to maintain a good balance between good and evil. The devil only wants that, to see people become fatalistic and submit to evil. It is thanks to the influence of some people who sometimes dare to break out of the mold of social norms, who can push the world to change, as it has done countless times and prevent despair from triumphing. It is because despair triumphs in our time, that everyone agrees that humanity is going to self-destruct, as a result, we don't even try anymore, we pretend the contrary by pride, but we gave up long ago... We prefer to pity our own descendants and make them inherit the problems that we ourselves have generated by hedonism, rather than finding the strength to repair our mistakes. This is what a world of extreme realism looks like, a place where miracles, efforts and hope no longer exist. But Shirou's virtuous ideal is a symbol of hope similar to All Might or Midoryia, which consider the spirit of sacrifice and self-sacrifice as the quintessence of heroism, and if all the majority adopted it, the world would be a fairy tale where sinners would be rarefied. That is why people like Shirou must continue to exist, to encourage humanity to become better, to believe that it is not too late to change, otherwise morality and balance will be lost even more.

I already said it, but I'm obviously also for this direction, Subaru-Shirou x Satella-Saber ! This is what seems to me more suitable and romantic in all impartiality. :)
FoxRiver3 chapter 3 . 11/11/2021
I admit that there are sometimes too many superfluous reactions that slow down the story even more. Some sentences of the story are missing and others that don't exist have been added to lengthen a long awaited chapter... As a result, we still haven't passed the episode 1 in almost half a year, with 3 chapters. It will take about ten years at this pace to finish this series... So sad, that we still haven't even seen Saber's summoning...! I'm going to cry if this continues...

I also find objectively that Archer doesn't correspond to Subaru, which will be difficult to explain to the public in a coherent way, they have a lot of notable difference contrary to Shirou, moreover if he has two Subaru, just like there are two Shirou, it will be the mess with the public. At least just make sure that the Subaru of the Re:zero world is the original Shirou and the other one is just an alternative version. Because if it's Subaru's past or a previous life, you'll have to justify why Subaru looks almost nothing like Archer.

I'm totally with the plot of Satella as a reincarnation of Saber. After all, it's the best way to justify Satella's abnormal feelings for Subaru and his for her, despite the fact that he doesn't know why, but still pushing him to swear to save her no matter what! I don't see another one to carry the role of his soul mate and make the audience scream, LMAO. It would call into question everything the public thinks they know about Satella, who is in truth a very virtuous woman, unlike Envie. Also, do some researchs, SPOIL: (the story doesn't tell the whole truth, she didn't create the mabeats, isn't linked to the witch cult, she was mostly a victim of the evil power she received and that was incompatible with her...) Apart from that, the relationship between Saber and Shirou is the deepest and most romantic of all, the only metaphor of the scabbard-Shirou and the sword-Saber is beautiful, because it's after meeting Shirou that she ended up preferring the scabbard to the sword that everyone told her to love more. Some would say that Sakura would be better because of her dual personalities, but Saber also has an Alter version. And above all, Saber's timeless devotion to Shirou is the only one that is equal to that of Satella or Shaula for Subaru, who have waited 400 years! She is the only one to have an eternal relationship with Shirou, in the whole Fate series. After all, in the original., Loyal scenario, they waited an eternity for each other and found themselves in the paradise of Avalon, normally reserved only for its owner, but welcoming all the same as an exception the one who carried it and made Artoria Pandragon change! The only power that can explain their future meetings and reincarnation of their souls in the world of Re:zero. Since it is a power that transcends death and their two souls have been reunited in Avalon for an eternity. Being the scabbard meant to protect her, Avalon could have preserved her memory and helped Saber to find Shirou in her next life. This is the only plausible explanation I find and the most beautiful one in my humble opinion. I hope that you will put in scene, some passage of Fate 2006 where Shirou brandished Excalibur with Saber twice, of which one with Avalon against Gilgamesh and it is besides the only time where the EA sword is defeated. After, you can always mix the scenario and remove some death, like Rider or Ilya for example. Add some scenes or delete some others, all by making Shirou stay faithful to his original ideal, in order to be able to arrive coherently at the main conclusion you have chosen despite its few differences. Now if you make unfortunately a harem, at least make sure that they all end up in Avalon together, that all are consented by Satella, and find them a credible reincarnation. Maybe Rem, Emilia or Shaula as Rin and Sakura. Good chapter !
NightSoro chapter 3 . 11/10/2021
"I don't expect anything from you", that's what makes Rin angry, but some sentence is missings.
Guest chapter 3 . 11/8/2021
The plot is good but your spelling and grammar is a head ache. Use Grammarly or better yet revise your works before you post them at the site. Plz
Guest chapter 3 . 11/6/2021
Soooooooooooooooooooo...are you gonna make saber pre-reincarnation of staella? Please. Just imagine the reaction.
oneroadyo chapter 3 . 11/7/2021
Minhaz25 chapter 3 . 11/5/2021
He dropped the focus. His reddit account is deleted as well.
oneroadyo chapter 1 . 11/5/2021
good job hope to see more
Dariory chapter 1 . 11/5/2021
quick question, though I'm just assuming, if this is a Fate crossover shouldn't it be categorized as such?
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