Reviews for A Soldier Adrift: Captain Westeros
rythik78 chapter 29 . 3/24
This was quite a chapter and seeing the fights and such was a great read. Nice work.
Guest chapter 32 . 3/19
Amazing story please write soon. Best party of my day is checking if you updated yet.
JeBaTheHutt chapter 32 . 3/19
Finally caught up
jujp chapter 32 . 3/16
Awesome story, highly entertaining, could barely stop reading. Definitely one of my favourites. Well-written with a nice style, I significantly improved my vocabulary reading this. Happy to see the story going strong with ongoing updates. Thanks for the story, I am looking forward to the future and good luck.
coki13566 chapter 32 . 3/12
I'm starting the think Lyanna was kidnapped on Varys orders to cause war on Westeros and Aerys didn't know anything and was actually surprised to be accused of doing that
TrumpasaurusRex chapter 4 . 3/7
Naerys Is very annoying. I don’t like that she’s tagging along.
Billy the Kid 730 chapter 32 . 2/27
I stumbled across this gem of a story a while ago, and found myself binge-reading the entire thing in record time.
And now there's another chapter!
This is great. I love the plot development, respecting the character's mannerisms, and making 2 (seemingly and totally) unrelated movie/TV tropes work!
Huge respect to the author, and a fast favorite of mine now.
Please update soon.
tpx1 chapter 32 . 2/18
great story so far!
please continue soon!
HSkarsgard chapter 32 . 2/18
All caught up on one of my favorite crossovers.
Loki chapter 15 . 2/16
Yo! Is that Thor's hammer? Maybe use a little magic to fix the Shield.
CRUDEN chapter 32 . 2/16
This chapter is all about loyalty, and what you'll do for the person you give it to
mallardj4th chapter 32 . 2/12
Is it wrong to describe this story as cute? Like minus the fact this is Asoif it's pretty comfy.
LedyRheill chapter 32 . 2/12
this fic gets better and better every chapter!
hellfire45 chapter 32 . 2/10
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
unseenw0lf chapter 32 . 2/10
I'm getting hyped up for the next chapter
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