Reviews for Just a Merchant
Zero chapter 3 . 7/27
GunBlade2022 chapter 12 . 7/16
Hi there

Very nice attitude that Seth, I hope his warning comes with some success.

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
GiveMeTheLemons chapter 12 . 7/11
If Summer is caught by Salem, I hope Seth can buy Summer from her. Nice silver-eyed milf slave! :D
Mangahero18 chapter 2 . 7/13
I was kinda hoping this 'merchant' would be making more interesting trades...he's just going around selling mundane stuff and annoying the cast.
Steven chapter 12 . 7/7
Good chapter. Please make more.
StarBoundDisaster chapter 12 . 7/9
Chaotic neutral, the perfect alignment for a nefarious merchant such as Seth.
GunBlade2022 chapter 11 . 7/9
Hi there

What a chapter about having the world on your shoulders and the path of good is paved with bad intentions, I think if the intentions is good, just the cause justify the means?

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
Summer chapter 12 . 7/3
Raven bought Yang a birthday present.
Justsomerandomhuman chapter 12 . 7/4
Wow, this story is.. pretty underrated. Always cool to see a story from the eyes of a neutral party. Thank you for this awesome fic and please don't stop writing.
CriticaofRandomness chapter 12 . 7/4
Seeing Seth go from having a near dinner date with Salem to having a chat with Ozpin is funny and slightly horrifying
holandia1103 chapter 12 . 7/4
I can’t really single out a specific thing I like so much about this. So to be concise, Me me big like
StyleWe chapter 11 . 7/1
Okay, rather criminal of you here to leave us with just one flashback of another world that our merchant had once set up shop in…

Here’s hoping that you have more flashbacks to share with us… especially the rather 'ultra-violent' once like the "Fallout" series that was mentioned earlier.
Mistroz chapter 12 . 7/3
Excellent chapter
ultima-owner chapter 12 . 7/3
the cart has the best sense of humor
TheIncredibleCommentMachine chapter 10 . 7/3
I genuinely want to see the Doom Slayer and Kirby interaction yo.
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