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Discord SYOT Verses chapter 2 . 12/26/2021
(continuation of the previous review since it got cut off)

ularly even close, because that’s the honest reality of it. I could try to think of more fancy ways of saying how much I loved loved loved this story but I think I’m running out at this point.

That ending quote too. Ow.

In conclusion: my heart hearts, my eyes hurt, I want to read the rest of this story and I want to read an alternate universe story where they just somehow all live happily ever after and I want to read a million more words of your writing because honestly that was such a trip. This story was heart breaking and tragic and painful but most of all it was beautiful, and that’s not a word I use often for stories. Thank you so much for writing this, and I sincerely cannot wait to go and binge more of your writing as soon as I finish.
Discord SYOT Verses chapter 1 . 12/26/2021
(The following review was written as part of the 2021 SYOT Verses Discord Server's Holiday Fic Exchange)

First things first, the prose of this story is eye-catching right off the bat. It has this stream of conscious sort of flow to it, yet it’s in third person and also has this poeticism to it. It’s a really unique writing style that’s both really pretty while also still being super easy to read. A lot of short, punchy sentences that really just make it move along. I’m only a few paragraphs in but I can already tell I’m going to love this story regardless of the plot just because of the prose. Writing in a way that’s both poetic and beautiful while also avoiding being heavy and at times pretentious is so difficult, yet you’ve completely nailed it here. (the use of parentheses is also such a unique yet interesting part of this prose, it’s like a signature almost on your writing and it adds this unique flare to it that distinguishes it as your own)

Also ouch Levine is awful, though I have a feeling the awfulness is only going to continue.

Wow and Maeve’s introductory paragraph ups the prose to an even higher level. The simple repetition and sound that’s used throughout is just so beautiful, this really is closer to poetry than it is to prose. It’s completely sucked me in and has me wanting to dive deeper into this world, which judging by the fact that I’m only like 1/50th of the way in, is a wish that will be coming true.

And the parallels of “There is one day…” and the way that these two seemingly dissimilar stories are already starting to match one another. I’m not sure if it’s purposeful but if it is the way that these two snippets mirror one another (Madison having her skull crushed and being blinded, and them thinking Maeve has something “wrong with her brain” and being treated like she’s Deaf, both of them hearing bits of conversations from toxic parental figures.

The clashing contrast of these two characters is becoming more and more clear now as I read on, and it’s adding such an incredible extra layer of beauty to the prose and story. With Madison we have this storming, hazy escape from reality that’s frantic and echoes the feeling of brokkennes that Madison is undergoing. And there’s some just incredible lines in this paragraph in particular like the whole metaphor of her voicebox being stripped out and replaced, and the way it goes side by side with the literal surgery and literal hijacking of her body causes the lines to be blurred between the metaphorical and the literal control they have over her, which I feel is the point. You get across so well what it’s like from her perspective to live her life on strings.

And meanwhile Maeve, while similar in so many ways, is also kind of the opposite. She’s pulling free and away from control, and the prose in her section is short and punchy and sing-songy. It almost reads like a poem or a song because there’s so much internal and even line break rhyming going on within her section, and all the while we have the story of her finding her own power and control and happiness and using it to attempt to escape from expectations and what other people view her as.

And oh my gosh this story is so dense and incredible that it’s been about an hour and I’m barely 1/10th of the way in, because every single paragraph I feel like I need to stop because there’s so much to say about it. Honestly, it’s hard for me to just read on and push through because I feel like the strength of this story is the way every single individual word and sentence and section has meaning. This isn’t two stories split in half and alternating because :shrug: why not, there’s echoes and mirrors and perpendicularity running through each short section. But so that I finish this story before the deadline (literally) I’m going to step a bit further back. Just a bit. Just know that I could write all this and more a dozen times over for this story going through each and every paragraph because it’s that chock-full of beautiful writing. I wish I could give this story 100x the amount of reviews that it has and more because it is so deserving of that and just so fantastic.

(okay I know I said big picture but I just can’t not comment on the fantastic parallel of Madison in her cell and Maeve with the golden forests and the way that both of these two places represent home for them but in such horribly different ways)

“But that’s okay. She can daydream alone”

ouch ouch ouch ow that hurts the heart.

“She is returning the shreds of time that Levine forced upon her existence” just gonna continue to collect these absolutely stunning and heart-breaking quotes here just to let you know how beautiful they are and how much your writing makes me wanna cry in the best way possible.

“She volunteers. . . Maeve doesn’t care, she just needs to be free” that whole paragraph is just so exceptional. The whole section really, it might be the absolute best in an already incredible story. Just the whole way that you’ve structured this story, I always have a hard time sympathizing with Careers because volunteering for a deathmatch is kinda, well, ya know. But the way you’ve built up these two characters genuinely has me invested in them in such an intimate way, like I seriously just care so much about these two, and understand them; what makes them tick, who they are, and most importantly: why they are the way they are. This is what Hunger Games stories should be. Like it’s one thing to hear in a short intro a summary or quick glimpse into a backstory, but the way you delve into their lives just managed to make me so attached to these characters in a way that I don’t feel very often, on fanfiction or otherwise. I care and am genuinely scared for and invested in their future, and I can’t say enough about that. Add on top of that the fact you managed to tell all of that in so few words, while also telling it in a narratively intriguing and ridiculously poetic way is just so impressive. And there’s still so much story left? In love.

This whole train rides segment is the first time I’ve ever actually enjoyed train rides chapters in a hunger games story and that is very much worth noting. Like every section this story gets better and better somehow when I keep on expecting it to plateau or dip. (and on a side note this story has inspired me in so many ways with the simple way you keep every single section and every part of the story so interesting to read. I honestly want to write a story in this style, or something similar to it, because it just works so, so well. The side characters are all vibrant and alive, they aren’t notecard carrying characters that say their story and personality and then move on. They’re real people that we catch glimpses of but don’t know the whole story about. And it’s all centered around these two main characters, and already we’re starting to see their stories begin to intertwine.

Gosh and these training chapters. Maeve’s stream of consciousness is just so fascinating to read. Such an incredible character, can I get a full book from her perspective? It’s honestly such a refreshing and real perspective and I cannot get enough of everything about it. Her just casually dethroning Quinn? Incredible.

“It is the day after the next when Madison opens up to Maeve about Levine.
It is the day after the next when Maeve kisses Maddie for the first time.”

The subtle difference in her name being Madison in the first line and Maddie in the second? So good, and hammers home everything that this section was about in such a simple and nice way.

Wow and that interview chapter, the anxiety and fear and her panic attack and how that gives way to her explosion and the way it ends in this tragic way that could almost be tweaked to be a good thing in a different circumstance but surrounded by all of this, and everything we know about her and why she is here and why she is who she is: it’s just tragic and there isn’t another word for it. “All their eyes are on her. All their eyes will forever be.”

Okay so halfway through and I’m in deep, deep pain and wanting to read the whole original story to get the full context of everything happening here. But just to take a step back for a moment: these two are so wonderful. Their relationship is teetering on the edge of being desperate and just a way to stave off the horribleness of everything else, yet there’s something so very real to it that makes it impossible for me to call it fake or toxic or anything along those lines. Sure the intensity of it is because they both desperately need somebody to cling onto, but that doesn't make it any less real. Anyways, time for me to read one or both of them die and cry myself to sleep tonight. Onwards to chapter two.

Okay so maybe a little bit toxic. Woof. I’m guessing Ranulphus doesn’t die off-screen in the original story and something happens there, but regardless there is something very eerie about this section. There’s this super light casualness surrounding the murder (and it happened last section with the d4 boy too) and in these cases it’s Careers so it’s almost easy enough to just set it aside and yet. . . the juxtopisiton of that into Maddie just going “oh” and then them two doing this super casual, almost high-school teenagers like flirting just makes it scream out that something is wrong here, and that this isn’t right or sustainable and that something is gonna give. Tying in to what I said last paragraph, there’s the feeling that both of these people are finding someone who loves them and they care about for the first time and they don’t know how to handle those emotions. Just. . . so good.

“Scott replies, you didn’t do anything that means you deserve to die” that line and this whole entire section with them saving six and bringing them into the pack is so sweet and optimistic in such a heartbreaking way because it isn’t sustainable. Something is going to happen to bring this all crashing down and I’m dreading what it’ll be. Whether it’s an outside force acting upon them, another group, or someone within the group (either one of the other four or Maddie or Maeve), something is gonna snap and everything is gonna go to hell. It has me so anxious with every single sentence, I’m honestly biting my nails reading this right now.

Okay and then I had to stop reading for an hour and the whole time I was sitting here thinking about Maddie and Maeve and putting together this theory of how you have these two people who have been caged and put down and forced to live by other people’s rules their entire life and now for the first time THEY are in control and that’s why you see this weird sort of thing going on with them b/c they just like don’t know what it’s like to be in control and so they’re trying to take in every minute of it. And then I came back and finished reading the section and saw you typed up basically exactly what I just said but far more eloquently at the end of Maddie’s section with the “Why not soar here?” thing and well, yes lol. All of that.

Mmm but then just a few sections later Maddie thinks “Maeve does what she wants: she soars, and all Maddison can really do is watch.” The return to Maddison, the reframing it of seeing Maeve soar while she isn’t, all coming at the same time that there’s this external pressure building from all angles.

And the “I really need to read the full syot” feeling continues as this convo with Brynn and Maddie just continues to prove that every character in this world is so real and thought out. They aren’t just side characters in Maeve’s and Maddie’s story, they have their own stories going on as well.

Okay let me just say how much I appreciate the way that you haven’t felt the need to “force” a conflict into them yet. You’ve given so much space for these two to just continue to develop and break away from who they were at the start, especially Maddie. Like they’re both entirely new characters from who they were at the start, and you’ve done it without any single major turning point or conflict. It’s this steady stream and flow where they’re slowly healing, which is such an odd thing to happen in the Hunger Games yet the juxtapisition is so poingnant, especially because there’s the sinking dread in the background of all of this: knowing that it has to come to an end. Like, this is a story not about death (which 99% of hunger games stories are) it’s about life and what that means, highlighted on the black backdrop of death.

Their hopes rest in a can? Okay so something big is about to happen, but what in the world is it? I’m trying to make some sort of prediction here but I’m honestly drawing a blank.

Did they try to destroy the arena and whatever they tried building killed Scott? Or the Gamemakers killed Scott? Okay, it was definitely an attempt to break the arena of some sort, and again I’m wanting to read the full story cause I’m guessing there’s lots more details there and this has me so curious. And Maddie is devastated and so is Maeve but the latter is (at least somewhat) clinging on to hope. That final line in her section though “They can’t, not really, but that is what Maeve needs to believe” is so indicitive of who she is and so utterly heartbreaking.

What. Oh. My. God. Tear my heart to ribbons and make me cry why don’t you oh gosh. I knew something was gonna happen when they split up, but I was not expecting THAT. She saw the golden forest and I was expecting something again, and was a little bit worried but for her to go out in such a hollow, such a meaningless and uneventful way hurt in such a deep and intense way. Because that’s the reality of the games. This beautiful person who was going through this amazing change and had dreams and loves didn’t get some grand epic duel or some big last speech. She was killed by a mutt all alone with things left to do and words left to say. God that hurts. I kept expecting her to get up, fight back and win and do something, but no. I forgot this was an syot originally and had began letting myself hope that they could both win, or at least make it to the final 2 together, but this is reality.

Ugh, I just, cannot function right now. I’m just so heartbroken because Maeve spoke out to me in such a real way. She was this flawed but beautiful character who was so vibrant and alive and to see her die in such a awful and meaningless way, this is honestly the most a character death has hit me in a long, long time. Props to you but also ow, ow, ow my heart.

God and now Maddie’s reaction adds another dagger. And Maeve’s sections feel missing. The way that they’ve switched back and forth so rapidly has made them so intertwined that now without the one, Maddie’s feels hollow, incomplete, like there’s something missing, and that’s because there is. I don’t know if this is how you planned it but gosh that’s just yet another dagger to the heart that makes all of this sting so, so bad.

And the further we get into it just being Maddie the more it makes sense why it had to be Maeve to die first. Maddie is deconstructing, unravelling and just falling apart and it hurts so bad to see all that progress and healing she had done become undone so quickly.

For the fifth time I am going to again remind myself I need to read this story because even the stories going on in the background are so intriguing to me and pulling me in. I want to know more about Jules and her path and how she ended up drowning. Also I’m getting a major vibe that a big theme of the original story is the mundaneness and pointlessness of their deaths which I just love and think syots need to emphasize more often. All the deaths so far have just been so non-grandiose, so human, and those ones are so much more painful to read.

Also, is this the story of the Games that Katniss talks about where it’s a tundra and like every single tribute just dies from the arena and there are practically zero kills? Because if so wow, way to take a line about how one of the games was super boring and uneventful and turn it into something so utterly heartbreaking and beautiful and worthwhile.

And time to cry again as the feel good “she lives on for the spirit of Maeve!” is rejected for something far more realistic given everything you’ve shown us about who Maddie is, what she’s been through, what’s important to her. It hurts because you gave us the beginnings of that possibility of an arc with the promise to live for herself, but ultimately as much as it seemed like Maddie was healing, she never made it there. And just, gosh it fits, and it’s right, and it’s the correct thing to do, but it just. . . hurts. But you give us that final dream, and for that I am eternally grateful because that turned the sad “I wanna cry” into an at least bittersweet “I wanna cry.” But seriously, just wow. Normally if an author had that be the ending to their story I would throw a riot but everything you’ve done has led us to this moment in a way that looking back it should’ve been obvious there was no other ending for this story, and yet it still took me by surprise because of the sheer disbelief that you actually did it because I’ve been living in a fantasy world this whole story hoping for some fairy tale ending that doesn’t exist.

So all of that rambling to say: that ending is good and made me very, very, very sad but was also sad in a meaningful and earned way, not just cheap shock-value trauma. It was built towards, it was earned, and it hurt all the more worse because of it.

And oh right when I thought the happy dream would at least be a somewhat bright and happy end you tear my heart into pieces yet again. Maeve’s family wasn’t perfect, but you could tell her mom at least loved her even if she didn’t understand her or treat her in the right way. And her brother was the person tha that Maeve cared for so much so to see that happen to him is just so horrible because we’re just seeing everything Maeve cared about ripped from the world right after she was ripped from it herself.

And then some commeupance as the crown is placed on Levine’s head, and that’s at least almost satisfying and yet the way he refuses to aknowledge and see why he failed and why he would always fail makes it a hollow sort of commeupance.

Wait and what was that ending? Ahhhhh did she accidentally win? Saved by some rebel plot shenanigans? Or is it fever dreams as she’s dying? For the millionth time, I need to read the main storyyyyy ahhhhhh. If I wasn’t already on the verge of passing out from sleep exhaustion I’d do it right now. Just know that I’m literally sprinting to the main story tomorrow though to read the whole thing because this just enthralled me so very much.

I honestly don’t know how to speak of this whole story in summary because there’s so much to unpack. The first half going through the pre-games was all so sad and heartbreaking because you have these two broken people but you can sense something more inside of them that’s been buried. And then we see those people allowed to come to the surface in the second half and right at the peak of their journey, when they’re becoming their most human, living their lives the way they deserved to live their entire lives. . . it all crashes down. And that’s life, and it’s cruel and awful and makes my heart bleed but it only does all that because it’s such a beautiful reflection. I could rave for pages and pages more about this story. The prose, Maeve and Maddie, the way you structured their sections to go back and forth, the background characters, the arena and the way it shaped the story, the way you avoided everything I predicted would happen the whole way through by dodging every easy “big plot” cuecard moment and instead found these creative and beautiful ways to progress this story forward in a natural way. All culminating in a tragedy that is honestly absolute top top tier. Like, let me just put this simply and say this is the best story I’ve ever read on this site and it isn’t partic
ladyqueerfoot chapter 2 . 8/13/2021
Well then Dawn, you’ve done it yet again. You’ve written something so unbelievably immaculate that I, the loudest bitch in town have found reason to shut the fuck up and think as I’ve once again been rendered speechless by your glorious writing. Being the dramatic and extra little bitch that I am, I expressed so much panic all day about when I would be able to read this masterpiece, but then I read it that night because again, I’m ridiculous. You briefly heard my thoughts in texts and angry voice memos, but I’ll be supplying a lot more because unlike the previous couple of things you wrote and I read, I wasn’t filming my reaction or yelling at you on the phone. Which means I’ve had more time to digest what I just read, and am currently reading again as I write this review.

The first part of this fic gave birth to my stunning realization that Maddie and Maeve’s relationship is toxic as fuck, and this second part showed that as unhealthy and doomed as their infatuation may be, it is truly all they have and their last chances at having a normal and good life. Is that a positive? Not necessarily, but part two showed the effects their relationship had on one another and really emphasized just how desperate they both are. So desperate (and so brave) that they would open their hearts to warmth and love in a place that is quite literally cold and murderous. It’s tragic, but it’s beautiful too, this last final plea for freedom in a world that was meant to destroy them and pick them apart bone by bone, limb by limb.

But what can they do about it? Not much, obviously. It’s clear throughout the piece that while Maddie and Maeve have both accepted their fates, the fact that only one of them can live and they’ll have to bear the burden of the other’s death, yet still they pretend that this inevitable future will never happen. This is especially highlighted in Maeve’s POVs since she’s so innocent and childish throughout, I almost believed her when she said they’d “kiss until the end,” because she speaks with such conviction, it’s easy to see how somebody as closed off and stoic, somebody who has never had a childhood but has always wanted to release their inner child, somebody like Maddie could fall for her so hard and so fast. Because as much as she denies it, or rather as much as Levine tells her to deny it, Maddie is just as much as a dreamer as Maeve is. Really, Maddie in the arena is an example of both Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung’s concept of “inner child work” as a means of healing from childhood trauma. While Freud and Jung have different ideas regarding the concept of one’s subconscious or “inner” child, the basis of their theory is the same: within everybody’s mind lies a child that controls emotional relationships, behavioral patterns, and coping mechanisms or what not. But if said child is “wounded,” or rather if somebody endured trauma in their childhood and never quite got to grow up, it can be hard for them to cope with mature emotional situations since they never quite got that foundation of proper emotion regulation. And this is exactly what happened with Maddie as a result of Levine’s abuses and grooming, she was unable to take care of her inner child when she was younger and now its caused problems for her adult self. It’s a slow transition, how imagination and dreams and recklessness work to consume Maddie under the implication her mind is setting her free, but really she’s just surrendering (even if it’s not intentional) to the mental weakness that came with being raised by Levine, now that she isn’t in his presence making it harder for her to control her feelings. Since her brain has finally given her the freedom to be whoever she wants, her brain along with the childlike nature that Maeve possesses have allowed Maddie to come of age and embrace her inner child, which is rather unfortunate given the situation of the Hunger Games. A small thing I noticed that I’ll mention here is the way she slowly adapted to and referred to herself as “Maddie” as opposed to her given name, Madison. The latter name is obviously more formal, hence why Levine used it, since he always treated her like a fully formed entity that was under his possession, somebody who wasn’t a child since she never got the chance. But with Maeve, she’s “Maddie,” because again, Maeve is the inner child Maddie wishes she could channel more often, and henceforth she goes by a colloquial and more childish name with her. It’s almost as if they’re two different people. Madison’s the child soldier who’s been forced to kill even when she never wanted to, the genetically manufactured career victor, while Maddie’s the girl who still has a lot to learn, but is okay with taking life one step at a time, especially because she’s by Maeve’s side.

And then there’s Maeve, who’s equally mentally problematic. Because as I said earlier, she’s basically an overgrown child with depth, but at the same time she has less of a developed identity than Maddie, you know the person who’s been trained to kill by her father who’s also doing robot shit and shouldn’t have an identity to begin with. Yet somehow Maeve has even more identity confusion than her, which is pretty funny a struggle continuing what state of development she’s in according to Erik Erikson (what a stupid fucking name). Basically, Erikson said that the teenage stage of development mainly focuses on the struggle of “Identity vs. Confusion” and if that’s not Maeve Alcraiz than I don’t know what the fuck she is. In this case, “identity” refers to beliefs and values and an overall established place/role in society and Maeve simply has none of that, because she’s mentally swimming in a fountain of youth and pretending that her problems don’t exist even though she knows they do which is both sexy and toxic of her. But it’s also what creates her dilemma. Suddenly she’s in love like she’s never thought possible, and that means all her childish fantasies are lashing onto something as opposed to her own eleutheromania. Suddenly, she has something, or rather somebody to live for besides the false promise of Kiernan liking her again or just simply herself. As as expected, she basically implodes. Her identity becomes “Maddie’s lover” since she’s never had much of an identity before that and she slowly starts projecting all her dreams and wishes onto her. The nickname Maddie is quite literally Maeve marking her with her youthfulness and fully projecting onto her, and it’s rather sad too since she’s basically all Maeve has. And because Maddie also has nothing to live for, she accepts Maeve’s projections, her delusions of freedom and paradise and thus creates the perfect storm that is Madeve. The way you showed their explosion both physical and literal in the arena was truly masterful, and something that was in part so beautifully executed due to the way you established their initial infatuation in part one of this fic. By the time they entered the arena, it was clear that Maddie and Maeve were in it for the long haul together, making the devastation that they face in the arena all the more tragic. It brings me back to the ending of one, “she can make it golden,” as it shows just how overwhelming her imagination is. She see’s an arena that’s cold and dark as warm and sunny, which is a nice parallel for the reality of the Games vs Maeve’s mindset. They even dance in the Games meant for killing, which is a neat little silent rebellion of theirs, only adding to the overall theme of this piece.

Throughout the Games, they continue to live in this odd purgatory between reality and fantasy, as shown physically through their whole escape scheme that doesn’t really work for them but it creates a war so good for them in that regard, and perhaps that’s what makes them all the more tragic, as they never had a chance even if they keep trying. I remember you said yesterday, “In every other universe, Maddie and Maeve explode the world, but here, the world explodes on them,” and that’s really a perfect description of what happens here. Yet they still try to make the world explode, and in a way they succeed, which I’ll elaborate on now. In DISR, there’s obviously a theme of lesbians falling in love in the Games and then becoming mentally ill, as seen with Hezediah, Sterling, and now Maddie, but of course as we know, Maddie’s Games are what cause the rebellion to eventually begin, which has lead me to wonder “why?” since this has happened before. My first thought is the obvious arena escape, but I think it goes beyond that. Because Maddie’s Levine’s perfect little experiment, right? And he’s obviously widely respected by the Capitol so I think his involvement for sure plays a role. But then it’s also of course her suicide, which happens in the arena and not later like Sterling. Because for Maddie, suicide is her one act of freedom, losing her own autonomy while gaining it at the same time. It’s quite sad when you remember the way Maeve kept reminding her, “live for yourself,” but it also makes me think that because Maeve has become so entwined in Maddie’s soul, her suicide is “living for herself” since she gets to theoretically be reunited with Maeve in heaven. Maeve has become mentally such a large part of her that Maddie is willing to give up on the whole world just for the possibility of being with her again. While Brynn’s suicide is obviously important too, I feel that Maddie’s is politically more radical since again, she’s Levine’s bitch girl. But also it’s the combined suicides of both of them, a strong Career and an outer-District gal that possibly sparks the rebellion, though even that leads to controversy, as we see in TTATTS District One Intros since Chrys’ family says Brynn convinced Maddie to kill herself. But that’s besides the point, I just keep going on my own little tangents, but hopefully I’m making sense here.

At it’s heart, Alive is a beautiful interpretation of how this war began through these two lovers, as we’re clearly able to see how violence arose from their actions, even if they meant to love. It’s an odd balance between reality and dream, and as you can see it’s given me a lot to think about, but I think your prose has also elevated this piece to have the proud emotional impact it’s had on me. Your word choice was almost dreamy, which fits with Madeve’s whole reality vs dream struggle. Maddie’s suicide sequence felt especially dreamlike, which is fitting considering her suicide obviously gets uno-reverse carded, and even in near-death, the way she was thinking of Maeve is profound. The italicized bits here were nice, especially with the format change which I feel is representing the reality of Maddie’s suicide as opposed to the internal monologue that is her dream. Really, it’s incredible how impactful you were able to make this piece in just two (albeit very long) chapters, which is probably why I continue to say it’s my favorite thing you’ve ever written. Your love for Maddie and Maeve is clearly so huge that whenever you write them, the results are some of the most poignant and incredible work in your repertoire, and this is really no exception. I can only thank you here for sharing these incredible characters with myself and the rest of the world, as they’re important to you clearly and I’m honored that they’ve become so important to me too over the past year now.

Thank you so much my friend for writing something so intimate yet large, so simple yet complex, and just so utterly enjoyable. You know how talented I think you are, but it bears repeating. Dawn, you’re truly one of the most talented people I know and will ever know, and this is yet another testament to your brilliance. You should be extremely proud of yourself for this, as I know I’m beaming with pride for you right now. The world is truly your oyster, and Alive is proof that you can accomplish whatever you want in this world. It’s my honor to be by your side through it all. I could go on and on about some more of my favorite things I read here, like the repetition of the word moonlight and twilight and all the glorious banter, but at this point my heart is just full enough already. Just know I appreciated the small things too, okay? And with that, I’ll say goodbye for now, and I eagerly await for when you wake up and we discuss everything I’ve said here.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for writing,
Guest chapter 1 . 7/19/2021
Maeve can step on me tbh
who am i anymore chapter 1 . 7/19/2021
this is your magnum opus. I don't care what people say. the way the words twist around through their meaning, the way everything is painted with a dreary flickering gray prose, flickered with golden italics... I have nothing else to say. It's so easy to digest and yet it makes you think. There is something sensually dark the way Madison loves Maeve, and there is something almost bright in the way Maeve loves Madison. There is fever-red tint to Levine's character, and there's something almost grimly ironic to Maeve's happiness.

this is the reason I have to live and I will accept no commentary on that statement.

thank you for writing and painting tragedy in my mind as Lana's ultraviolence haunts my soul
Guest chapter 1 . 7/19/2021
this shit rhymes
ladyqueerfoot chapter 1 . 6/26/2021
So… I have a lot of feelings… As you know, because I yelled at you very intensely for many minutes over whatever the fuck it is that I just read on this here website. When you said “Oh I Will Do TTABBTN But Just Madeve” I was a fool because I said “Oh my god, do it!” And now just a month later… I feel like a clown because fuckin’ hell this was sad as fuck, what did you do this for, Dawn? And why was it beautiful? Idiot… I fell for this shit. I said wow this will be cute. I love cute lesbians, but 20 thousand words later I am left thinking… Madeve is toxic.

Woah, woah, I know what you’re thinking. You, LadyQueerFoot think THE Madeve is toxic? Yes, Dawn and others, I do! And I will tell you why… but first I will dissect the rest of this masterpiece because you deserve this or something like that.

The intros were very neat in fact. I liked the way you sort of paralleled Maddie and Maeve’s lives but with subtlety, if that makes sense? How Maeve’s whole life is just her having her head in the clouds or what not, and how she’s just an actress playing pretend, and then Maddie slowly admitting that she also makes things up in her head. Just those tiny little coincidences, the parallels of their lives which begin to make more and more sense as they intertwine, and then eventually (as in, next chapter of this monstrosity) pull apart from one another, even if it’s by force. And then they’re both just filled with so much anger in their whole lives, Maeve at her mother and Maddie at L*vine, it is just… very tragic. And it’s interesting because again, Maeve’s theatricality comes into play here, she’s able to pretend she’s more fine than she actually is, while Maddie’s just a dancer in the background of her own life. Which is smart because like… Maeve’s the more bold and dashing lead actress and Maddie’s in the ensemble, yet it’s all so quick because it’s just a show. It’s cheap entertainment for the Capitolites that at it’s crux, doesn’t really matter because they’ll be forgotten eventually (or well, they won’t because of the rest of the events of this verse). I also feel very personally victimized by the Maeve and Kiernan in the woods content. Literally, what was the point besides making me miserable. I know it was to establish the importance of the woods and the motif of goldeness that later comes up in the fic as well as the dreams being crushed by reality, but it was also because you like making me suffer.

I will now take a moment to properly be annoyed Sterling’s brother is here. Bitches will know why once… Buried, but what the fuck Dawn? Why are you like this?

Thus begins pre-Games and when I decided, Madeve is toxic as fuck. Because these ladies have known eachother for literally a week and they’re going on about how they’ve saved each others’ lives when in reality… it’s a dream, literally a fucking dream, they are delusional because they are so desperate for connections that they’ve grasped on to each other’s threads like this and it is sad. And then Maeve’s interview is so lead actress of her.

The ending with the golden forrest made me sad reviews are hard but you know I did enjoy this forrealsies.