Reviews for Blood Magic
lampott chapter 65 . 10/21
This story is really good
NatNicole chapter 65 . 7/10
This is pure PERFECTION! The plot, the in-characterness, the interactions, the Magic... * keeps listing stuff from fic*
I especially like Sev, Harry & Remus, and your take on Marauders Era. The letters from James were utter genius!
Guest chapter 22 . 5/14
"Were they lovers?" Lol I love slash fic normalization of gay romance
G.Potter93 chapter 65 . 4/9
I love this story but hate that you chose not to update on this platform. I hate the other site and will not be reading more. Which sucks because I would love to know what happened.

BlueWater5 chapter 31 . 3/22
I loved Harry's repetition of the comment about being able to visit Malfoy Manor if he weren't who he is.
BlueWater5 chapter 12 . 3/20
This chapter has one of my favorite dialogues of all of FanFiction - "You might want to consider ..." "What?" "I am a mass murderer." LOL!
SkyeMoor chapter 43 . 2/15
Okay, at least now they don't think he is not-Harry. While actually somewhat reasonable, that'd kill harry to hear.
SkyeMoor chapter 40 . 2/15
Dealing with Malfoy is dangerous... but not dealing with him could be deadly.
Like walking on pins and needles- nicely done!
SkyeMoor chapter 34 . 2/15
The idea of Harry knowing his friends well (and their tempers being predictable) is incessantly cute and awesome.
SkyeMoor chapter 29 . 2/15
Getting Malfoy to actually work has got to be a trial for Snape.
As much as I find it a bit hard to believe Snape having temper tantrums in class (I do, still, seems a little off... being upset? Possibly breaking pens or kicking things hard enough to bang? Yes, but not yelling or otherwise... making it obvious).

The bits on Remus and Snape together make perfect sense how you have them written. I'm very much enjoying this story.
TimeyWimeyBadWolf chapter 65 . 1/27
Love this! Excellent writing.
TimeyWimeyBadWolf chapter 61 . 1/27
Just fyi Ginny's full name is Ginevra, not Virginia. See canon.
TimeyWimeyBadWolf chapter 10 . 1/24
Lol. Wonderful chapter.
tanadhari chapter 6 . 1/18
This sounds like a really good story. But is the last half or so of the story underlined? It really threw me off and made some words hard to read. Otherwise, great plot and character descriptions so far!
ArwenFairTinuviel chapter 65 . 1/1
I've really enjoyed reading thus far, and I'm disappointed you didn't post the remainder on this site. Normally I never read fan fiction on any other site, but this time I will because I'm so keen to find out how this story ends! ;)
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