Reviews for Mated for life
Guest chapter 25 . 7/22/2022
"centuries"? hahahahahahahalolollololol Erm nope. Wrong lol.
MyladyNancy chapter 12 . 6/15/2022
this has been an interesting read. I am enjoying this story wondering what happens next.
VryUnique chapter 54 . 6/10/2022
Awesome story. Thanks so much for sharing it.
VryUnique chapter 53 . 6/10/2022
I hat that they have to uproot but it definitely makes sense.
VryUnique chapter 52 . 6/10/2022
I was under the impression that once they had consummated their bond that it was a done deal, that there was no choice for Bella.
A bit heart wrenching, so sad.
Why didn’t Edward find his fingers?
VryUnique chapter 51 . 6/10/2022
I’m sorry for the deaths but glad they made it out ok. Demetri shouldn’t feel upset that Bella chose Edward, she had no mating pull to him. Feeling scorned because he wasn’t able to use her for pleasure feels petty, he should be happy for her.
VryUnique chapter 50 . 6/10/2022
Bean said a few months. I thought they had him for the last 50 years.
VryUnique chapter 49 . 6/9/2022
I hope they’re all ok.
VryUnique chapter 48 . 6/9/2022
Angela!? Damn, never would have guessed, didn’t even cross my mind.
I hope they eliminate them both.
VryUnique chapter 47 . 6/9/2022
I hope everyone is faring well.
VryUnique chapter 46 . 6/9/2022
I hope they all survive. I am a disappointed that Bella didn’t beat Jane down right away. I thought her and Alec never learned to fight?
VryUnique chapter 44 . 6/9/2022
And, this is an awesome story.
VryUnique chapter 43 . 6/9/2022
Is Bella going to finish the mating bond? I hope so. If so, I’m wondering if that’s what was needed to build their confidence and if Alice’s visions would change.
VryUnique chapter 42 . 6/9/2022
Scary. The fact that a mole was mentioned makes me think there is one. Is it Demetri? He seems pretty sincere but I guess anything is possible. Bella had some great ideas, I’m glad they were mentioned in private.
ClaceLover08 chapter 54 . 6/9/2022
i love this story it is awesome and I love this series :) & I’m happy that Bella & Edward had a Beautiful Wedding
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